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Chapter 135

What does this scene represent now, and why exactly has it come to this point?

Fu Jianchen was surrounded with fear, he was afraid that he had once again made the wrong decision, because of his inaction Fu Zhen would fall into another abyss.

He thought that Jiang Hengshu could take good care of Fu Zhen instead of himself, but now he didn’t have such confidence.

Looking at Fu Zhen’s face he was smoother than when he saw him last time, maybe he was not living as bad as he thought. Fu Jianchen tried to comfort himself so that the reason he lost earlier would come back.

Fu Zhen pursed his lips, and his heart sprouted an unspeakable feeling that had disappeared. He raised his head and looked at Fu Jianchen, two people’s eyes collided together.

There was no emotions in Fu Zhen’s eyes like the top of the snowy mountain with blizzards.

Fu Jianchen froze in place.

His eyes lowered his eyes and then noticed Fu Zhen’s bulging belly. And in that instant, he just felt the whole world spun.

Fu Jianchen was Fu Zhen’s father, so of course he was aware of the secrets in Fu Zhen’s body. This time he wanted to convince himself that Fu Zhen was fat but his reason that just came back couldn’t accept such perfunctory.

He knew and immediately understood why Fu Zhen had come out in a dress.

Today’s sun was not warm, but Fu Jianchen could feel that his life was going to be evaporated under the sun, he feels the sky was spinning. And seeing the world turning black and white that he almost fainted.

It took a long, long time for him to find his voice. The corners of his mouth twitched, as he carefully lowered the volume of his voice and asked Fu Zhen.

“Are you….. pregnant?”

Fu Zhen responded without saying much, he tilted his body slightly towards the direction of Jiang Hengshu.

Fu Jianchen held onto the railing to keep himself from falling and Fu Ting reached out to give him a hand.

Since the last time Fu Ting promised Fu Zhen to never come and see him again, he really did not appear in front of Fu Zhen again.

Today’s encounter was just a chance but did not expect to know….such news that people could easily accept.

Fu Ting looked at Fu Zhen’s belly, in such a short period of time he had no way to accept the fact that his brother would be pregnant.

He knew Fu Zhen was hermaphrodite, they had planned to take him to the hospital for an operation after Fu Zhen became an adult.

But after the Tang Wanwan accident, everyone forgot about him.

“How can you be pregnant? How did you get pregnant?”

Instead of Fu Ting asking Fu Zhen, he should be asking himself. It was his and Fu Jianchen’s fault, they cause all of this today.

“What’s so strange about it?”

Fu Zhen looked up at Fu Ting, his dark eyes reflected Fu Ting’s figure clearly. He smiled and said to Fu Ting.

“Brother, didn’t you say that I was a misogynistic monster. What’s so strange about being pregnant now?”

After all, he didn’t put everything that happened in the past down completely. And the resentment hidden in his heart was always there.

Perhaps it would take many years before these resentment could be resolve and it would dissipate like smoke.

Jiang Hengshu does not know what kind of mood Fu Zhen was saying these words but he knew that Fu Ting’s words must have left a deep wound on Fu Zhen’s heart.

He could only press his hands on his shoulders and comfort him silently. Fu Zhen turned to Jiang Hensghu and smiled, trying to show that he now was alright but Jiang Hengshu was even more distressed.

Fu Ting’s mood at this time was definitely not better than Fu Zhen’s. The punishment he had impose on Fu Zhen’s body was now being returned to him in the same way.

This was the first time after many years that Fu Zhen called him brother in front of Fu Ting, but Fu Ting preferred that he himself was now a deaf person could not hear anything.

When Fu Jianchen’s mood was a little stable, he asked to Fu Ting who was holding him to push his hand away. And he asked Fu Zhen.

“Did you get married because of this?”

Fu Zhen’s eyes and eyebrows have been tinged with sarcasm and was about to open his mouth to answer when Jiang Hengshu patted the back of his hand.

He walked up and said to Fu Jianchen.

“We already planned to get married before, but because of some special reason, the wedding was brought forward earlier.”

“How many months?”

Fu Jianchen tried to make his voice sound less resistant on this matter.

Jiang Hengshu replied.

“It’s been more than five months.”

Fu Jianchen’s eyebrows instantly knitted. He had investigated Fu Zhen and Jiang Hengshu before and know that they only met in December last year.

Now Fu Zhen was pregnant for over five months, what does this mean?

Fu Jianchen was not some kind of feudal person, and requires young people to get married and live a married life.

However Fu Zhen was his child, he always hope that his child could be cherished.

In addition, he had been raising Fu Zhen as a boy, and now he suddenly learned that the boy he raised for more than 20 years was pregnant.

It really was hard for Fu Jianchen to accept this fact.

If they hadn’t met by chance on the street today would he not know this until the child was born?

Perhaps he would have never known about it in this life.



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  4. “How can you be pregnant? How did you get pregnant?”

    You see, when mommy and daddy, or in this case daddy and daddy, love each other sooo much..


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