Chapter 42

Shen Yan’s ranking was at 230 and she was using a rapid speed to surpass the people who was ahead to her.

The crowd was holding their breath as they watched the golden name surpass one contestant after another.

190th, 130th, 100th!

Her ranking was still increasing rapidly!

Although it reached the 100th position, Shen Yan’s name continued to rank forward and this time it was slightly slower but still not stopping.

The host was excited.

“This is simply the miracle of this game, ten minutes, Shen Yan uses ten minutes to reverse and get the ninety-eight place, no ninety-fifth place!”

Shen Yan was wearing a beige dress today, she was sitting on her designated seat with her long legs folded and her elbows on her knees looking at the big screen like a bland water.

Although her eyes were bright but there was no excitement nor ripples like the water reflected on her eyes.

The number of votes from the latter contestant was relatively small, and the difference was not much. But the one who perform first was different, since supposedly they should have more votes.

Shen Yan’s name was still ranking up but it was getting slower.

For Shen Yan, she had already succeeded in the first round of the audition. And since she already surpassed the previous performers, for her this was the already enough to stand out.

As for her ranking, Shen Yan felt indifferent.

With only half an hour until the end of the contest voting, She Yan was in the 15th position.

But Shen Yan’s golden name continues to move forward!

Zheng Rou looks at Shen Yan with complicated look, she thinks that it was good that Shen Yan won’t be eliminated in the first round.

But she didn’t expect that Shen Yan could achieve this level. She has a good fan base and was only in the 30th place.

And Shen Yan who appeared last, surprisingly took the 15th place in a short time. And there was still half an hour left, how far could she go!

The host took the microphone and asked.

“Shen Yan, how do you feel now?”

The camera switched to Shen Yan, who raised her eyes slightly.

“As long as I could get within the 100 contestant, then I could advance.”

The comment pop-ups of the live broadcast started to be lively again.

[Ah ah ah ah, this young lady called Shen Yan, I’m a fan!]

[So beautiful….]

[So calm…]

[Miss is so great, everyone vote for Miss, I want to see Miss’s ranking to the 10 ah]

[As a book fan, I think Shen Yan is very suitable for the role of the female number one.]

[Come on, everyone!]

Because of Lu Yunchen, this program was one of the hot searched when it was broadcasted but the name of the hot search was not about the auditione but, Lu Yunchen of Xianlu.

But now, because Shen Yan’s performance there was another hot searched under Lu Yunchen’s hot search. Although Shen Yan’s name was not mentioned, she was still on the hot searched.

The name, which had slowed down was once again darted in this moment.

Wang Peng who looked at Shen Yan’s ranking has frozen, not a word could be heard from him and he even looked a little silly.

Shen Yan, surprisingly has so much potential?

Ah, Shen Yan has advance another place.

Shen Yan surpassed Zheng Rou 30th place.

“So Shen Yan is already considered to have a name in the entertainment industry—ah.”

Wang Peng exclaimed.

When he said this, Wang Peng was stunned with himself.

Wait what did he just say?

Did he say that as long as Shen Yan take the first place in this competition he would eat a keyboard?

Just at this time, someone in the crowd shouted.

“Third place, Shen Yan is third!!!”

Eating a keyboard?

Although Shen Yan was in the third place, but the gap with the first two was somewhat big she may not necessarily catch up.

Even Shen Yan was slightly surprised that she got into third place.

The program team was kind enough to prepare sponsored drinks for the contestants. Shen Yan unscrewed a bottle and took a sip, she looked at Zhou Rou in the audience and then continued to watch the screen.

The first placer, Chen Xin clutched her skirt. She thought she could secure the first position but Shen Yan—

How could this happen?

Looking at Shen Yan gain more and more votes, Chen Xin only think that Shen Yan was lucky to read the lines of the script as her introduction.

Otherwise, she should not be able to catch up. So the book fans just wanted to vote someone who would say the line of the female no.1?

Because Chen Xin had not read the original novel, she did not know that just now Shen Yan was not just saying the lines on the script but was acting it word by word on what was written in the novel.

She was playing the female no.1 inside the Xianlu.

The host took the microphone.

“Now there are only ten seconds until the end of voting, let’s count down together!”



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