Chapter 35

Chen Feng was a skinny chicken boy that his sister dragged in from outside. How could he have this kind of king fu.

It’s so magical.

This must be an illusion.

Jiang Yunting does not believe this nefarious being to smash out the second punch but an arm just moved and knocked his head hard.

Jiang Liangchan flicked his forehead hard and scolded.

“You fart, I went to his place to get something. You are yelling to someone who is innocent, does your brain has a hole!”

Jiang Yunting just helped her sister vent her anger but he was crushed by others but also got scolded by his older sister instead. He covers his head and looked at her wrongly.

Chen Feng chuckled as if this farce had not happened before his eye. He freely handed the model in his hand to Jiang Yunting.

“Since Young Master Jiang is here, you can take this thing. Goodbye miss.”

Jiang YUngting doesn’t know why but when Chen Feng handed it in front of him, he took it.

Until Chen Feng was gone, he realized that just now he surprisingly he was like other people’s younger brother. As soon as Chen Feng said that, he took things obediently.


How absurd!

Such humiliation!

He must Chen Feng know today what this family surname was!

Jiang Yunting had just rolled up his sleeves when his ear was twisted back by Jiang Liangchan.

“What are you doing again, you little brat? If a piece of paper falls out of it, I’ll go to mother and sue you for ten days.”

Jiang Yunting: “…..”

A few moments ago, he was still grumpy little king kong but right now was like a big dog hanging his ear, lowering his eyes and dropped his face. He holds the large box reluctantly and followed her.

After walking for a while.

“Sister, when you came out with him just now, was it really just a matter of taking something?”

Jiang Liangchan gave him a blank look.

“Or else what?”

Jiang Yunting muttered.

“You really didn’t fall in love with his handsome face? Did you not force him or did you really give up?”

Jiang Liangchan made a gesture to hit him.

“Hey, I have such violent temper, didn’t you just yell at people about how I treat you?”

Jiang Yunting sighed.

“Just like Chen Feng, we both are indifferent. How can we take the initiative to hook up with you? Am I not saying this for fear you will suffer for the sake of your reputation?”

When Jiang Liangchan say these words, her heart warmed up and stroked his head.

“You do not worry I have long been of those thought. I just want to be good with you now with mother, with our family, to protect you and live our lives well.”

Jiang Yunting listened to this, but there was not much relief on his face but rather do not want to say anything.

Jiang Liangchan said curiously.

“What happened to you? By the way, did you come looking for me on purposed just now? Looking for me for something?”

Jiang Yunting put his heart into and said.

“Just now, your poetry club sent an invitation indicating that there will be a flower viewing party tomorrow, must you go?”

Jiang Liangchan did respond for a moment and asked blankly.

“What poetry club?”

Jiang Yunting find it difficult to answer and stayed quiet.

Jiang Liangchan suddenly remembered.

Poetry Club!

It was the poetry club that Chu Qing and his childhood friend Song Xinrui joined together.

In order to be closer to her beloved, Jiang Liangchan also joined in.

The original body liked Chi Qing very much, but every time she go the poetry club she could only watch the pair of childhood friends, Chu Qing and Song Xinrui, who was praised as the golden girl in the poetry in the world.

Openly singing and praising her but she on the other hand was ridiculed and called illiterate that could not be worthy to be called rival.

She couldn’t help but a have a fit on the spot but they all more accused her of her wrongdoing.

Song Xinrui would say pitifully that they were just a poetry club, and all only talking about poetry. And even telling Jiang Liangchan that she and Chu Qing were just good match in poetry and could only spend more time due to poetry so she mustn’t think too much about it.

Chu Qing would then support her, saying about the role on poetry how they need two people to compete and she mustn’t make trouble and affect everyone.

Everyone would also echo to the both of them, mocking her in passing for being idiot.

Every time the original body was being arrogant and domineering in the poetry club or make a fuss and mess things up it would count as them being disturbed.

And once she’s home, she would lock herself in the house and cry sadly all day.

Jiang Yunting was in the mood with he looked at that invitation.

His sister was only tough in front of others but would secretly cry on her own, he was aware of this.

He really does not think that Chu Qing was good. It was just a marriage decided by the previous generation, his father didn’t annul the engagement because their family was declining. What king of pretty face1 was that Chu Qing? He’s even younger than Chen Feng, how could he scheme and make his sister so determined?

Although was still a young man, but he was also a man. And as a man he has long see that Chu Qin look at his sister in with no love or affection, he was a hypocrite.

But his sister just like him, no matter what he says, he couldn’t shake her off.

He was so angry that he wanted to tear up the invitation but he knew that if his sister found out, she would be angry with him.

Even if she know she would only be sad if she go but because of Chu Qing she could not sit down and just wanted to follow him.

Sure enough, after asking this question Jiang Liangchan paused for a moment and then said.

“Okay, I’ll go tomorrow.”

Jiang Yunting flop his shoulder and not say a word.

Instead he frowned, scrunching his face.

Jiang Liangchan pinched his scrunched up face and said with a smile.

“Little brother, what do you say, how about I go there tomorrow and annul this engagement?”

Jiang Yunting jerked his head and almost snapped his neck.

“Sister, sister…what did you just say?”

He never knew that he was still a stutterer.

Jiang Liangchan smiled, because of the darkness of the evening her features couldn’t be seen clearly but her eyes were very bright. She seemed to have filled the stars in advance.

“I say this marriage is really meaningless and I don’t like Chu Qing. It’s better to go and withdraw this tomorrow with him, what do you say?”


pretty face1– raw was 小白脸 which mean attractive young man (usually derog.) or could be pretty face and gigolo


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