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Still Playing? (2)

“No need.”

 I won’t just die because of that.

The latter of the sentenced was on the tip of Yan Wenjia’s tongue but swallowed it again.

It’s a phrase he hasn’t said much before.

But at this moment, Yan Wenjia suddenly could not say it.

He felt that the woman in front of him was likely to come and say.

“Then I will help you ascend to heaven in second.”

“Call the crew back.”

Gu Xueyi said as she turned around and walked in the direction of the boat.


This Madam Yan acted quickly and before he could react, he had already unconsciously done as she had instructed.

Gu Xueyi turned over and got into the boat.

The rest of the people also followed on board, but the movement was froze by awkwardly lining up behind her.

If she was like a white swan.

The people following looks like a bunch of big dumb penguins behind her.

 Waiting to sit on the boat again, Gu Xueyi who had a bit idea of how Yan Wenjia’s mind work hooked him and said.

“Come on board, what are you waiting for?”

Yan Wenjia did not move.

“You still want to play?”

Yan Wenjia moved his long legs and crossed to the boat in a few steps.

Seeing this little interaction, Xiao Fang vowed that he had never seen his brother acting so nice!

He was on verge of tears.

If Brother Yuan could speak and act nicely when he was in business, they would not just make a lot of money, they would dominate the entertainment industry as soon as possible and reach the top 1 in one swoop.

Yan Wenjia returned to the set safely.

“What’s going on?”

The crew quickly gathered around.

“Nothing, just fell in the water.”

“Fell in the water? Oh my heavens, is Brother Yuan okay?”

“It’s okay, we arrived in time….Brother Yuan had to change his clothes first….”

Director Li followed and greeted her, suppressing the shock in his heart and called Gu Xeuyi.

“Madam Yan.”

Once again when Yan Wenjia heard how she was address, he frowned visibly. Although he does not want to admit it again, but the identity of that woman was already clear…

“Gu Xueyi?”

He looked over at her.

Gu Xueyi was receiving a cup of coffee from the staff, and took a sip.


Gu Xueyi frowned, but her beautiful features was not reduced the slightest.

Looking at this scene alone, it was as if a young girl who has eaten a piece of bad candy.

She returned the coffee and looked up at him but this time she turned into a mature woman with a cold and sharp temperament, she said.

“Call me sister-in-law.”


As if there was a stone heavily smashed into Yan Wenjia’s heart chamber.

Although it was absurd… but the person in front of him as indeed Gu Xueyi.

How could he lose face in front of Gu Xueyi?

Yan Wenjia lowered his face and didn’t call her sister-in-law. He just turned quickly to change his clothes.

It only took over a little over ten minutes.

And when Yan Wenjia came out, he looked like a new person.

He changed into a smoky gray suit with a good cut setting his body more upright and elegant, as if he was a graceful gentleman who appeared in the dance floor in the old society attracting countless women as he raised and lowered his gaze.

Yan Wenjia walked directly to Director Li.

“Didn’t you always intend to shoot the thirty-third scene first?”

The main character in the thirty-third scene was played by Yan Wenjia.

But because of Yan Wenjia’s long-term indulgence, director Li’s tongue almost bit his tongue and decided not shoot at all, he even flew abroad for vacation.

“Shoot it, right now.”

Yan Wenjia turned his head to look around.

“Hasn’t the scene been set a long ago?”

Director Li lightly inhaled.

He didn’t know where Gu Xueyi had gone to get the man back.

He was even more unaware of what kind of food that this young master was eating today, how he suddenly change.

Anyway…Shoot! Yes they have to shoot! Don’t you have to shoot in a hurry?

Director Li picked up the megaphone again.

“Crew get ready and take your positions….”

“The whole crew was turned upside down just to look for him and as soon as he came back, he immediately started to work, bossing us around…..”

Jiang Meng took a deep breath.

“This is the power of Yan family ah!”

A bit of envy and yearning, even crazy thoughts sprang to Jiang Meng’s mind.


Her agent didn’t quite hear what she said.

Jiang Meng’s gaze flashed and said vaguely.

“I said Gu Xueyi is quite powerful.”

The agent couldn’t help but agreed with her.

“It’s a bit impressive.”


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