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Yan Wenjia had enough of several mouthfuls of salty seawater before he was fished out.

“Cough, cough, cough…..”

He covered his chest, then propped his one on the ground while half sitting half lying and was thoroughly soaked. His wet hair against his cheek even his vision was blurred.

He raised his eyes to look not far away.

The other party was still on the phone.

The people around swarmed around and handed over a wide bath towel and hot water. While the other party raised her hand and gently gathered the bath towel.

The person who just pressed him into the water was very young and slender—it was a woman.

Her body was also wet, her white clothes was wrapped tightly around her body even her hair was clinging to her cheeks. Her eyebrows were also covered with layer of water which brought out a kind of hazy beauty.

…..looks a little familiar, but also a little strange.

Yan Wenjia blinked, blinking away the water droplets carried on his eyelashes.

Only then did someone bring a towel and papers to him. He took it and casually wiped his face, the figure of the woman in his eyes that was not far away gradually became clearer.

Eyebrows like distant mountains, hair like floating clouds.

Yan Wenjia heard someone next to her carefully shout.

“Madam Yan.”

Madam Yan?

Whose wife?

Other than Yan Chao, none of them took a wife.

Then it could only be….

Gu Xueyi.

The name rolled past the tip of his tongues, but the sound was blocked in his throat. Yan Wenjia once again raised his hand to wipe a handful of water on his face, and even suspected he was not daze but most likely blind.

How else would he think the woman in front of him was Gu Xueyi?

“Are you okay?

An inquiring voice came from the side.

Yan Wenjia divided her attention. It seems that the person who asked was member of the crew as she looked a little familiar, Yan Wenjia coldly looked away and answered casually.


The staff member was a little embarrassed, but still reached out with a red face and tied to help Yan Wenjia.

Yan Wenjia avoided her help and supported himself to stand up.

After he was drenched, his figure was somewhat reduced, but still upright and slender and many people at the scene could not help but blush while looking at him scrupulosity.

Gu Xueyi lowered her head and finished the warm water in the cup, then raised her head, seeing Yan Wenjia standing in front of her.

Yan Wenjia narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at her with a hint of scrutiny as he said.

“My net is broken.”


Gu Xueyi responded nonchalantly.

Yan Wenjia had a feeling that his fist was hitting a cotton.

“You almost drowned me.”

Yan Wenjia only had to speak again.

“Didn’t you want to jump into the sea?”

Gu Xueyi blinked, “I was helping you.”

Looking closely, her long eyelashes still holds a little water droplets. The water droplets would move together with her eyelashes as she blinked, making her eyes hazy and creating a little gentle illusion.

However, Yan Wenjia felt a lump in his chest instead.

He acts as he pleases, and no one in the Yang’s has any control over him. They even has less control over him when he leaves the Yang’s, he also never explained his actions to anyone. Until this moment—

The sea breeze blew, making his soaked body immediately felt colder.

Gu Xueyi the bath towel tighter around her body and took a step forward, leaning closer to Yan Wenjia. She stretched out her hand, and her slender white fingers were particularly attractive.

She asked.

“I can help you again if you don’t think that’s enough….”

These words instantly evoked the near-death-like memory of Yan Wenjia earlier.

Slender fingers, but with a very strong explosive power.

The smooth, soft skin holding his neck, pressing him firmly into the water… suffocating feeling came over him.

A strange sensation wrapped tightly around his neck.

Yan Wenjia unconsciously moved hi steps, wanting to retreat but held himself back. He stiffened and finally squeezed a sentence from his throat.

“……extreme sport, haven’t you heard of it?”

His instinct was telling him something.

If he doesn’t make it clear, maybe she’ll really hold him down in the water.

Extreme sports?

“Never heard of it.”


Yan Wenjia choked, not even sure if she was faking it, or if she really hadn’t heard of it.

Yan Wenjia searched for his phone on his pocket and was ready to click on google search engine. As a result he then realized that his phone was also drenched with water.

Yan Wenjia: “……….”

He licked his lips.

A mouth of saltiness.

For the first time Yan Wenjia let go his arrogance and said.

“Extreme sports refers to some difficult, dangerous and challenging events.”

“Short for looking for death?”

Gu Xueyi tilted her head.

Yan Wenjia:”….”

He was actually unable to refute her.

Mainly because no one has ever dared to question him like that either.

Seeing the atmosphere was getting tense, someone came out and ease the tension.

“Why don’t we…. Sit down and talk slowly?”

“Brother Yan, want to go to the hospital first to have a check first?”

Just now, the agent Xiao Fang was scared by what Gu Xueyi’s action. His soul has just returned to his body, he doesn’t want to leave it again. He also wanted to have a good talk with Yan Wenjia after he was rescued today.


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