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Chapter 140

To get the trust of the author, <<White Castle>> was a happy thing for Fu Zhen. After considering it, he said to Luo Pingping.

“But teacher Luo I may need you to help me put together the plot of White Castle and make some changes.”

Luo Pingping responded.

“That is fine, but I can’t do this for free.”

Fu Zhen laughed as he said.

“Teacher Luo will be paid.”

“Okay, you add my WeChat, if you have any questions just send them to me on WeChat.”

“Thank you teacher Luo.”

The call was about to end when Luo Ping suddenly remembered a very important question and asked Fu Zhen.

“By the way, when do you plan to start filming?”

Fu Zhen estimated that the child in his belly should be born in October this year, so he couldn’t work immediately after the baby was born.

He can’t official start working until November, however during this time, he could complete all the preparatory work. So he replied to Luo Pingping.

“I have something else recently, so the White Castle can’t be filmed until winter.”

Lou Pingping doesn’t care if it would take a month or two, winter still sounded very far but in fact it was only a few months, so she smiled and said to Fu Zhen.

“Winter is good, that story originally happened in winter.”

Fu Zhen and Luo Pingping chatted for nearly half an hour. Jiang Hengshu had already cooked a meal and came out of the kitchen, he sat down next to Fu Zhen and peeled open the mangosteen2 and take out the white flesh then waited for Fu Zhen to finish the call to feed him.

Fu Zhen lowered his mouth and bit into Jiang Hengshu’s fingers, Jiang Hengshu’s eyes darkened for a moment as he lowered his gaze but his expression was still very calm. He asked him.

“Take it, what’s your next plan?”

Fu Zhen did not hide it from Jiang Hengshu.

“I want to make another film after the baby is born.”

“Is there anything I can help?”

Jiang Hengshu asked him.

“No need for now.”

Fu Zhen shook his head, the first thing he need to do was to work with teacher Lou Pingping to adapt the <<White Castle>> to be more in line with the public’s preference.

During the time when Fu Zhen was preparing for <<White Castle>> many online video broadcasting platform asked him to purchase the broadcasting rights of Chun Huashan.

Many filmmakers hope that their films could be seen by more people, and Fu Zhen was no exception.

Although the Chun Huashan would evoke some not-so-good memories about Fu Jianchen, but the more he cares about this matter the more it seems that couldn’t let go.

So Fu Zhen was very quick to sell the broadcasting rights.

After the major broadcasting platform re-aired the Chun Huashan, it became popular again. Many young netizens didn’t go to the cinema to see the film in order to boycott Chun Huashan when the war broke out between Tang Wanwan and Fu Zhen.

Later, when the truth came to light Chun Huashan had already ended its air-time making the netizens heart regretful.

Especially now that they know that the director of Shazou Chronicle was also Fu Zhen, for the fans of Shazou Chronicle their regret has reached its peak. If they have supported the Chun Huashan they may still be able to find something in his directing style and wouldn’t have caught in guard by the knife.

Li Xun was one of these people, at that time also because of Tang Wanwan she did not watched the film and regretted it later. At that time if she contributed more for Chun Huashan she might have seen the Shazou Chronicle earlier.

When she learned that Chun Huashan was re-airing on major broadcasting platforms, Li Xun went out of her way and visit Youku3 and register as a member for a month.

Her roommate who saw the film during the winter vacation saw her lying on the table with her head staring at the computer screen told her with a smile that the film was really good.

Lin Xun totaaly believed that when her roommate said this. Although Shazou Chronicle had stab her with a knife, this Chun Huashan was very funny at the beginning.

The screenwriter was talented and all kinds of jokes comes out one after another.Even after watching it many times, Lin Xun would still laugh when she re-watched it.

The tone of the first half of the Chun Huashan was really relaxed, Lin Xin laughs from time to time, and her roommate laugh with her every time.

However, the atmosphere of the whole movie has change sharply after Chen Zhiye ran away from home. Lin Xun tears came out from this moment and never stopped until the end.

Chen Zhiye couldn’t stand Chen Fusheng’s harsh treatment and left home. Chen Fusheng thought his son was just angry and would come back soon so he waited and waited, but Chen Zhiye never came back.

Chen Fusheng wanted to go out and find him, but he didn’t know where he was, and he was afraid that if he leave, Chen Zhiye would not see him when he came back.

Chen Fusheng grow old day by day in such torment, until one rainy night he dreamed if Chen Zhiye coming back home.

But when he woke up and face an empty home, he rushed outside despite the heavy rain and howled loudly.

“Ye’er, dad is wrong come back—”

“Yi’er come back home—”

Before that, Li Xun understand and liked Chen Zhiye while she couldn’t stand Chen Fusheng, a father who was a little too strict. But at this moment, Li Xun’s tears fell with the heavy rain in the movie.

How she wished Chen Zhiye could come back now and appear in front of Chen Fusheng’s eyes.


queen photographer1– ” Queen ” means the emperor’s exclusive use. The modern extension is “exclusive.” Mainly refers to a more famous director, in the film and television directed by him, he often cooperates to choose the same photographer to shoot, because there is a tacit understanding of mutual cooperation. In addition, the work is recognized and affirmed by many audiences. The photographer who cooperates is called the queen photographer of the cooperative director.

mangosteen2– for those who don’t know what mangosteen look like. It has a sweet and sour taste, that is quite addicting to eat.

Youku3– Youku Tudou Inc., doing business as Youku, is a video hosting service based in Beijing, China. 


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