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Chapter 46

At this time, Chen Yu even wanted to drag Shen Yan down to the water.

Looking at Chen Yu, Shen Yan’s voice was not weak but was full of indifferent instead.

“I saw you were pitiful that day so I came forward and help you but it suddenly occurred to me that you like Lu Yunchen so much that you value his signature very much so how could you just lot his album and poster with signature?”

Chen Yu stepped back and stumbled on the chair behind as her feet stagger trying to stand still. Shen Yan continued.

“So I tested you, I ask you how many albums and how many posters there was. You even answered very clearly, you even remember clearly how many albums and posters there was so how can you inadvertently lose those things?”

“One other thing, you said you went looking for the album and the posters but your shoes were clean, cleaner than mine.”

When Shen Yan finished saying that, she smiled and ask.

“What else do you want to say?”

Chen Yu’s face turned pale, her lips were shivering unable to say any words.

Seeing her not saying anything and since she didn’t have much interest in this things. Shen Yan takes her coat and goes out.

“Your matters, solve them yourself.”

Just after closing the door, Shen Yan heard Li Li’s mocking voice.

“You’re a thief! People like you don’t deserve to be Yunchen’s fans!”

Shen Yan walked slowly to the elevator, there was still a few minutes before she shot her scene so she was not in a hurry.

When the elevator door opened with a ding, one of the crew staff came out looked at Shen Yan and asked.

“Where is Chen Lan?”

Shen Yan thought for a moment and asked back.

“Chen Lan?”

“It is the one that lives with you. It was her scene already but she was nowhere in the set, and she’s not answering her phone, Director Wu lost his temper so other staff members called me to come and find her.”

Chen Yu’s name is Chen Lan?

Shen Yan asked.

“Isn’t her name Chen Yu?”

“I don’t know, her ID card was written Chen Lan ah.”

Shen Yan: “……”

The female lead’s agent was also named Chen Lan, but was it possible to have the same surname and name?

The female lead’s agent, Chen Lan. According to the plot she was an actor before, but later she became an agent when couldn’t receive any drama.

At this time, she met the female lead, who she helped and used good marketing methods to help the female lead in the entertainment industry and quickly became an artist the audience know but do not know what she was good at.

It could be said that this marketing they used to make her name known was very good.

Shen Yan had never seen the female lead’s agent in her previous life and since she was always thinking and chasing Meng Yi’an she doesn’t have much interaction with the heroine.

And every time Shen Yan saw the heroine was because of Meng Yi’an, and at that time the heroine would not bring her agent with her, so Shen Yan just know that her name was Chen Lan.

“She’s in her room, I’ll go check.”

Having said that Shen Yan walked towards the room, just as she reach the door Chen Yu was dragging her suitcase out as well.

Chen Yu’s eyes were a little swollen, when she met Shen Yan’s gaze she said to her word by word.

“Sister Yanyan, I’m sorry all these things were my fault. Let’s….”

Speaking until this, she didn’t continue her sentence and just directly pulled the suitcase towards the front.

Seeing Chen Yu, the staff hurriedly said.

“Director Wu lost his temper, you are not in the set when it’s your time to shoot.”

“I’m not going to shoot anymore, I’ll cancel my contract with the crew later.”

After saying this, Li Li and the others came out from the room.

“She directly kneeled in front of us and told us to forgive her and promising she won’t do it in the future. As punishment we told her to stop being a fan of Lu Yunchen in the future, there was no response for a while but she agreed after then packed her things before going out.”

It only took a few minutes from Chen Yu’s apology to Li Li, to dragging her suitcase out, making Li Li flabbergasted and couldn’t say anything even if she want to.

She is probably the female lead’s agent, Chen Lan…

Shen Yan glance sideways at Chen Lan’s figure and could only sigh. Probably because she was a cannon fodder, so she was destined to be involved with these people.

But she should have nothing to be afraid of, she had long ceased to be the old Shen Yan because there was no Meng Yi’an in her heart anymore.

“Shen Yan thank you for helping us. We will cheer on you to win the show and act with our Yunchen!”

After Li Li finished saying these, several other fans followed and echoed with her. They were not Shen Yan’s fans but since they helped her, as a thanks if she needed votes they would help canvass votes for her.

Shen Yan smiled and did not say anything.

When she got back to the set, Shen Yan knew that Chen Yu, no.. Chen Lan terminated her contract making Director lost his temper several times in the set.

Shen Yan didn’t want to be scolded so she act more seriously.



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