Chapter 44

The fans who visited Lu Yunchen’s crew gathered together. Tomorrow was the day they would meet Chen Yu to get the signed album and posters.

The fan who saved up a month’s money to come over was listing Lu Yunchen’s name, said in a low voice.

“If they didn’t find or couldn’t get the signed album and posters at all, it will be hard to get those things back. No one is willing to sell them. Also even if they did how could they find Yunchen?”

Li Li put her hand on her waist.

“Don’t worry, I will make the decision for you. The things Chen Yu loses, will let her compensate you.”

“Vice-president doesn’t care about this matter, saying you are the person in charge of this matter. Is vice-president helping Chen Yu?”

“I don’t know, but we must definitely ask Chen Yu a solution for us. Besides that isn’t Shen Yan helping Chen Yu?”

“Shen Yan took part in “Future Star” audition competition today and got the first place. Our Yunchen were one of the judges. I think if she wants to help Chen Yu she will find a way.”

They discussed it for a long time and strengthen their attitudes. Then discuss the time to leave the next day and all dispersed.

At night Chen Yu was sleeping soundly, while Shen Yan continued reading the novel Xianlu.

Since she has participated in audition casting, no matter whether she could play in Xianlu or not she has to work hard.

Shen Yan didn’t finished reading the novel until 11 o’clock.

Zhou Feng, the male no.1 was a young man from a small mountain village who walked into the world of cultivating immortals.

His face was like a crown jade, handsome and elegant, he was also polite. After entering the immortal cultivation world, Zhou Feng showed his talent and fought all the way in the immortal cultivation world.

It was also during this period that many female cultivators fell in love with him.

The female no.1. Lu Xingyue was the daughter of Zhou Feng’s sect leader, the proud daughter of the sky.

After she fell in love with Zhou Feng, she began to pursue him, she told Zhou Feng that if he chose to be with her, he would be the sect’s direct disciple and if not, he would be expelled from the division.

This was the line Shen Yan recited on her performance.

How could Zhou Feng agree? He turned down Lu Xingyue and became a casual practitioner. Lu Xinyue was not at ease leaving Zhou Feng alone while cultivating so she secretly followed him.

The common line she said was.

“My man, can you move?”

With how clever Zhou Feng was, he soon learned that Lu Xingyue had been protecting him. In the sect world, when he was advancing Lu Xingyue was protecting him until Zhou Feng’s cultivation was higher than Lu Xingyue’s.

That’s when Lu Xingyue went back to her school to devote herself to cultivation.

They met again in the middle of a competition for major cultivation sects and Zhou Feng entered other sect for the woman who saved his life and also competed for that sect.

The competition was important, their ranking would determine the allocation of resources of their sect.

The last match on the tournament was between Zhou Feng and Lu Xingyue, for this championship and Lu Xingyue forfeited the match.

Lu Xingyue said.

“The right to fulfill their initial thoughts.”

Since then, Zhou Feng’s fame in the immortal cultivation world has risen. And because Lu Xinyue had to give an account to her sects for abandoning the competition she simply went into confinement.

At this time, Zheng Feng realize that he liked Lu Xingyue. He often went to the place where Lu Xinyue was locked up just to see her but Lu Xingyue was avoiding him.

Hundreds of years later, during the battle between the immortal and demons in the world of cultivating immortals, Lu Xingyue joined people from various sects to join the battle.

In the final bottle she stood up in the front of Zheng Feng in order to save him. Lu Xingyue said.

“What should I do? I like you again. What about you….”

Zhou Feng won the war for Lu Xingyue and became the demon lord. He said.

“I only hope that from now on, there will be no more conquests.”

The grand finale was that Zhou Feng sits in the place where Lu Xingyue was confine and talks to her about what happed to him in the demon realm.

Shen Yan feels that there were many outstanding female character in this book but the most outstanding was still Lu Xingyue.

In addition Lu Xingyue’s charisma, Zhou Feng became a devil for Lu Xingyue so that she would never fight again.

The next morning Shen Yan was woken up by Chen Yu. Shen Yan slept late yesterday so she had Chen Yu woke her up.

Rubbing her long hair, she got up and didn’t pay attention to Chen Yu. She directly went to the bathroom and washed her face.

Chen Yu followed Shen Yan.

“Sister Yanyan, they’ll be here in a minute. Where’s the album and the posters?”

“You go to the set first and waif for me, don’t you have a scene to shoot later?”

“Okay, then I’ll go to the set and wait for you. I will buy you breakfast and let’s eat together at the set.”


Calling out Chen Yu, Shen Yan asked.

“Chen Yu, do you also like Lu Yunchen’s signed album and posters?”

Chen Yu was pleasantly surprised.

“Sister Yanyan, you want to help me and ask Yunchen to ask for signed album and posters ah!”

Shen Yan just smiled and didn’t a word. When Chen Yu went out, Shen Yan casually ordered a takeaway for breakfast.

A little later Chen Yu probably won’t give breakfast.



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