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Chapter 31

The roadside lights were bright as the car was driving unhurriedly back to his house.

The driver looked through the rearview mirror and saw Xu Yanwen leaning against the back of the seat with his eyes closed, frowning deeply.

This evening, Xu Yanwen drank a little too much wine. His alcohol tolerance was not that good could get easily drunk.

“Mr. Xu do you want some water?”

The driver asked seeing that he was having a hard time.

Xu Yanwen did not open his eyes, his hand propped on his head and his voice was low.

“No need, I’ll just nap for a while.”

The driver took one more look at him and saw that he had no intention of opening his eyes so he stopped bothering him and drove his car seriously.

The car soon arrived at his house. The driver open the car door and helped Xu Yanwen out of the car, all the way to the door of his house.

Xue Jiayue had just finished washing up and getting ready for bed when she heard movement from the door.

She opened her bedroom door and walked out to see the driver helping the drunken Xu Yanwen enter.

“Why did you drink so much?”

Xue Jiayue walked up quickly and helped the driver help Xu Yanwen to sit down on the sofa.

Xu Yanwen opened his eyes and looked at her, not forgetting to defend himself.

“I didn’t drink much, and I wasn’t drunk!”

Xue Jiayue swept a few glance on his slightly red face.

Yeah this is the appearance of someone who’s not drunk that only drunk people will say.

“Thank you for sending him back.”

Xue Jiayue thanked the driver who smiled and said it was okay, and that it was his job and since he was with Xu Yanwen for years.

After the driver left, Xue Jiayue tried to get Xu Yanwen to sleep in his bed but he was much taller than her that she couldn’t move him.

“Do you want to go to bed to rest?”

Xue Jiayue stood in front of Xu Yanwen pulling him.

Xu Yanwen opened his eyes, perhaps because of the wine his eyes flashed with red while looking fixedly at Xue Jiayue for a while before nodding.

He grabbed Xue Jiayue’s hand to let her help him up.

“Seeing as you sent me a big red envelope this afternoon I won’t nag at you.”

Xue Jiayue said as she helped Xu Yanwen up from the soda all the way to his bedroom.

“You, be careful.”

Xue Jiayue was afraid that he would walked unsteadily and fall, if he fall to the ground she could not guarantee that she could help get up.

And when that happens, he wouldn’t have a choice but to sleep on the ground whole night.

“I’m fine, I’m not drunk.”

Xu Yanwen argued like a child.

“En, you’re not drunk!”

Xue Jiayue casually agreed with him thinking that the original Xu Yanwe was like this, acting like a child who hadn’t grow up!

Xu Yanwen leaned slightly against Xue Jiayue, he was a little dizzy, his eyes were a little burry and his brain was a little slow to react.

He could no longer turn to the corner but still knew where his bedroom was.

Xue Jiayue finally helped Xu Yanwen back to his bedroom and let out a big breath as he said to Xu Yanwen.

“You sleep!”

Xu Yanwen however, stood up startling Xue Jiayue.

“What are you doing?”

“Take a shower.”

Xu Yanwen turned his head in the direction of the bathroom.

Xue Jiayue pulled him back.

“What bath are you taking when you’re drunk? You can take it tomorrow morning!”

“Take a bath!”

Xu Yanwen emphasized again.

“Can’t sleep without washing!”

“I said just do it tomorrow morning!”

Xue Jiayue exclaimed.

“Bath, can’t sleep without washing!”

Xu Yanwen insisted!


Xue Jiayue was speechless, how come no one had told her that Xu Yanwen was so difficult to deal with when drunk? Even the book did not write about this!

“Then go wash up if you want!”

Xue Jiayue couldn’t stop Xu Yanwen so she could only comply with him.

When Xu Yanwen went to the bathroom, Xue Jiayue thought he should have no problems so she was ready to leave.

At this time, Xu Yanwen’s phone on the bed rang.

Xue Jiayue swept the phone screen, it was an unfamiliar phone number.

“Your phone is ringing.”

Xue Jiayue said towards Xu Yanwen in the bathroom.

After waiting for a moment, Xu Yanwen’s voice sounded from the bathroom.

“Help me see who called.”

“I don’t it’s an unknown number.”

“Then leave it alone.”

As they spoke the phone stop ringing, Xue Jiayue was prepared to leave when a text message was sent over.

