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Send him to his death (2)

Director Li saw that she completely unfazed as if she didn’t hear what he just said. She was not even half-anxious, nor did she get angry, seeing this his heart was suddenly extremely disappointed.

No wonder there were vague rumors that Gu Xueyi was not well received after she married into the Yan family, and even the Yan Chao had ignore her.

And when Yan Wenjia was missing, maybe Gu Xueyi was just acting when she come here.

“Get his agent here.”

Director Ku was just rambling when he heard a female voice coming to his ear.

“Huh? Ah, yes.”

Director Li hurriedly sent someone to find Yan Wenjia’s agent.

Yan Wenjia.

Yan Chao’s second brother.

Occupation… occupation is an opera singer1. No in in this day and age, it is called “actor”.

Although Gu Xueyi was a little surprise that he had chosen such career despite his good family, more or less she did not despise his decision.

Gu Xueiyi was just sitting there with no impatience, and was even drinking her cup pf tea leisurely.

Then, she waited for the agent of Yan Wenjia.

“Madam Yan, I am Xiao Fang.”

The agent was a middle-aged man his forties, wearing a suit that doesn’t fit well with him. Short sleeves and short trouser compare to his legs, the man also has a little moustache. He has a round hat on his head, maybe it’s some kind of fashion. There were always some fashions in this era that Gu Xueiya cannot understand.

Gu Xueyi was not polite and called out kindly.

“Xiao Fang.”

The middle-aged man in his forties named ‘Xiao Fang’ was about to say something else, but Gu Xueyi had already turned her head and instructed her bodyguard.

“Take the laptop with you and him. Let’s go now.”

The bodyguard hesitated for a moment and then did what Gu Xueyi said.

After all, he was hired by Yan Chao.

But now Yan Chao was missing, Yan Wenjia disappeared and Yan Wenbai doesn’t care, there was only Gu Xueyi left.

Jiang Meng couldn’t help but say to her agent.

“She is really good ah, once she came she made the crew upside down. Madam Yan’s style is really grandiose…”

The agent also couldn’t help but say.

“If you’re Madam Yan, you can do the same.”

Which for now this kind of wish should not be expose to light.

Just as they were talking, they saw Gu Xueiyi come out.

Jiang Meng immediately shut her mouth.

As Gue Xueyi walked halfway, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

“What does Yan Wenjia look like?”



The people behind Gu Xueyi had a series of question marks sprang up frantically on their heads.

“You… don’t know?”

“En, I don’t know.”

Gu Xueyi answered calmly, without the slightest hint of embarrassment.

The original owner and Yan Wenjis almost had no communication, and after she lives in this body she doesn’t care how many younger brothers Yan Chao has and what they look like.

Xia Fang had to take out his cellphone, and showed Gu Xueyi the blockbuster pictures saved inside.

The young man in the photo has a fairly standard nobleman’s face, exquisite and elegant. And when he raised his eyes or look down, it both have a sentimental and melancholy hint.

He must be very suitable to play the ancient royal son.

Gu Xueyi thoughtlessly. After dressing up, it must be very similar to the fifth prince. They all have the same temperament.

The bodyguard followed Gu Xueyi briskly towards the car, while walking the bodyguard couldn’t help but make a sound.

“If you want to call a large number of manpower to the Yan Family to look for the second young master, you need to contact the secretary of your husband, only with his seal will you be able to obtain a certain amount of deployment power…..”

“No need.”

Gu Xueyi said.

“No need?”

The bodyguard was stunned.

“Report and call the police.”

“Report and call the police?”

The bodyguard was stunned once again. When people like them solved missing incidents, they all use their own power. How could they call the police? They had never thought about it.

Gu Xueyi went through the security footage one last time, and then went through the map.

“Go along this road.”

Gu Xueyi said.

The driver, of course, did not question and obediently followed Gu Xueyi’s instructions.

After the bodyguard was confused for a while, he also had to take care of what Gue Xueyi said and called the police.

In fact Gu Xueyi does not seem to be a spiteful person, much less a person with an iron-clad wrist. After she gave the order, she no longer cared, leaving them those who listened to the order to suffer a hundred times, and finally some difficult trade-offs, or chose to do what she said.

Jane Chagming was soon not the only one who knew about the disappearance of Yan Wenjia.

Jiang family, Song family, Feng family….. They will all know.

On the other hand, Yan Chao’s secretary was still hesitating if he would stamp the seal or not in case he received Gu Xueyi’s call.

Strictly speaking, he only obeyed the orders of Yan Chao.

As a result, the secretary himself was conflicted for a long time, but at the end he never receive any call at all.


“Yan Wenjia disappeared?”

Jiang Jing’s face looked surprise.

“Can’t say which place to look for death again….”

Jiang Yue also does not care whether the Yan Wenjia was dead or alive, or whether he was kidnapped nor he was seeking death himself.

But then he thought of Gu Xueyi.

“Yan Chao is quite impressive, good-looking enough, also happens to be relatively rich and powerful, just a little bit better than me…”

Jiang Yue smacked his lips.

Jiang Jing : “……”

Second brother you saying this doesn’t hurt your conscience?

Jiang Yue whose conscience was not hurt, lit a cigarette.

“But it is too exhausting to his wife.”

Once again, Gu Xueyi’s appearance flashed back in his mind.

What a pity.


There was a small beach more than thirty kilometer away from the set.

The wind on the beach whistling face, blowing the bathrobe on the man, revealing the man’s strong chest.

The man turned his face, revealing a rather eye-catching visage.

He opened his arms wide.

As he fell into the sea.

Like a beautiful siren throwing itself into the embrace of the sea.

In the distance, the little girl on the fishing boat made a cry of surprise.

And at that moment, a sound of the oars running at speed came near.

A slim figure jumping violently from the boat and rushed into the water. The white jacket on her body was blown by the wind and bulged up, as if transformed into a huge butterfly wings.

The moment Yan Wenjia fell, he found that there was something was wrong.

A boat approaches.

The oars ran at high speed and strung the net he had laid in the sea right through.

Followed by a beautiful not quite real figure swooped down and pinned him violently in the water.

Yan Wenjia: “???”

He suspected that she wanted him dead!

Yan Wenjia struggled to breathe in the water.

That’s when he heard the person speak after hearing a phone rings.

The other party was not in a hurry as she slowly and methodically as if she had the leisure in picking up the phone.

A particularly familiar voice came from the other end.

His silly little brother’s voice came from the other end of the line.

“…. you sent me……”

Yan Wenjia’s eyes darkened.

Why are you letting me die, while send food to Yan Wenbai?


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opera singer1– raw was 戏子 (Zi ye) (derog.) opera singer actor


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