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Chapter 30

Xu Yanwen didn’t know that Linda, who was sitting next to him had that kind of thought in her mind. He kept his head down and kept sending WeChat messages to Xue Jiayue, the girl was alone at home and didn’t know if she had a good meal!

When Xue Jiayue’s phone rang, she was still concentrating on drawing her design and only after she finished drawing her idea did she pick up her hone to look at her WeChat.

[Xu Yanwen: have you eaten?]

Xue Jiayue quickly replied.

[Not yet.]

Xu Yanwen’s immediately replied right after.

[Why have you not eaten yet?]

[Not yet hungry, eat later.]

[What will you have for dinner?]

Xue Jiayue thought about it, today she did not go out all day and it seems that there was nothing left in the refrigerator, so she replied to Xu Yanwen.

[Eat noodles.]

Xu Yanwen stared at her reply [Eat noodles] and frowned. This girl was really disobedient, when he was not at home she would not eat properly!

[Eat well.]

Xu Yanwen heavily typed the words and went back to check the documents.

Staring at the message sent by Xu Yanwen, Xue Jiayue blinked and before she could think of what to say back to Xu Yanwen, she received a large red packet from Xu Yanwen.


Xue Jiayue stared at the big red envelope, thinking in her head whether she would collect it or not.

Xu Yanwen then gave her the answer.

[Collect the red envelop and order a big meal.]

Was this an treat for her to have a big meal?

Good! Since he wanted to treat her, she has no reason not to accept it.

Xue Jiayue accepted the big red envelope with pleasure.

After receiving the red envelop Xue Jiayue sent a thank you picture to Xu Yanwen.

[Thank you, boss. Jpg.]

Xu Yanwen stared at the message Xue Jiayue sent back to him. His eyes fell on the word ‘boss’ and did not move his eyes for a long time.


Xue Jiayue took the red packet sent by Xu Yanwen, and used the food app to place her order. She then waited for the delivery and then took a pictures and sent it to Xu Yanwen.

But this time, Xu Yanwen did not replied back to her. She guessed he was probably busy and did not see it, so she put her phone next to her and enjoyed her gourmet meal.

Xu Yanwen, Vice President Wang and Linda had already arrived at the hotel where the reception was held. This time, the reception was organized by Gu Tingshen president of the Gu’s group.

Xu Yanwen was invited by Gu Tingshen to attend this business reception.

Though the Xu Group and the Gu Group mainly operate different business, and only had one business deal but Xu Yanwen and Gu Tingshen meet several times and each have a good impression with each other.

And since they also have the intention to continue in-depth cooperation in the future.

As soon as Xu Yanwen walked into the reception hall, Gu Tingshen who was talking to someone saw him.

Gu Tingshen hurriedly whispered a few words to the people around and let his wife Tang Xintian to meet him quickly.

“President Xu.

“President Gu.”

The two smiled and shook hands briefly asked about the recent situation and then began to engage in business talks.

Tang Xintian had been standing quietly by GU Tingshen’s side, listening to Gu Tingshen and Xu Yanwen chatting about business matters.

She didn’t know much about those things, but she kept a decent smile on her face.

Linda looked over to her with a pleasing smile on her face.

“Hello, Madam Gu.”

Integrating oneself, and flattery was not a good move for Tang Tang Xintian. With just light glance at Linda she could tell what was on Linda’s mind, even if she tried to cover up it up very well it still could escape on Tang Xintian’s eyes.

Tang Xintian doesn’t really like people like Linda, too purposeful to be liked.

“Madam Gu is so beautiful.”

Linda approached Tang Xintian to talk, while Tang Xintian just kept on listening with a smile on her face and occasionally respond with a sentence or two with a nonchalant attitude.

She don’t know if Linda didn’t notice Tang Xintian’s attitude towards her, or if her skin was just thick enough to not care.

She has been actively looking for topics to talk with Tang Xintian, talking and laughing making the onlookers seem to feel as if the two people have a very good relationship.

It wasn’t until later when another person came, that both Tang Xintian and Gu Tingshen were familiar with, that Tang Xintian had to greet. That’s when Linda stopped pestering Tang Xintian.

At the reception, Xu Yanwen and Gu Tingshen had a good chat and were in a happy mood and later talked about business matter with several other partner who had cooperation them before.

They have drunk several glasses of wine while happily chatting and by the time they left the reception, the alcohol on the wine hit his head.

“President Xu, are okay?”

Linda saw that Xu Yanwen was too drunk and rushed forward to help him and was about to stick her whole body to Xu Yanwen’s body.

The gaze behind the rimless glass suddenly sharpened, Xu Yanwen flung his hand away from Linda who was ‘helping’ him.

“Don’t touch me!”

“President Xu…”

Linda’s face was aggrieved, her eyes looked at Xu Yanwen still trying to move forward.

“I’ll take you home. I’m not at ease leaving you alone when you’re drunk.”

Xu Yanwen refused to listen to her, he pressed his temples and shake his head to pull himself again. She coldly stared at her and said.

“I do not need you to send me, I have a driver.”

“I…. I was just worried about you.”

Linda explained.

“No need.”

Xu Yanwen coldly refused, he then pointed his finger at Linda.

“I’m drunk, it’s not convenient for you to get into my car. I’ll ask Vice President Wang to send you back.”

Linda: “……..”

Her plan…

“Old Wang!”

Xu Yanwen shouted at Vice President Wang, who hurriedly took two steps forward. Xu Yanwen said to him.

“You didn’t drink tonight, you are responsible for sending Linda back!”

His tone was as if he was giving arrangement for work.

And as a subordinate, Vice President Wang could not say no. He had to continue working under Xu Yanwen, and immediately agreed.

“Okay, I will send her back.”


Xu Yanwen said.

“Then I’ll go first.”

Vice President Wang hurriedly went forward to help Xu Yanwen open the door.

“You have drink too much wine, be careful on the way and have a good rest at home.”

Linda standing next to her, watched as Vice President Wang sent Xu Yanwen to his car and as the car slowly drove out of her sight.

Vice President Wang turned around and saw that Linda was still staring at the direction of Xu Yanwen’s car without casting her eyes away, so he couldn’t help but let out a light laugh.

“Still not going home?”

Linda felt wrong, she wanted to be with Xu Yanwen not this balding Vice President Wang in front of her!



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