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Chapter 29

The next few days, Xue Jiayue were resting at home to recuperate from her injuries.

Thanks to the injury, Xue Jiayue were too lazy to cook.

Xu Yanwen didn’t say anything about it, he would make breakfast for her every morning and come back to make dinner in the evening.

Sometimes if he was very busy, Xu Yanwen would tell her in advance to order her own takeout. She had a very comfortable life for a few days.

When Xu Yanwen left for work this morning, he told Xue Jiayue that he had something to do in the evening and would probably be back very late, and told her to take care of herself.

Xue Jiayue enjoyed a few days of being taken care of by him and was very happy.

And hearing that he going to come home late, she was a little reluctant to part with him, but since he was busy with work she could not keep bothering him.

So she agreed understandingly.

“Go busy with your business, I’ll take care of myself.”

“I’m leaving.”


Xue Jiayue waved her hand at him and watched him go out.

After Xu Yanwen left, Xue Jiayue received a call from Elder Xu.

“Yueyue, what are you busy with these days? Why didn’t you go back to the old mansion?”

Xue Jiayue didn’t want to tell Elder Xu that she was recovering so that he wouldn’t worry. Instead, she told him that she was drawing designs and wanted to find a job.

“I drew some designs and Brother Xu said they were good so I put my resume online and wanted to find a studio to practice and gain experience.”

When Elder Xu heard that she was looking for a job, he quickly asked with concern.

“Have you found one then?’

Xue Jiayue could only say.

“Not yet.”

Elder Xu then said.

“Then don’t look for it, grandpa will open a studio for you. How about it?”


Xue Jiayue hurriedly said.

“I want to rely on myself.”

“Didn’t we agree that if you need anything, just asked?”

Elder Xu did not want her to work so hard.

Xue Jiayue said seriously.

“Grandpa, I know you are doing it for my own good but I also want to exercise myself. If I rely on you for everything, how will I grow?”

In this way, Xue Jiayue told Elder Xu a lot of her own thought and probably because of Xue Jiayue’s insistence Elder Xu finally agreed.

“Then go ahead and find it yourself and if it doesn’t work, we’ll open your own studio to make your own brand.”

Elder Xu said.

“My Yueyue is so good, she is the best under the sky!”

Xue Jiayue laughed happily.

“Grandpa, you’re too good at making people happy.”

“Be happy and come back here in the old mansion tomorrow and get Yanwen along with you.”

Elder Xu instructed.

“Yes, grandpa.”

Xue Jiayue agreed with a smile.


When he was about to leave work in the afternoon, Assistant Feng suddenly received a call from his girlfriend who was sick and was hospitalized.

Assistant Feng was usually very busy at work and spends little time with his girlfriend. His girlfriend even complained several time about this, this time she was suddenly ill and hospitalized.

If he didn’t go and see her again, it really cannot be justified.

His girlfriend said to him on the phone.

“If you don’t come this time, you don’t have to come in the future.”

Assistant Feng was anxious, he was going to accompany Xu Yanwen to a business cocktail party in the evening but now that something like this happened, he had to ask Xu Yanwen for leave.

When Xu Yanwen heard the reason, he did not make things difficult for him instead he kindly gave Assistant Feng a leave.

“I’ll give you three days off, you take good care of your girlfriend and come back to work when the matter is taken care of.”

“Thank you, President Xu.”

Assistant Feng was so grateful that he almost cried out.

Xu Yanwen smiled and said.

“But you have to arrange your work well, and have another person to go with me at the evening reception.

“Okay, I’ll go and arrange it.”

Assistant Feng hurriedly went to arrange people.

At the secretariat office, Linda was alone organizing the information when Assistant Feng walked in and saw her. He asked where the others were.

Linda smiled and said.

“Sister Ji is away on a business trip and Wen is delivering the documents.”

“Forget it.”

Assistant Feng had no choice but to let Linda go to the reception with Xu Yanwen.

“President Xu is going to a business cocktail in the evening, you’re going to accompany him.”


Linda asked again uncertainly but her heart was already excited and leaping. She had not accompanied Xu Yanwen to a reception before.

Assistant Feng nodded.

“Yes, you go. I should have gone but my girlfriend was hospitalized. President Xu granted me three days off, I have to go to the hospital to take care of my girlfriend tonight so I can only let you go for me.”

Determined that she could accompany Xu Yanwen to the business cocktail, Linda was very excited her mouth couldn’t help but raised up and her eyes shining brightly as she secretly made up her mind.

She must dress up tonight, let Xu Yanwen looked at her with admiration.

When he left work in the afternoon, Xu Yanwen saw a freshly dressed Linda wearing a black V-neck evening dress with delicate makeup on her face, which look quite appropriate.

Linda stood in front of Xu Yanwen in an excited and nervous mood, she squeezed out a smile on her face and asked Xu Yanwen for advice as a newcomer.

“President Xu it’s my first time attending a business cocktail and don’t have much experience so if there is something I don’t do well you must remind me.”

Xu Yanwen faintly swept a glance at her.

“I remember you used to be on the school’s usher team?”

At these words, Linda’s heart suddenly tightened. She understood Xu Yanwen’s meaning, his implication was that if she could do well in the school couldn’t she do well in this kind of reception?

What used could she do for him if she couldn’t do it?

“I, I mean….”

Linda tried to explain.

“President Xu!”

A middle age man in a gray suit walked over quickly in front, it was none other than the company’s Vice-President Wang.

“I’m late.”

Vice President Wang hurriedly said as soon as he approached.

“Just now the Assistant came over to talk to me about something which delayed me for a few minutes.”

Xu Yanwen’s face was expressionless as there was no emotion in his face, his voice was also as cold and low as ever.

“It’s ok, let’s go. It’s not too late yet.”


President Wang hurriedly followed Xu Yanwen’s footsteps.

Linda reacted a little later, she froze for a moment before reacting. This evening cocktail not only would she accompany Xu Yanwen but also accompany Vice President Wang.

After getting in the car to the reception, Linda looked at the man next to her. Xu Yanwen hanging his head down looking at his phone, his attention was always on WeChat not looking at her at all.

Linda pinched her fingers, tonight’s reception she must take this opportunity to get closer to Xu Yanwen. Let Xu Yanwen know how good she was, how gentle she was and kind she was, how smart she was, and clever she was.

How she was a thousand times better than his wife who doesn’t know any better, if she was by his side she could help him instead of dragging his feet like his wife!


The Author has something to say”

Xue Jiayue: I haven’t seen you cook in the old mansion before.

Xu Yanwen: Troublesome, do not want to do it!

Xue Jiayye: What about now?

Xu Yanwen” It’s okay to do it for you!


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