TL: Thank you to AndreaMcKinley for the kofis (๑˃͈꒵˂͈๑)


Chapter 143

Tang Wanwan on this time was not having a good time, before whenever she goes there were always many fans and staff behind her.

She was always their brightest star but now she could clearly see that those people was avoiding her. When she arrived at the audition room outside the hall, other actresses who were auditioning were keeping a five meter distance away from her.

It was a pity that they could not put more distance away from her, since they have to take their numbers and line up accordingly outside.

Tang Wanwan also does not like to stay with these women but she had no other choice. Director Zhang Yige simply did not agree to let her audition alone.

So she could only auditioned and be selected with other actresses.

“Isn’t this Miss Tang?”

A slight shrill female voice rang out behind Tang Wanwan.

Tang Wanwan turned her back to look, she saw a young woman who was about 25 years old. Her looks were not outstanding in the entertainment industry but she has special temperament which could not be easily forgotten after you see her.

Tang Wanwan naturally remember the woman in front of her.

This woman’s name was Lu’er who once competed with her for the same role.

Lu’er raised her eyebrows and asked Tang Wanwan curiously.

“You’re now lining up here with us too? In the past you always auditioned in advance at the director’s place. How come there is no special treatment this time?”

Tang Wanwan did not responded, she was not interested in lowering herself to get involved with this kind of woman.

“Why don’t you say anything? Is it that you don’t remember me?”

Seeing that Tang Wanwan still refused to answer, Lu’er snickered as she asked Tang Wanwan again.

“Miss Tang is really a noblewoman who forget things. You do not remember how you stole my Confused Palace heroine thing?”

Tang Wanwan’s eyebrows slightly knitted up, she seems to be very dissatisfied with such slander from Lu’er. She said to her with a sullen face.

“It is you’re misconduct who should be blamed.”

Lu’er looked like she had heard some particularly funny joke, covering her lips as her laugh was getting louder.

Finally she stopped laughing and raised her head to look at Tang Wanwan in front of her and questioned her.

“I thought I was discreet—or maybe you set me up Miss Tang?”

Tang Wanwan said to Lu’er with cold face.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand as long I understand.”

Lu’er looked at the young girl behind her and spoke in a high volume.

“If you can’t get the heroine’s role this time, the actress who got that role should be careful maybe she will quit the cast for some reasons.”

The room was then filled with whispering voices. Tang Wanwan knew they were talking about her but there was nothing she could do, the only she could do now was to get the lead role of <<Genius Alice>> and slap them with her talent.

But Lu’er’s words reminded Tang Wanwan of something, the corner of her mouth couldn’t help but rise a bit but immediately hid it again.

The actresses in front row of the line walked in one by one and came out one by one shortly after. Their face barely had any expression on them, so Tang Wanwan was not sure what their result would be.

Soon it was her turn.

When Tang Wanwan pushed open the door and walked into the audition room several directors had different expressions when they saw her.

Tang Wanwan once again felt the huge different between now and before. After she stabilized herself a little, she bowed to the directors and producers.

“Hello teacher, I’m here today to audition for the role of Alice.”

Zhang Yige nodded and said.

“Let’s begin.”

They had already sent the audition clip to them when we’re waiting outside. Tang Wanwan also remembered the line, the scene she was going to act was that when Alice learned that she might be terminally ill.

All reactions and emotions should be in place while portraying Alice’s feeling, and since Alice was genius with dual personality it could be more complicated showing her emotions.

During this time, her two personalities were constantly changing and conflicting.

Tang Wanwan was confident in her acting skills, yet when she finished her performance with confidence she saw the expression on several directors were very pessimistic.

Zhang Yige’s eyes paused in Tang Wanwan for a moment and shook his head. He lowered his eyes and drew a cross after her name.

Tang Wanwan probably knew that she did not pass the auditioned but she really did not want to miss this opportunity.

So she did not leave immediately after the performance and continued to fight for the role.

“Director Zhang, please give me another chance, I can definitely make you satisfied. I am willing to star in this film for no payment.”

Zhang Yige the national treasure director, was not worried about paying a lead actress. To be honest there were many people who were willing to play in his film with no payment as well.

And they were not worse than Tang Wanwan, so he once again rejected her.

“You’re really not suitable for the role.”

Tang Wanwan pursed her lips.

“Then there are other roles I can do.”

Director Zhang Yige has good temper, and just shook his head as he said to Tang Wanwan.

“Sorry Miss Tang I really don’t have any role here that is suitable for you.”

“Didn’t director Zhang said to me that there was a script that you wanted me to take as the female lead?”



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