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Chapter 40

“Now the number drawing will begin, and once each contestant has been introduced the audience can start voting.”

“After all contestant have introduced themselves, there will be an hour of continued voting. If there are contestants who are not satisfied with the system they can quit now.”

After they finished talking, the host stepped aside.

This competition system was somewhat depends on luck. Those number who would be called first and those who would be called later were not on the same starting line.

Since the audience could immediately vote when they saw someone they liked, but audience could only vote once. Those people who would be called later, even if the audience like them they couldn’t vote for them anymore.

If it was fair, the voting should start only after all the contestant have introduced themselves. But with more than 300 contestant, it was really not possible to vote in this way.

Otherwise the audience would be afraid that they could not remember the contestant they like and would not want to vote instead.

Someone in backstage said.

“This will basically get the person eliminated if they were called last on the stage, right?”

They were going to continue the discussion but the first number was called on stage, and the contestant who was called was reflected on the big screen.

All they heard was an excited and nervous voice in the crowd.

“I, I’m the first one!”

Shen Yan felt that to participate in this competition one should comply with the system. Besides if your strength was enough, even if you’re called last you would just need to have the confidence to surpass the previous ones.

Zheng Rou said anxiously.

“I don’t know when will I be called, if it’s in the later part might as well just withdraw from the competition….”

“Everyone is the same, at least a minute of footage.”

Shen Yan said indifferently.

Zheng Rou: “………”

The first person who came on the stage to introduce herself was a pure newcomer and was more straightforward.

Her introduction was simply introducing herself, after introducing her name she choked up and said.

“My dream is to become an actor, I have also been working hard for this dream. I hope that all of you watching this broadcast can give me a chance…..”

The host picked up the microphone.


One minute was up.

After the newcomer had introduced herself, her name appeared on the big screen behind the stage with the number of votes—nine votes which became ten after a while.

Then followed by the second and the third on the stage.

Everyone was very smart, they don’t introduce themselves like the naturall way when they go on stage but singing and dancing was instead become their best choice.

After introducing themselves, their names would appear on the big screen and then they would be ranked according to the number of votes. If they surpass the person before them, their name would rank up.

Shen Yan frowned slightly, if she wanted to win the competition she need to rely on her face, talent and her novelty.

It’s just how the novel was, and it seems that they could only sing and dance now. But the best option was not just to sing and dance any random song but to sing the best part of the song.

Zheng Rou was anxious as she said.

“Chen Xin is on.”

Although Chen Xin was not very popular, but some time ago she starred as a female number three that the audience really liked.

As soon as she came on the stage, she directly soared to the first place without introducing herself yet. This was the advantage of having a fan base.

However Shen Yan just naturally picked her phone, searched for Xianlu and read it.

Zheng Rou looked at Shen Yan and did not know what to say. She doesn’t know whether Shen Yan was really calm or pretending to be calm.

After more than a hundred contestants, there was still no Shen Yan and Zheng Rou being called.

Wang Peng sitting in the audience was a little anxious, although Zheng Rou also has a fan base she still wouldn’t get good results if she was called last.

“And I don’t know when will she come out.”

Wang Peng said anxiously when he heard the host announced.

“One hundred and thirty, Zheng Rou.”

At once Wang Peng smiled as he said.

“We have Zheng Rou on the stage.”

Now in Wang Peng’s opinion, Zheng Rou could take the first 100 place and Shen Yan would have no chance. There were more than 100 contestants left and there were several who have fan base.

Zheng Rou on the field softly sang, and just after the introduction there were more than one hundred votes, this results were pretty good.

Wang Peng breathed a sigh of relief.

“And I don’t know when your Shen Yan will be on the stage.”

Originally, Zhou Ruo had no hope of Shen Yan getting the first place, but this time she really hope that Shen Yan could take that place.

She would then buy a keyboard for Wang Peng to eat!

But how could that be possible? Shen Yan was not even called out until now and her fan base was worse than others. How could she possibly get the first place?

Zhou Ruo pretended to be indifferent.

“Rely on strength and don’t care about the order of appearance.”

Wang Peng did not say anything, but the looked on his face was clearly telling her “you fail”. Anyway Shen Yan could not win this just by her looks.



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