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Chapter 32

Xue Jiayue’s face was abnormally red, Xu Yanwen also felt strange heat in his body. They both drink the chicken soup that grandpa gave them when they ate, there must me something wrong with that chicken soup!

Xu Yanwen turned around with a sullen face and walked to the door of the room, reached out and twisted the door handle but found that the door was locked from the outside.

It seems that this was arranged by Elder Xu long time ago, he was long ready to prevent their escape.

He could only think of another way, Xu Yanwen turned around and walked back.

Xue Jiayue at this time also guessed what was going on, and remembered how the original body was calculative towards Xu Yanwen.

And looking at Xu Yanwen walking back with a sullen face, and knew how upset Xu Yanwen was now. He maybe also suspected him, that this was her and Elder Xu’s collusion.

“I didn’t know that grandpa would arrange this, I didn’t know about this beforehand.”

Xue Jiayue tightened the hold of her fingers as she looked at how angry Xu Yanwen with his red eyes that looked like a wolf.

Xu Yanwen restrained the strange feeling inside and just faintly said “hmm”.

He took several steps to the window and looked out, they were in the third floor and the big lawn was just underneath them. It was not a good idea to go down using the window especially with this condition.

“Now, what should I do now?”

Xue Jiayue’s heart surged with waves of heat, feeling the burn a little uncomfortable. She took the collar of her body and as her skin was exposed to something cold after unbuttoning one of the button, her body was screaming to remove and take off all her clothes.

When Xu Yanwen turned back, he saw her just in time impatiently pulling her clothes with her hands. Her face was scarlet red and her black eyes were brimming with water, her delicate and charming look was like as gorgeous as a rose!

Perhaps because of the drugs, Xu Yanwen felt that the Xue Jiayue at this moment was better looking and more seductive than ever. His throat knot rolled up and down, and a hot stream came up from his lower body went straight to his head, almost annihilating his sanity.

“I’ll think of something else.”

He gritted his teeth and held on to endure the strange sensation in his body. He tried his best to settle down, took his hand and pinched his thigh, the pain made his brain clearer for a moment.

“Okay, okay.”

Xue Jiayue felt her tongue was curling when she spoke, her brain was also felt like filled with glue. She was already gritting her teeth and holding on, but still felt the hot tide coming up in waves, about to devour her.

Xu Yanwen withdrew his gaze to her with difficulty and walked into the bathroom next to her as if to avoid her. Fortunately when he turns on the tap there was cold water floating out which was probably the only place that grandfather had missed.

He hold a handful of water and washed his face, the coldness sobered Xu Yanwen’s mind. He looked up at himself in the mirror with red eyes like a hungry wolf looking for prey.

It was dangerous and terrible.

He has always had good self-control to last until now, but he doesn’t know just how much his grandfather had drugged him. And if he keeps going like this, he couldn’t guarantee that he would remain unshaken.

“Xu, Xu Yanwen.”

Outside came Xue Jiayue’s soft panting voice, obviously she has used up all her strength as her voice sounded like a cat’s soft cry, as if provoking him.

Xu Yanwen only felt a wave of hot blood rushed straight to the top of his head that had just been suppressed, coming back again.

And even more intense than before, almost so he could not resist!

“Xu, Xu Yanwen…..”

Xue Jiayue was still shouting at him, her mind was not clear, the only last trace of clarity remained was moving her feet towards the bathroom as her mouth muttered.

“Have you thought of a way or not?”

When Xu Yanwen saw the appearance of Xu Jiayue at the door, the collar of her clothes have been pulled open revealing a large area of her white-snow skin, two small white rabbits were looming on her chest.

Her face was scarlet red, her eyes were blurred looking so attractive and charming just like a poppy flower in full bloom!


Xue Jiayue stretched out her hand and wanted to pull Xu Yanwen but who knew, Xu Yanwen would pull her in first.

It started with a soft and delicate fragrance coming in instantly, making people’s heart tremble. Xu Yanwen clasped Xue Jiayue’s wrtist tightly as a voice in his heart called him to hug her and the remaining reason in his mind told him not to.

He wanted to take her into his arms but reasons told him to push her away. The two emotions intertwined like a test of ice and fire.

Xue Jiayue who was pulled by him felt comfortable especially the place where he was holding. She couldn’t help sighing from the bottom of her heart, and wanted to touch her more.

She confusedly stretched out her other hand wanting to stroke his face.

“Let me touch it….”


Xu Yanwen grabbed her hand, as the knot on his throat rolled up and down and the hot air he exhaled almost burned her.


Xue Jiayue’s brain was already filled with glue, completely unable to think clearly and only looked at him in fascination.

As Xu Yanwen wrapped his arms around her, the fragrance lingering around his nose was tempting to lower his head and pick up more of that aroma.


When his lips and her lips pressed together, Xue Jiayue’s legs went weak and almost fell intp Xu Yanwen’s arms.

The soft groan seemed to sound like a horn of attack, Xu Yanwen fiercely kissed her lips as if a hungry wolf wanting to devour her into his belly.



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