[Linda: President Xu, did you get home safely? When I took your car this afternoon I think my bracelet fell…..]

Xue Jiayue did not open Xu Yanwen’s phone and the text message was not displayed fully but she could guessed what the continuation was.

According to woman’s normal thinking, Xue Jiayue felt that this kind of late night text message from a woman to a man, the woman must be interested in that man.

Especially when the text messages was ambiguous, and as if there was a problem.

Xue Jiayue suddenly remembered that night, Xu Yanwen called behind her back. Heaven knows if this woman ‘Linda’ was his mistress!

She pursed her mouth, Xue Jiayue has no intention to dwell on this matter. Anyway sooner or later, she and Xu Yanwen were going to divorce.

Who became Xu Yanwen’s woman and who became his lover had nothing to with her!

Maybe with these women, she and Xu Yanwen could divorce faster then she could take the money and be happy!

With dreaming of getting the money and leaving soon, Xue Jiayue left Xu Yanwen’s room and went back to her bedroom to sleep.

After more than 20 minutes or so, Xu Yanwen came out of the bedromm after showering, picked up his phone and saw the text message from Linda. His black eyes became darker.

He remembered that Xue Jiayue should have seen his phone and wondered if she had also seen this text message sent by Linda.

Subconsciously he lifted his steps and walked out but after just a few steps he stopped again.

It’s too late now, Xue Jiayue must be asleep by now.

Xu Yanwen stood at the door and finally turned around and walked back with his phone.

The next morning, when Xue Jiayue got up, Xu Yanwen had already gone to work.

Elder Xu called yesterday to specifically call the two of them back to the old mansion for dinner. Xue Jiayue thought about it and sent a WeChat message to Xu Yanwen.

[Xue Jiayue: Grandpa called us back to the old mansion for dinner!]

After receiving the message Xu Yanwen replied back after a while.

[Good, you go first and I’ll go directly after work.]

Xue Jiayue curled her lips after seeing Xu Yanwen’s reply, she had no hope for him to really come.

What Xue Jiayue didn’t expect was that in the evening was that Xu Yanwen drove back to the old mansion after getting off from work.

Elder Xu was very happy to see Xu Yanwen came back as he quickly asked the kitchen to add dishes specifically for Xu Yanwen.

Soon, a large table full of food was served and family sat down to eat.

Elder Xu personally gave Xue Jiayue and Xu Yanwen a bowl of soup each with a smile.

“This is the chicken soup I had the kitchen stew, it took several hours to stew this, so you eat more.”

“Thank you grandpa.”

Xue Jiayue smiled as she held the soup.

“It’s delicious.”


Elder Xu smiled lovingly.

Xu Yanwen did not say anything and silently picked up the spoon to drink the soup.

Elder Xu said to Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue.

“You two stay at the old mansion tonight and spend more time with me, the old man to talk.”

Xue Jiayue smiled and stole a glance at Xu Yanwen, seeing his expressionless face she thought he would refused but he instead nodded to Elder Xu and said.

“Yes, grandpa.”

This exchange had shocked Xue Jiayue, and was wondering what Xu Yanwen was thinking?

When the two went to their room in the old mansion later, Xue Jiaye couldn’t wait to ask.

“Why did you agree to stay?”

Xu Yanwen turned his eyes to the window and said faintly.

“Grandpa is old and two days ago Dr. Yang also said to me that grandpa’s heart is not good.”

Xue Jiayue understood, grandfather’s health was not good and since Xu Yanwen wanted to stay more with him, she agreed.

“Then how are the two of us going to sleep?’

Xue Jiayue took a look, there was only one bed in the room. She and him had only slept in separate beds before, did they have to sleep together today?

“You say something?”

Not waiting for Xu Yanwen to answer, Xue Jiayue hurriedly asked another follow-up question.

Listening to her delicate and pleasant voice, Xu Yanwen suddenly felt hot, he reached out to untie his tie below his neck and lowered his eyes to look at Xue Jiayue and saw her face was red, abnormally red.

“Do you feel something is wrong?”

“I didn’t….”

Xue Jiayue just wanted to say that she didn’t feel anything wrong when she strangely feeling hot coming out of her body.

Xu Yanwen look at her reaction, and suddenly his face change. That soup just now…



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