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Chapter 137

After Jiang Hengshu and Fu Jianchen parted, he went home. Fu Zhen knew nothing about his meeting with Fu Jianchen today, and Jiang Hengshu has no plan on telling him for some reasons.

Jiang Hengshu organized a second bedroom into a fitness room and bought a lot of fitness equipment to put in. The doctor’s suggestion was to let Fu Zhen exercise more, which could help him have a smooth labor.

When Fu Zhen doesn’t want to go out on women’s clothes, he could just use the room to exercise lightly.

Their closet was also full of extra little dresses and if someone entered their bedroom and opened the closet, they would never believe that this closet belong to the two men.

During this time, the online insults of Tang Wanwan was much lesser. And the feud between her and Fu Zhen seems to be a thing of the past.

Tang Wanwan began to gradually try appearing in front of the people but as soon as she was reported by the media, the netizens would always laughed and insult her saying they couldn’t accept an artist who lies.

Tang Wanwan was also now treated with contempt by her mother-in-law every day in the Qin family. They would openly ignore her, and their attitude towards her changes after Fu Jianchen issue his confession with the DNA result.

However Tang Wanwan was not discourage, in fact she was thinking of how she could return to her original life.

First of all, she must ask the Fu family to forgive her. Only in this way would she not be trampled and stepped on by others, and surely her future would be better.

Secondly, in the entertainment circle she could always prove herself with her acting since this was more powerful than any other methods.

Even back then, one of the known actress Ye Xiaofen who was scolded for being a mistress and was almost banned was able to recover.

Then she wouldn’t be any different after all she she was now famous after taking two films, together with her millions of fans, plus countless directors invited her to star on their films.

With this thinking, Tang Wanwan felt that her situation was much better than she first started. As long as she find the opportunity, she could definitely counter attack and be victorious.

But what Tang Wanwan didn’t consider was that Ye Xiaofen’s scandal happened 10 years ago and the internet was not as developed as it was now, so her scandal was not spread widely and only few people know about this matter.

But Tang Wanwan’s situation was different now, netizens specially prepared feedback against her and would dutifully air her scandal to every passerby.

The third way she could think of was doing charity. She would auctioned off all her luxury items that she didn’t need and donate the funds to the children in the mountains, hoping to salvage what little fame she had left.

But her charity started too late and as long as the netizens has eyes and were not blinded, the netiznes would know she was just trying to cleanse herself by doing charity.

However, there was also several netizens that would look at her on a different way. As they said, praise someone when you see them do good things and scold them when you see them do bad things. And this should also apply to everyone, like Tang Wanwan.

Tang Wanwan three-step plan was quite good, however the implementing these would be quite difficult.

Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting hated her so much, they couldn’t wait for her to die if not for Qin Zhao’s protection, she may have returned to her previous life and much worst at that.

And since after she got married, she had received less and less work. Without the support of the Fu and Qin families, she was actually nothing special at all in the entertainment industry.

There were many young artist who could replace her and those third rate directors who come to Tang Wanwan to shoot their film or appear on variety shows were just trying to squeeze the little heat she has left.

In the end, Tang Wanwan had to turn in to Qin Zhao for help. In the past she was always self-supporting, independent woman in front of Qin Zhao which made the latter appreciate her.

But at that time, she only relied on Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting’s background and the system’s brainwashing. Now she had nothing.

Qin Zhao was not very happy when he heard that Tang Wanwan was going out to shoot. He said to Tang Wanwan.

“You are the young madam of the Qin family now. You don’t need to do these things, and…”

He also wanted to say that with Tang Wanwan’s current reputation on the internet right now, and these director coming to her, they may not have good intention.

Tang Wanwan put down the lipstick in her hand, if not for the unreliable system that has not responded to her for a long time now she would not have ask help from Qin Zhao.

She looked at Qin Zhao with her eyes full of accusations as she asked him.

“I have fought so hard to reach this position today and you are asking me to give up?”

As soon as Qin Zhao saw Tang Wanwan this way, his heart immediately softened. He said to her.

“I don’t mean that, I just don’t want you to go out and be attacked by those people again.”

Tang Wanwan hugged Qin Zhao’s arm and looked up to him.

“I’m not afraid, please just help me for once. I can definitely do it.”

Because of Tang Wanwan’s matter, the shares of Qin family company have fallen several times but now it has finally trying recover.

But if Tang Wanwan appears in the public eyes again, the consequences would probably be something Qin Zhao doesn’t want to see.

Seeing Qin Zhao’s indifference, Tang Wanwan’s face became instantly icy cold and let go of her hand holding Qin Zhao’s arm. She stood up and looked down at him as she said.

“In the past, you always support what I want that I didn’t need to ask you anything but now after knowing I am not father’s biological daughter your attitude towards me has changed just like your parents, directors and the netizens do, right?”


Qin Zhao grabbed Tang Wanwan’s hand. The domineering president in front of Tang Wanwan was unable to uphold his image. Tang Wanwan must be from the rib of a deity, how could he always feel helpless towards her.



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