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Chapter 28

Pushing open the door of Xu Yanwen’s bedroom what greeted her was the blue curtains, blue bedding, tidy room and the breath of Xu Yanwen.

Xue Jiayue stood in the doorway and froze for a moment as if she was infected with the hot temperature in her hand as it actually spread uncontrollably to her face.

The window was half open and the breeze gently blew the blue curtains.

The furnishing in Xu Yanwen’s room was clean and simple, no unnecessary extra clutter just like him, cold and solemn.

Xue Jiayue stood in the doorway for a moment before walking in, reaching out to put the suit and tie on the rack.

It was not good to stay in Xu Yanwen’s bedroom, she hung up the suit and tie and was ready to leave when turned around and saw a photo on the shelf next to her.

She subconsciously stopped in her tracks.

It was a photo of many years ago in the photo frame, there were four people in the photo.

Siting in the middle was the Elder Xu, Xu Yanwen and Xue Jiayue were standing on each side respectively while right side of Xu Yanwen was a girl about his age, wearing a beautiful princess dress and her hand was holding Xu Yanwen’s arm as she smiled very sweetly.

Xue Jiayue recognized at a glance, that girl was no other hand the heroine Han Mengxue.

Han Mengxue wearing a princess dress was a real celebrity, she had a good family background, her appearance and knowledge were also good.

She grew up with Xu Yanwen since she was a child, they were a perfect example of a match made in heaven.

There was no harm if there was no comparison, just by looking at the photo that was took more than ten years ago there was no need compare the real person.

Xue Jiayue was far worse than Han Megxue, Han Mengxue was a real princess, while Xue Jiayue was an ugly duckling who strayed into a rich family.

Even if Elder Xu took good care of Xue Jiayue, the actual gap was visible on the naked eye.

If Elder Xu did not insist on fulfilling the agreement with Xue Jiayue’s grandfather and Xue Jiayue drugging Xu Yanwen, Han Mengxue should have married Xu Yanwen long ago.

And the two would live together in harmony, perhaps with children and there would no Xue Jiayue whatsoever.

Xue Jiayue looked at Han Mengxue’s picture again and again, the corner of her mouth twitched and just when she wanted to say something she heard Xu Yanwen’s voice coming from the kitchen.

“Jiayue, come and help me!”

Hearing the shout, Xue Jiayue immediately came back to her senses, indeed it was not good to remain in Xu Yanwen’s bedroom longer.

She hurriedly walked out and quickly walked towards the kitchen.


Xue Jiayue walked to the kitchen and stopped, she felt the pain coming from her knee and couldn’t help but frown and hiss gently.

Xu Yanwen happened to see her frowning and opened his mouth to ask.

“What’s wrong?”

“Walking too fast pulled the wound.”

Xue Jiayue said as she pulled the corner of her mouth, the injury on her knee was really painful.

Xu Yanwen lowered his eyes towards her knee, the skirt blocked his view and could not see how the injury on her knee was.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

Xu Yanwen asked with concerned tone.

Xue Jiayue blinked and looked up towards Xu Yanwen, just in time to meet Xu Yanwen’s calm and handsome face.

She couldn’t help but smile, she waved her hand and said.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Xu Yanwen’s deep gaze swept over her face, she still looked indifferent.

She looked around and asked.

“What did you call me over to help with?”

Retracting his eyes, Xu Yanwen pointed to the eggs placed next to him. His voice was as clear and cold as ever.

“Break those eggs.”


Xue Jiayue responded, walked over and cracked the eggs into the bowl and took the egg beater and beat them carefully.

When Xue Jiayue was seriously beating the eggs, Xu Yanwen glanced at her but she was too focus at the eggs in the bowl not even noticing him.

After a while, Xue Jiayue finished beating the eggs and turned to see Xu Yanwen cutting the shredded potatoes. His knife handling was very good, it was fast and steady.

As if he had been specially practicing his knife skill, brushing and cutting the potatoes thinly and evenly.

“Wow, your knife skill is very good!”

Xue Jiayue exclaimed, looking at his knife skills while cutting the vegetable with adoration.

The corner of Xu Yanwen’s mouth curved slightly as he said lightly.

“With more practice, you’ll get it.”


Xue Jiayue sunken, she had cooked for many years and thought she was good but she was not good as Xu Yanwen.

So even if she practice just like what Xu Yanwen told her, it won’t make any difference. Some people rely on practicing their talent.

And this kind of talent really depends on people.

When it’s time to eat, Xue Jiayue couldn’t help but sighed. Xu Yanwen’s cooking was really good, it was more delicious than her cooking although she don’t want to admit it even if it was fact.

Xue Jiayue ate a bite of the shredded potatoes in vinegar and thought it really was delicious. She could not help but say to Xu Yanwen.

“If you don’t want to become a president in the future, you can open a private restaurant and you can still ensure good business.”

Xu Yanwen’s hand holding the chopsticks paused, he raised his eyes to look at her and said.

“Are you sure?”

Xu Yanwen did not say anything bad but Xue Jiayue also felt deep contempt for her in his words.

That’s right. He was the president of the Xu Group, he was worth tens of billions of dollars and does tens of billions of dollars of business every day. But she was telling him that he was a good cook than to be a president.

Doesn’t this looking down on him?

Xue Jiayue wanted to pat her head awake, in front of her was the male protagonist not a cat or a dog. She should not talk nonsense!

“The food you cook is delicious.”

Xue Jiayue hurriedly changed the topic.

She shifted the topic very stiffly!

Xu Yanwen just gave a soft “En.”

In order to ease the atmosphere, Xue Jiayue went to say.

“I haven’t seen you cook in the old mansion before.”

Xu Yanwen said faintly.

“Troublesome, I don’t want to do it!”

Xue Jiayue: “…….”

Hearing what Xu Yanwen said, Xue Jiayue almost dropped the bowl in her hand. He said cooking was troublesome, so he doesn’t want to do it!

Xu Yanwen put down his chopsticks, lowered his eyes and took a sip of the soup and said as he got up to leave.

“Return politeness for politeness.”1


Xue Jiayue wanted to roll her eyes at him, she had done it so many time and he had only done it once! Haha!


“Return politeness for politeness.”1– raw is 礼尚往来 its pure idiom which says proper behavior is based on reciprocity


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