TL: Thank you to AndreaMcKinley for the kofis (๑˃͈꒵˂͈๑)


Chapter 136

An indescribable sadness flooded in Fu Jianchen’s heart, he looked at Jiang Hengshu with a little blame in his eyes but more blame was left to himself. He asked.

“How long have you known each other……”

Fu Jianchen couldn’t say the following words but both Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu understood what he meant with his unfinished words.

“There was a little accident—”

Before Jiang Hengshu could finished his words, Fu Zhen grabbed his sleeve. His fingers were slightly trembling but his voice was very firm as he said to Jiang Hengshu.

“I will speak.”

Jiang Hengshu glance at him and nodded.

“Last December 6, I was working in a bar that night and got drunk, he was drugged and we got together.”

Fu Zhen gave a half-truth explanation. In fact, he did not have to say anything to Fu Jianchen but him saying this was because he don’t want him to come to Jiang Hengshu later and ask these again.

“Do you understand?”

“December 6th……”

Fu Jianchen’s thought however flew elsewhere. He looked at Fu Zhen and asked him.

“That day is your birthday right?”

Fu Zhen hung his head and responded.

“So what if it is?”

Fu Jianchen moved his lips and couldn’t say anything else. Fu Ting was even more heartbroken, he clearly saw Fu Zhen that night and could take him home but what did he do then?

He told Fu Zhen not to appear in front of him in the future.

“Let’s go.”

Fu Zhen turned his head and smiled at Jiang Hengshu beside him as if those past events had no way to affect him at all.

But in fact, everyone knew that the time he had experienced was not enough to allow those wounds to heal completely.


Jiang Hengshu took his hand and turned towards the end of the entry and disappeared around the corner shortly after.

The warm sunshine and gentle breeze brought infinite hope to the city but this hope no longer belonged to Fu Jianchen and Fu Ting.

They already know that there was no way to return to the past with Fu Zhen. Every time they met with Fu Zhen he was just tearing up his past experience to show them.

There was no possibility of regaining a new life.


The next day, Fu Jianchen asked Jiang Hengshu to come out and met him alone.

Jiang Hengshu looked at the man in front of him, he was Fu Zhen’s father. The first time they met was in the winter of last year, in the old residential house.

He brought Tang Wanwan to find Fu Zhen, he was not sure what happened between them at that time, he only remembered that he carried Fu Zhen step by step to the upper floor.

And at that time the man did not seem to be as old as he was today.

After a night of thinking, Fu Jianchen seems to have been able to accept Fu Zhen’s pregnancy and the first question he asked after meeting Jiang Hengshu was.

“Is he going to give birth to the child?”

Jiang Hengshu nodded.


Fu Jianchen was quite satisfied with this answer, he then asked Jiang Hengshu.

“Then having that child, will it have an effect on his body?”

“Will not.”

“That’s good.”

Fu Jianchen finally put his mind at ease.

Then he handed a backpack to Jiang Hengshu and told him.

“These are the things Fu Zhen used to like at home, you can take them back to him.”

Jiang Hengshu did not tell Fu Zhen that he came to meet Fu Jianchen today so he could not be sure about Fu Zhen’s attitude towards Fu Jianchen.

So hesitated and said to Fu Jianchen.

“These things, it is better to wait in the future and you personally give it to him.”

Fu Jianchen slowly smiled, his smile filled with endless bitterness and he faintly understood that the probably couldn’t wait for that day in his life.

Since Jiang Hengshu was unwilling to accept these things, Fu Jianchen could not force it. He took the backpack and told Jiang Hengshu one by one.

“Fu Zhen cannot eat spicy food and likes to eat sweet. He likes fruits like mangosteen and strawberries, he don’t like durian. Vegetables are okay except carrots, but also when cooking try not to put ginger he is allergic to cephalosporin, also do no let him drink alcohol. Remember these things…..”

Jiang Hengshu quietly listened to these instructions from Fu Jianchen and after he finished he asked him.

“If you care so much about him, why did you kick him out of the Fu family in the first place?”

Fu Jianchen sat quietly opposite to Jiang Hengshu and did not say a word. Jiang Hengshu was not the first person to ask him this question.

But up until now, he was still no way to answer it.

Those past two years were like a nightmare, and now that he was awake his child was gone.

Fu Jianchen shook his head and didn’t answer, he only said fours to Jiang Hengshu.

“You treat him well.”

Jiang Hengshu nodded.

“I will.”

Fu Zhen grew up with Fu Jianchen in the first 20 years of his life, but he failed to fulfill his duties as his father. Now he just hope that Jiang Hengshu would not let Fu Zhen down again.



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