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Chapter 138

After the plot ended, and everyone break free from the magic only Qin Zhao was led by the nose by Tang Wanwan willingly, perhaps this was what they called love.

Qin Zhao let out a long sighed and finally gave in to Tang Wanwan.

“What do you want me to do?”

Tang Wanwan’s lips curved and smiled, stating her request.

“I want to shoot <<Genius Alice>> of director Zhang Yige.”

Qin Zhao’s brow slightly frowned, if Tang Wanwan chose an ordinary director, he still had a way to help her with her wish. However these big-name directors were not necessarily supported by the capitalist.

Especially director Zhang Yige, who last year made an epic documentary for the country. Qin Zhao silently sighed in his heart and said to Tang Wanwan.

“I will help you out but if the director does not agree, then there is nothing I can do.”

Tang Wanwan nodded, she believes that with her acting skills she would be able to impress director Zhang Yige, if it would not be possible then she could just work for free.

The only thing she want to do right now was to rise again, by all means. She has to stand again to the top of the entertainment industry.

While Tang Wanwan was busy trying to regain her fame, Fu Zhen was leisurely staying at home and would sometimes go outside with a wig and a dress to shop new clothes, since his other clothes were too small to wear with his growing body.

Fu Zhen this time, may have shopping trauma. The last time she went out to shop, he saw Fu Jianchen.

Although this time he did not meet any acquaintance on the way, he received a phone call.

The call was from Luo Xi. As soon as Fu Zhen connected the call, he heardd Luo Xi asked.

“Fu Zhen, tell me. At that time was Momo pregnant?”

Fu Zhen originally wanted to hang up but his finger stopped at the ‘end call’ button. The sunlight that passed through the window grid densely fell above his head leaving a fine starlight on the ground.

Luo Xi knows too late, the child was probably gone. Chen Mo told him before leaving the country that she would not keep the child, that child was originally the fruit of her love for Luo Xi but since the love was gone, what’s the use of that fruit?

Fu Zhen softly asked.

“Is there any point in talking about this now?”

Luo Xi paused before saying.

“I… wanted to see her, I know I was wrong. I’m not asking for forgiveness, I just want to know if she’s doing well.”

Fu Zhen said.

“Since you have chosen Tang Wanwan at that time, what is the use of talking to me about this now?”

Luo Xi couldn’t say anything.

Fu Zhen then continued.

“You should understand that by now almost three years, according to Chen Mo’s character even without you she can also live a good life.”

“I know, I…. know.”

Luo Xi’s voice choked with sobs and sounded pitiful.

Yet Fu Zhen hard-heartedly asked him.

“If you know that, why bother her new life?”

“I really love her.”

If Fu Zhen was now standing in front of Luo Xi, he would see Luo Xi’s right hand was now clutching his own chest as if to pull out his heart.

He heard Fu Zhen asked.

“If you love her, why did you abandoned her for Tang Wanwan in the first place?”

Yes, how could he give up his love for Chen Mo? At that time, he seemed to be fascinated by Tang Wan. Except Tang Wanwan everyone fails comparison, including Chen Mo and so was Fu Zhen.

“Don’t make excuses for yourself Luo Xi, you don’t even like her that much. You let her go and free yourself.”

Fu Zhen sentence Luo Xi to death in one sentence.

Just like Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting, they also do not care that much. So between Tang Wanwan and themselves, they would not hesitate to choose and believe Tang Wanwan.

“Don’t call me and ask for Chen Mo in the future. I don’t know anything and I won’t say anything.”

After these words, Fu Zhen hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Hengshu handed Fu Zhen an ice cream cone, Fu Zhen didn’t reach out to accept it but just lowered his head and put out his tongue to lick it.

Jiang Hengshu’s gaze paused for a moment then followed by taking a bite of the cone casually.

During the time when Fu Zhen was on leave, the assistant director and other manhwa artist who had been working on the subplot would often call or send him messages to ask him all kinds of questions.

But now, the studio could operate on its own under the management of the assistant director, unless some special circumstance occur, he would not be disturb.

As a result, Fu Zhen’s life becomes more and more boring as his only daily work seems to be drawing.

He wanted to find something new to do, so after some consideration Fu Zhen intended to make a romance film after giving birth to his child.

The film would be about love and redemption, for his lover and husband, Jiang Hensghu.



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