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Chapter 45

Although Wang Peng called Zhou Ruo ‘sister’, except when Wang Peng first came to the company he has always been better than Zhou Ruo.

Now that Wang Peng lost against Zhou Ruo, how could she be unhappy?

She happily called Shen Yan and updated on their bet.

“Wait for Wang Peng to come over later and I’ll call you.”

Shen Yan faintly curled her lips, followed by a smile.


Because Shen Yan’s scene was in the afternoon, she was not in a hurry to go to the set. She waited for the takeaway and slowly eat her breakfast before she left for the set.

By the time Shen Yan arrived at the set, Li Li and the others had already arrived and were standing outside the set, while Chen Yu was also coming out of the set.

Shen Yan did not go over, she stood not far away and watched them.

“Chen Yu, where are the things!”

Li Li stared intently at Chen Yu.

“Sister Yanyan said she got it, but sister Yanyan hasn’t arrive yet. You guys wait for her.”

After saying that Chen Yu looked around and when she saw Shen Yan she hurriedly shouted.

“Sister Yanyan, come over here!”

Shen Yan was not in a hurry, step by step she walked over. While those fans have asked frantically where were there album and posters were.

Li Li: “Shen Yan, don’t use counterfeit to deceive us!”

“Why me?”

After saying that, Shen Yan looked at Chen Yu and said.

“Give them something, ah?”

Chen Yu was stunned and confused, she asked incredulously.

“Sister Yanyan, what are you talking about ah, what things do I give them ah? You did not give me any signed album and posters ah, how can I give it to them? I did not find it ah.”

Chen Yu’s words made Li Li angry.

“What do you mean by this, you must return the signed album and poster to us!”

In Li Li’s opinion they were trying to shirk responsibility, although this matter originally had nothing to do with Shen Yan but since Shen Yan helped Chen Yu, so this matter should be related to Shen Yan also.

Just as Li Li and the other were waiting for the sign album and posters from Chen Yu, the latter held Shen Yan’s sleeved and her eyes were red.

“Sister Yanyan, you…..”

Shen Yan was slightly angry.

“Chen Yu, get the things out!”

Li Li and the others thought that Shen Yan’s must have already given the things to Chen Yu after all Shen Yan had just participated yesterday in “Future Star” so she should be able to get the album and posters for them.

Besides, if Shen Yan doesn’t really want to help Chen Yu then from the beginning she shouldn’t have helped her at all but she even asks Chen Yu to pay for the accommodation for those that was not from this city.

So Li Li and the others looked Chen Yu and their expressions changed.

Chen Yu cried.

“Yanyan you didn’t give me anything at all!”

At this time, Shen Yan leaned over.

“It’s all up to you!”

After saying that, she waved off Chen Yu’s hand then looked at Li Li and the others.

“This matter originally had nothing to do with me, but I said that I would help her. However taking things that wasn’t hers, that would be a different story I couldn’t help her with that. You solve it yourselves.”

When Shen Yan walked towards the set, Chen Yu looked at the Lu Yunchen fans who had surrounded her and said directly.

“I remember, I remember, those things are in the hotel room. You guys come over and I will get it with me now!”

Shen Yan paused in her steps, then continued to walk forward.

Li Li snorted.

“I see that you really don’t want to give those things to us and want to swindle Shen Yan.”

Having said that, she shouted.

“Shen Yan, you seriously take part in the “Future Star” and don’t help her. If you help her, she won’t be grateful and just want to shirk responsibility.”

Chen Yu wanted to say something but there were no words of rebuttal coming out, she could not argue. Shen Yan did not give her any signed album and posters after all.

Suddenly Li Li’s expression changed, and hurriedly ran towards Shen Yan and pulled her sleeve, saying.

“You come with us, what if the one Chen Yu gave us is a counterfeit?”

Shen Yan thought for a moment, then said.


Soon Li Li and Chen Yu went to the hotel room to get the signed album and poster. Everyone was very happy but the girl who saved a month’s money to visit the city looked strange.

After a long time, she cried as she said.

“This is the new album?”

Li Li: “Yes, it’s your signed album.”

“No, this album is the one I had before. I write Yunchen’s name inside the album with colored pen.”

Having said that, she put the album slowly on the table and everyone looked at one after another.

This was her previous album, which means that they were not the things given by Shen Yan to Chen Yu at all but the things that Chen Yu held form them before.

Chen Yu shouted.

“I don’t know, this was given to me by Sister Yanyan!”

At this time, Li Li and the others all looked at Shen Yan. If this things was given by Shen Yan to Chen Yu that means Shen Yan helped them find it.

But if this things wasn’t given by Shen Yan to Chen Yu, then Chen Yu who was holding these things must have steal it.

All of them were waiting for Shen Yan’s answer, wanting to see whether Shen Yan gave them something back or Chen Yu steals it.



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