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Still Playing? (3)

“How do you know where he is?”

The bodyguard asked curiously.

Gu Xueyi answered carelessly.

“All children of the aristocratic family have this kind of attitude.”

Always want to play something exciting.

Bodyguard: ?

Saying it like that seems to have shortened the explanation from 10 to 8 sentences into one breath.

“So you insist on calling the police for….”

“If you wait until you have negotiated the terms with the families and borrowed their man power but at the end only to find out that he was playing jumping into the sea….”

The bodyguard imagined it for a moment and the corner of his mouth twitched.

That’s pretty fucking embarrassing.

Since Master Yan Chao disappeared, the Yan family’s every move now would have been monitored by the outside world, more people who would want to take advantage of the fire…

But calling the police was a different story.

Reporting it to the police was an event for any normal situation when someone was missing.

Second, reporting to the police was a legitimate right of every citizen in case of danger. It was not necessary to come up with any benefit in exchange. The Yan family would get involved with any military forces. It wouldn’t also cause the Yan family and the shareholders to panic, thinking that the Yan family was really going to fall without President Yan.

Instead, they would messed it up first.

Thinking that the second young master’s and Master Yan Chap disappearance have something to do with each other—almost making it into a big joke.

At this time Gu Xueyi suddenly turned around and asked.

“Doesn’t anyone in Yan family knows that Yan Wenji is playful?”


The bodyguard just opened and closed his mouth unable to say anything.

Who knows?

After all, President Yan was always busy.

So busy that they rarely go home.

The relationship between them and the young master and young lady of the Yan family was not close, nor were their feelings were much deeper. President Yan would not bother nor care about it, so how could the people under them pay attention to it?

Not to mention the fact that the second youngest actually does not see people all the time ah.

“It’s really strange………”

Gu Xueyi let out a sighed.

One would feel surprised because of the little food she sent, the other would act recklessly and indulgent, personally hanging his life on the edge of the cliff regardless…..

This Yan family was quite strange.

There was no rules, but there was no kinship either.

The crew at the end had all returned to their posts.

The director shouted.

“Start the camera!”

Yan Wenjia stood under the camera with his handsomeness and elegance, all of them unconsciously held their breath.

It was as if he had been transformed into that character in the script—

He became the warlord with a rough life and desperately wanted to be among the upper reaches, packaging himself as a gentleman and elegant, handsome but in fact cold-blooded and ruthless.

It was always about saving the face.

Yan Wenjia thought.

Five minutes have passed.

The director called out the card.

The set then burst into thunderous applause.


Director Li also shouted excitedly.

Yan Wenjia was really got the character right.

At this time, Yan Wenjia looked over to the out the field.

That place was empty.

Yan Wenjia’s elegant and noble complexion stalled.

“Where is Gu Xueyi?”

The crew didn’t know Yan Wenjia’s real identity and when they heard him call Gu Xueyi’s name, they all have same thought in mind.

Damn just now did brother Yan rushed to perform such high level acting…. Was especially for Gu Xueyi to see?

Crap… the two of them…..

Both of them…..

“Go, go, it seems to say that they we’re going to the mall to shop for a new outfit.”

Yan Wenjia choked.

She dared not even see a second of it?

Gu Xueyi moved quickly and left the set in order to change her wet clothes.

Shen then swiped Yan Chao’s secondary card.

In the distant other half of the earth.

The phone vibrated and a text message arrived.

“Your card number ending with **** October 12 15:11 express payment expenses (Doduo Clothing Company) 335.00 yuan…..”

This was not the first time Gu Xueyi swiped his secondary card.

But as a child used to enjoy luxury goods, especially when she’s annoyed at the unsatisfactory treatment she received from the Yan family, she would swipe it to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

This was the first time she swiped for 335 yuan.

335 yuan?


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“Putong.”1– raw is 噗 通(putong) meaning (onom.) pop; plop; pfff; putt-putt of a motor


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