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Chapter 139

And since he wanted to make a movie, he first need a story. Fu Zhen doesn’t have an excellent love story script on hand, so he get his sight on <<White Castle>> that he had previously looked at.

The lawsuit over plagiarism between <<White Castle>> and <<Last Night’s West Wind withered the Blue Tree>> has ended.

Although Luo Pingping won the lawsuit with great effort, the compensation she received was far enough to make up for her efforts.

The court ruled that the author of <<Last Night’s West Wind withered the Blue Tree>> was to compensate Luo Pingping with 30000 yuan and Chen Guanjun would apologizes to Luo Pingping.

However Chen Guanjun only paid the compensation but refused to apologize, and Luo Pingping couldn’t do anything about it.

She lost more money than the compensation she received in this lawsuit. The lawyer’s fee alone was much more than 30000 yuan not to mention the other party has no plan on apologizing.

She even planned sold the copyright and the film which was already in process.

And even after all of these Luo Pingping was still the unfamous.

In fact, many fans of the book <<Last Night’s West Wind withered the Blue Tree>> scolded her on her weibo for rubbing off Chen Guanjun’s fame.

The original author was scolded for rubbing the plagiarist’s fame. If this was not a joke, then what should it be called?

Chen Guanjun even walked up to her after the verdict and provocatively said to Luo Pingping.

“So what if I just plagiarized? I copied and also wrote better than you, earn more than you. The 30000 yuan will be considered as my pity to you.”

Luo Pingping was so angry that she almost spat a mouthful of blood, but there was nothing she could do. The law only compensated her 30000, which was the only things she could get from this infringement.

Luo Ping’s heart couldn’t really swallow this shame but her contact in this circle was not particularly wide, she was simply not Chen Guanjun’s opponent.

Luo Ping looked at the book of <<White Castle>> and sighed softly.

Fu Zhen asked Jiang Hengshu to find the contact information of Luo Ping the author of <<White Castle>> and dialed Luo Ping’s phone one evening.

A clear female voice rang out on the other end, asking Fu Zhen.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Hello Teacher Luo, this is Fu Zhen. I’m taking the liberty to disturb you today because I’m trying to buy the film and television rights of your book White Castle.”

Luo Pingping who was on the other side of the call was silent for a moment. Seemingly considering Fu Zhen’s proposal, or perhaps judging whether the person on the other end of the phone was a liar.

After a while, Luo Pingping spoke, she said to Fu Zhen.

“You should know that White Castle is not a good story for adaptation.”

The <<White Castle>> has many characters, and the plot was too complex. The flashback and the narration makes the time line a little confusing.

If the original novel was only read once, there was no way to fully understand the meaning. But after reading it twice, you would understand the hidden despair and salvation presenting the story.

Many readers couldn’t understand it after reading the first two chapters, thinking that the author was showing off her writing skills and playing with the reader’s feelings.

<<Last Night’s West Wind withered the Blue Tree>> just copied two of the line, put two more brilliant characters down in another context and presented the original plot timeline to the readers in a narrative way.

A few more plots of dog blood have been added and it had become a classic online literature that no one could surpass in the past ten years.

Fu Zhen pursed his lips as he ask Luo Pingping.

“Do you believe in me, teacher Luo?”

“I know you a very talented young director.”

Luo Pingping paused for a moment, then asked Fu Zhen.

“Was is really you who directed the whole Chun Huashan?”

Fu Zhen understood what Luo Pingping meant, although the lawsuit between him and Zhao Jin showed that the copyright of Chun Huashan was only in his hands.

There were still netizens who didn’t believe that Fu Zhen could make such excellent work at that age. They thought that there must be a teacher behind Fu Zhen, guiding him.

Fu Zhen who was suspected by Luo Pingping at this time, did not feel offended. He assured her instead.

“It’s me.”

Luo Ping seemed to have believed the assurance, she said to Fu Zhen.

“Well my request is very simple. If you shoot the White Castle, the box office should surpass the Last Night’s West Wind withered the Blue Tree if not the copyright will be given for nothing. And if you can’t reach it, you will give me 500,000.”

The price 500,000 was not too cheap not to mention it may not worth the penny. Fu Zhen feels this was not a good offer and said.

“Teacher Luo..”

Luo Pingping’s chuckle came over the phone. Although she didn’t make a lot of money by writing books, she definitely has enough for her spend to spend in her life.

She was not in lawsuit against Chen Guanjun for compensation but mainly to give herself a breath of relief. But in the end, her relief not only didn’t feel relief but was denied.

Luo Pingping asked Fu Zhen.

“You have no confidence in yourself?”

It was rumored that Lian Chunchao the director of <<Last Night’s West Wind withered the Blue Tree>> used to be the ‘queen photographer1 of Director Zhang Yige.

He has studied under with Director Zhang Yige for many years, this should be the first time the he had directed a film.

Fu Zhen was also not sure about the other party’s level since the box office was not the factor that affects the quality of the movie, so what Fu Zhen could do was to do his best to make this movie well.

He said to Luo Pingping.

“I’ll work my best.”

Luo Pingping said firmly.

“I believe in you.”



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