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Chapter 142

Then Fu Zhen logged in to his Jian Wen account and accepted Jiang Hengshu he then added a poem in his personal introduction.

[The world see me with special tine and sneers when I hear it.]

Fu Zhen doubted whether his blog was being monitored 24 hours in real time by his fans because not long after he posted this, comments and private messages went up by dozens.

Jian Wen hasn’t appeared for a long time. Fu Zhen opened the private message and finds that there were people requesting for his drawings, who were concerned about how he was and many speculated about his identity.

Unexpectedly, someone really guesses his identity.

[Jiejie, are you director Fu?]

The reason for this question was that Jian Wen’s drawing style was too consistent with the original work of Shazou Chronicle and they have also notice that besides his style other artists of Shazou Chronicle don’t have the same consistency as Jian Wen.

With this theory, they have guessed that Jian Wen must be Fu Zhen.

Also after eliminating all other possibilities, the rest of the impossible was the less to be true so although this logic was not appropriate here and since they were not really sure that Jian Wen was one of the artist of Shazou Chronicle but this does not prevent them from guessing so.

Fu Zhen’s finger’s slid hesitantly on the phone screen a few times, he looked sideways at Jiang Hengshu beside him.

Jiang Hengshu notice his gaze and asked him.

“What’s wrong?”

Fu Zhen showed the conversation in the weibo to Jiang Hengshu, Jiang Hengshu also does not know much about these so there was no way for him to give advice, he said to Fu Zhen.

“Just decide by yourself.”

Fu Zhen exhaled, rubbed his stomach and finally returned a word to that fan.


The other side did not replied for a long time, Fu Zhen guessed that the other side must have not accepted the stimulus well and must have thrown down the phone while running in circles.

So Fu Zhen was about to turn off the phone screen but the other side sent another message, a whole page of “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!”.

Fu Zhen idly counted, there were two hundred and eighty six followed by sixteen exclamation points.

[Teacher, I’m having a heart attack! It’s so exciting!]

[I can’t do it can’t do it, ah ah ah ah ah surprisingly it’s really you.]

[Heavens, I never dreamed it would be true.]

[Teacher can I let other know about this?]

Previously Fu Zhen felt ashamed to let the fans know that he was a director but now he feels relieved. With his ability to make money, there was nothing to be shameful about it.

[You can.]

Fu Zhen then added another sentence.

[But I will not take request again.]

Soon when this chat history was posted, fans of Shazou Chronicle instantly flocked to Jian Wen’s weibo account as if they were injected with chicken blood.

At the same time they also checked the post and drawings that Jian Wen had drawn previously.

Shazou Chronicle fans regretted why did not find this treasure before, because if they did they could have requested as many drawings until his hands couldn’t draw anymore.

The fans who were fortunate enough to have been interacted with Jian Wen before were so happy as if they were celebrating New Year.

Especially since the drawing they requested before were drawn by no other than the main artist of Shazou Chronicle himself, it was as if they were in the peak of their life!

In the future they must frame the drawings well and hang it on the wall for their descendants to admire.

These winners in life included the custard bun fan, Li Xun who was finishing her class when she learned the news. She abruptly got up from her seat startling the student around her.

The old professor on the podium also stopped his lecture and asked Li Xun.

“Is there anything wrong with this student?”

“Teacher, my stomach hurts I’m going to the toilet.”

After receiving the old professor’s permission, Li Xun scurried out her seat with a whoosh and ran to the toilet across the classroom.

Looking at the screenshots of a certain Shazou Chronicle fan in weibo and then looking at the same picture she had requested to Jian Wen, Li Xun just wanted to shout to everyone.

“My life is worth it—”

But reason stopped her, and she ended up squatting on the floor holding her phone in one hand while hammering her thigh with the other and laughing like a fool.

After a long time, Li Xun’s mood gradually stabilized. The first picture she got from Jian Wen only cost 150 yuan, looking at the chat history of her bargaining with Jian Wen in weibo Li Xun felt extremely distressed.

At that time his life must have very difficult otherwise he would not have made money by drawing pictures, but she still bargain with him.

Li Xun was not the only fan who has the same idea as her, luckily they already know Fu Zhen’s alipay account when they had transaction with him. So they paid Fu Zhen with the money as best amount as they could.

Fu Zhen did not expect to get such result after dropping the bomb1, he hurriedly transfer back all those money and send a post on his account.

[Everyone does not need to transfer their money to me, Shazou Chronicle’s funds was enough. I have transferred back all the money that everyone given to me.]

But this post could not completely stop the passionate fans, so finally Fu Zhen simply set a ban on transferring money from strangers in Alipay, that’s when it finally stopped.

After the frenzy, fans realized something as they calmed down. The fact that Jian Wen had only followed one person on his list, and the name was Hengshu.

Fans were curious that they went and check this account only to found out that the account was a dummy account.

And found out that this account only liked everything Fu Zhen posted, so the fans guessed that this Hengshu must Fu Zhen’s real life friend, and didn’t divulge much.

As for the poem on his personal introduction they just glance over it.

After settling the small episode on Weibo, Fu Zhen continued to discuss the adaptation of <<White Castle>> with Luo Pingping.

At this time, Tang Wanwan with the help of Qin Zhao also participated in the audition for Director Yige’s latest movie <<Genius Alice>>.


dropping the bomb1– spreading infortmation


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