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Chapter 144

Zhang Yige did consider having Tang Wanwan as he the lead actress of his film when was not married last year.

But as soon as Tang Wanwan’s wedding was over, he completely dismissed the idea. Tang Wanwan’s skill were not as good as he previously thought.

She did not take formal classes after all, she couldn’t play the kind of temperament he wanted so on the night of Tang Wanwan’s wedding he crossed her name on his list.

Zhang Yige was already a little less happy in his heart but his face wasn’t showing it at all. His smile was even brighter as he said to Tang Wanwan.

“That script doesn’t conform to the core socialist value and the review didn’t pass.”

Tang Wanwan’ face instantly turned cold, she pursed her lips and turned to leave the room that made her feel disgraced.

“It was a wishful thinking waanting to have the lead role, she is being delusional.”

Said the producer as soon as Tang Wanwan left the room. His eyes and eyebrows were full of sarcasm.

“And her acting skills, oh my god. I don’t know how her fans blew it out, I don’t know what was going on at that time and was probably blind as I invited her to play on the film I invested before, but fortunately she refused. Thank god for that.”

Director Zhang Yige just smiled and said nothing, he raised his hand to the staff at the door and gestured. The staff instantly understood and shouted outside.

“Number eleven come in.”

Lu’er had already retouched her makeup and walked in gracefully.

Tang Wanwan who came to audition this time not only did not get the role she wanted but also gave birth to a stomach full of anger.

When she returned to the Qin’s home and face Mother Qin’s white eyes, Tang Wanwan’s mood worsened. After Qin Zhao came back, she venter her anger to him.

Good thing was that Qin Zhao was in love with her, and just let her vent her anger without fighting back.

Soon after, the column “Ridicule Me First” sent an invitation to Tang Wanwan inviting her to be the main guest for their next episode.

Although “Ridicule Me First” was a show about complaining about a star’s black spot, they were some innocuous minor problems and no one would get real black spot.

Netizens even rename the show as “Whitewash me first” and since the segment was very funny so show’s airtime was still quite high.

Tang Wanwan does not have a clear understanding about her situation and hesitated after receiving the invitation.

Most of the stars on this show were third tier stars or who were once famous but were now out of trend.

The really popular and famous artist wouldn’t come to this show.

But now she does need a chance to clear her name. Tang Wanwan was thorn every day because of this matter.

No matter what she choose, she couldn’t be completely be satisfied.


Today Luo Pingping has something at home and could not work with Fu Zhen sorting out the following plot of <<White Castle>>.

Fu Zhen stayed in the kitchen all morning making some desserts, after cleaning up the kitchen it was more than 11 o’clock at noon so he called Jiang Hengshu and asked him.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“Not yet, what’s the matter?”

Fu Zhen said with a smile to Jiang Hengshu.

“I made some snacks and wanted to send them to you.”

Although Jiang Hengshu wanted to see Fu Zhen, but seeing the heat of the sunlight outside he refused the temptation and said to Fu Zhen.

“It’s too hot, it’s better not to come out.”

“It’s okay, I’ll take a taxi there. It will be quick.”

“Then be careful.”

Jiang Hengshu urged.

“And remember to call me when you arrived downstairs.”

“I know.”

Fu Zhen’s voice was soft as if it was covered with layer of cream.

After hanging up the phone, Fu Zhen put the finished dessert into a food container, then went to the closet and picked a light green loose dress to put on, and of course the wig.

He then casually put makeup on his face and went outside with a bag that has food inside.

Fu Zhen soon arrived at Jiang Hengshu’s office building, he made a phone call to Jiang Hengshu and then walked into the lobby on the first floor.

It was lunch break so there were only few people in the company at this time.

When the receptionist at the front desk saw that Fu Zhen was carrying something, she had guessed that she might be a family member of one of the employee in the company.

Looking at her, she should be on her twenties, she was good-looking no less than any stars on TV and was awfully tall. She don’t know how tall her husband should be with that height of hers.

The young girl in the reception area thought of the balding bosses inside the company and instantly shivered, this big beauty couldn’t be the wife of one of those baldy heads.

After looking at Fu Zhen’s bulging belly, the young girl took the initiative to ask him.

“Madam, may I ask who are you looking for? I’ll let someone call them for you.”

Fu Zhen smiled at her and refused to say.

“No, someone will come down to pick me up later.”



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