Chapter 41

Another hour passed…

Shen Yan looked at about one-tenth of Xianlu.

Xianlu, this novel was about world immortal cultivation. It was the story of a youth who walked out of the ordinary small mountain village to cultivate.

It could be said that if this novel was filmed, it would be a leading male drama. Of course, if it was not because it was a drama Lu Yunchen would not pick up a heroine.

After all he alone was enough to popularize the drama, and there was no need to have heroine to popularize the drama.

But there were several female characters in this novel that stand out.

Shen Yan’s gaze swept over those names and finally landed on female number one, Lu Xinyue.

Looking at the bustling corridor, Shen Yan slightly closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, her expression was firm.

Since she wanted to act, she has to play the female number one!

The program continues with the three hundred and eleven people, only fifty left to go and introduce themselves.

The audience watching the broadcast were already getting tired.

[Don’t want to watch, if it’s not for Yunchen I won’t watch this live.]

[So many people, I don’t remember the names of any of them now.]

[It’s good to be called earlier.]

[The program team, give us a few more screen time of Lu Yunchen otherwise we would not watch it.]

[Yes, for Yunchen.]

[I think our Yunchen probably wouldn’t want to be a judge if he wasn’t the male lead in this drama.]

[Hahahah, because of boredom?]

Lu Yunchen’s name was mentioned more on the comments section, and other artists’ who brought their own fan base also brushed over the barrage.

Then there was also fans of the book, one by one they all looked carefully at the self-introduction of the contestants.

They want to choose the actors they were satisfied with, to star in their favorite book.

This show was considered a success because of Lu Yunchen and because of the artist who brought their own fans to the talent show.

Shen Yan looked out the window, only a dozen were left at this time.

Several of these dozen or so people were thinking that they would be directly eliminated later.

“How are we going to chase after them if we go up at this time? Look, the first 100 places already have more than 3,000 votes.”

“Yeah, why are we so behind?”

“If we were just called earlier, we’ll make it to the next round.”

“I wonder who would be the last one to introduce.”

None of them wanted to be the last one out.

In the audience area, Wang Pen comforted Zhou Ruo.

“It’s ok, if you are eliminated then you are eliminated. If Shen Yan got eliminated I will recommend her to other auditions.”

Zhou Ruo gritted her teeth and said.

“We rely on strength.”

Each person who finished introducing themselves would sit on the far side of the stage, and there were fewer and fewer people were left in the backstage until Shen Yan herself was the only one left.

Needless to think, Shen Yan was the last one to appear.

The host took the microphone and said.

“Now please invite our last contestant, no. 11 Shen Yan on stage.”

Lu Yunchen raised his eyes slightly and then he smiled.

“The last player ah.”

Lu Yunchen rarely talks, but because of this sentence from him the fans who were a little tired continued to comment like crazy, not as tired as before.

Zhou Ruo on the on the other hand think that this matter could not blamed on Shen Yan, who let her be the last one to appear?

The last contestant drawn out was number 11, and Zhou Ruo did not know what she should express.

If she was eliminated then she was eliminated, when she goes back later she would just invite Shen Yan to have a meal and then let her go back to the crew on Life Together.

Shen Yan walked out from the backstage and took the microphone. She did not introduce herself like everyone else did.

She pulled her lips and as the pair of eyes were brimming with water she said.

“If you marry me, you will be a direct disciple but if you don’t marry me…..”

Speaking of this Shen Yan laughed out loud, her posture was elegant and mighty.

“You can look for another master again.”

Having said that, Shen Yan directly returned the microphone to the staff member next to her, followed by walking towards the side and take her seat.

Shen Yan used a total of 30 seconds to introduce herself, she did not say her name but only said the line from female number one.

The book fans were boiling and posted comments one after another to vote for the last contestant.

Many beautiful people came to participate in Xianlu audition draft, but Shen Yan was the most apparent siting in the crowd.

The clean temperament was stunning and even paired with her elegant and sophisticated look the audience couldn’t help but be amaze.

The corner of Lu Yunchen’s mouth raised slightly, but soon it was replace by his indifferent look again.

The host quickly reacted and said.

“Okay, the first round is over. Now there is one last hour of voting time, please support your favorite contestant and in one hour we will reveal the finalists.”

Of the 311 participants Shen Yan was the in the 219 position.

Slightly raising her eyes, Shen Yan looked at her ranking and as well as other contestants, they were also staring at the big screen.

Wang Peng didn’t expect Shen Yan to think of this way, and thought Shen Yan might not be eliminated this time. He picked up his phone and said.

“I’ll vote Shen Yan, you also vote for Shen Yan.”

Zhou Ruo stared intently at the big screen, feeling a little excited.

Wang Peng: “I think Shen Yan may be able to continue to participate in the competition this time.”

Wang Peng was not the only one who think of this possibility, but also other people. Since they all think that the contestant who came out later would be eliminated but because Shen Yan thought of a good way to sell herself.

Maybe she would advance but that’s all.

Even Zhou Ruo thought the same thing, she thought that this time Shen Yan could advance and still rank well, at least she won’t be ranked at the bottom.

After Wang Peng finished voting for Shen Yan, he looked at the rankings on the big screen and thought his eyes were having problems.



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