Chapter 43

The crowd followed the host and counted down, at this time Shen and the first placer Chen Xin only has 10 votes difference.

And the two people’s votes were still rising, at about the same pace.

“Nine, eight, seven…!”

The number of votes above the screen stopped and someone in the audience screamed.

“The counter attack was successful!”

One vote difference, Shen Yan won over Chen Xin with only one vote difference!

The fireworks started to go off on top of the big screen and at the end it said.

–Congratulations to Shen Yan for winning the first place!

First placer, Shen Yan was the first!!!

It was an ending that no one expected.

Lu Yunchen reached out and applauded, followed by everyone clapping along.

Host: “Congratulations to Shen Yan for winning the first place, and to the first 100 contestants who advanced. Your points will be announced next week. See you next show!”

The recording of the contestants’ show was over and the next thing was for several judges to start saying what they thought of the shows.

And also what they were expecting and cheering for in this episode.

Shen Yan followed Zheng Rou out. She stood in front of the nanny car, looking at the excited Zhou Ruo and smiled.

“Sister Zhou.”

When Zhou Ruo saw Zheng Rou she remembered.

“Wang Peng will eat a keyboard.”

“Eat a keyboard?”

“Wang Peng said if you get the first place he will eat a keyboard.”



Wang Peng walked over while laughing.

“Shen Yan congratulations on getting the first place. I hope you can achieved good results in the next episode, then I will go back first.”

After saying this, Wang Peng wanted to run.

Today Wang Peng did not believe Shen Yan, to the point of promising that he would eat a keyboard once Shen Yan get the first place and even assured to give Shen Yan another resources for Shen Yan to audition.

Although Zhou Ruo also did not believe in Shen Yan, but this was not the same ah.

Zhou Ruo: “Keyboard, eat keyboard.”

Wang Peng laughed out loud.

“Hahaha, Sister Zhou how can I eat it, how about I invite you to a dinner.”

After saying that he looked at Zheng Rou, trying to get Zheng Rou to help speak for him. So Zheng Rou also hurriedly echoed.

“My agent invited you to dinner.”

Zhou Ruo: “No way! And don’t you fool me with some chocolate keyboard.”

At that moment, Wang Peng could only look at Shen Yan, trying to get Shen Yan to help speak for him.

Shen Yan shrugged, this was Wang Peng and Zhou Ruo’s agreement. She do not want to interfere.

Besides, she could not stand on the same line with Wang Peng.

Zhou Ruo also knew that eating the keyboard was impossible. She laughed before saying.

“How about this, I won’t make it hard for you. Tomorrow you will stand in front of the company and say good morning and work hard.”

“Sister Zhou….”

“Man up, I already compromised enough.”

Eventually Wang Peng and Zhou Ruo compromised, Wang Peng would not eat a keyboard but greet everyone in the company gate tomorrow morning to say good morning and work hard.

Wang Peng looked at Shen Yan with a complicated look. Shen Yan smiled faintly, then got into the nanny car.

On the other hand when Wang Peng and Zheng Rou got into their nanny car, he said.

“How can Shen Yan be the first? Why can she be the first? Does she know the lines of Xianlu because she had read the novel?”

Zheng Rou did not dare to speak and just silently sitting in her seat.

“Didn’t I tell you last time that you should take this audition more seriously, you…. this Xianlu novel get a copy of it. It will be helpful for you take part next time!”

Having said that Wang Peng throws the Xianlu novel in front of Zheng Rou and gives her a pen and a paper.

Zheng Rou: “….”

Copy these whole novel?

“I’m busy with work.”

I’m busy with work. I your agent ask you copy it but you won’t do it!”

“I was wrong, I will copy it now.”

After recording the show, Shen Yan went back to the set of Life Together since she still has to shoot in the afternoon.

For lunch, she ate a portion of instant noodles with Zhou Ruo in the nanny car.

“I’ll go straight back to the company later. When the program is re-aired, I’ll edit some exciting plots and then drive the rhythm.”


Looking at Shen Yan who remained calm, Zhou Ruo asked.

“You’re not excited?”

After thinking about it, Shen Yan said.


Zhou Ruo: “….”

The nanny stopped at the shooting site. After Shen Yan bid goodbye to Zhou Ruo, she immediately got off the car and directly went to the set.

The crew of Life Together has just finished eating and started working the time she arrived. Once she enter the set, Shen Yan saw Chen Yu waiting there for her scene.

She walked over and took a seat next to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu said.

“Sister Yanyan…”

Chen Yu paused after saying this, she wanted to say something but stopped.

Seeing that Shen Yan did not speak, Chen Yu continued.

“I went to look again today during the break but still did not find it. What do we do ah?”

Shen Yan smiled.

“Let them come over tomorrow to get the album and signed posters.”

“Sister Yanyan, you got new album and signed poster!”

At this time staff shouted.

“Chen Yu, shoot the scene!”

“You go ahead and shoot the scene.”

When Chen Yu goes to shoot her scene, Shen Yan pursed her lips slightly with a thoughtful look.

During the break, Director Wu called Shen Yan over.

“You participated in a talent show audition today and got the first place?”

“Yes, I got the first place. Thanks to director’s concern.”

Now that Shen Yan has participated in this show, she could definitely improve her position in the entertainment circle. Before she participated in the show, she was also the female no.3 of a web drama.

The director thought about it and said.

“When the program group participates on variety show for the promotion, I will contact your agent.”

When the shooting ended, Shen Yan went back to the hotel with Chen Yu who ask her.

“Sister Yanyan, did you participate in a show today, and then asked Lu Yunchen for a signed album and poster?”

Shen Yan curled the corner of her mouth and did not answer, seeing this Chen Yu thought she was right.

Shen Yan did asked Lu Yunchen for autographed album and poster when was on the show.



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