Chapter 34

Chen Feng was laughing at this answer.

“I love her but I don’t know it?”

Jiang Liangchan justifiably said.

“You are already old but have not adored any lady yet so you are inexperienced, of course that is normal.”

The inexperience, 17 year old Chen Feng: “…..”

Jiang Liangchan said sharply and clearly.

“But if does not matter, you’re just confused but I the bystander can help you see clearly. You definitely love her, you remember this is enough.”

Chen Feng was already too lazy to dwell with her on this, and seeing that she had nothing else to do he wanted to send her off.

“Miss, it’s late it’s time to have dinner.”

Jiang Liangchan who did not notice that she was being sent away, touched her stomach, indeed she was quite hungry.

And once she thought about the variety of dishes in the Jiang’s house, she stood up happily.

“Okay, then I’ll go back first. I’ll see what’s good to eat later and have Chun Xin or Xia Yi come and bring you dinner.”

In the middle of winter, according to the Jiang House’s previous treatment of Chen Feng it was certainly impossible to give him any good meals.

Chen Feng decline to comment, and got up to help her move the rather heavy model of the alleyway girl rescuing people on the table, lifting his chin to indicate she walk in front.

“I will send the Young Miss back.”

Of course Jiang Liangchan knew his about his ‘no comment’ attitude. Their Jiang family was never been a good person in his heart.

She still felt that she had to see the need to save the image of their family in his hear, so while walking next to Chen Feng, she rambled.

“Our family ah, although it looks as if they are domineering but in actuality we are not. Our family is mainly shy.”

Chen Feng glance at her sideways.

Jian Liangchan was very thick-skinned, she remained unmoved and continue her brainwashing.

“Other families are not stingy to show their gentleness and kindness, talk gently, do gentle, let people spring breeze and comfortable.”

“But our family, including me everyone is shy. It’s embarrassing like saying I love you to my parents that’s why I have a rough, loud voice and was vicious so that we don’t feel shy. Actually my mind is not as bad as it seems.”

Just as she finished saying these, a yell came from not far away.

“Why did you come out from there!”

It turned out that while the two people were talking they had already left the small shabby yard of Chen Feng.

The one running towards them was none other than Jiang Yunting, who just roared out the sound.

At this time, Jiang Yunting had already ran to the opposite side of the main hall where Jiang Liangchan and Chen Feng was.

First he looked up and down at Jiang Liangchan before he was relieved and then his eyes widened and got angry at Chen Feng.

Jiang Yunting was furious.

“Why did my sister come out with you?! You little brute what do you want to do with my sister? Let me tell you, I can beat you ten times like a chicken. Don’t think that you’re our person because you enter my Jiang family’s house, in your dreams! Next I see you hitting on my sister, I’ll kill you.”

Chen Feng swept a glance at Jiang Liangchan from the corner of his eyes, just in time to meet the line of sight when she looked over.

The corner of his mouth mockingly hooked.

From his eyes, Jiang Liangchan could read his meaning.

Heh, this is the shyness of your Jiang famiy?

Jiang Liangchan just tried to help Jiang Yunting turn his image around a hit, and he came out and smashed it himself.


However without waiting for Jiang Liangchan to say anything, Jiang Yunting’s violent temper has set himself in fire again.

As he was talking, he got on his hand and punched Chen Feng with head and face.

“What are you looking at? What do you mean by looking at me like that? Did you just laugh? I Your Father1 will discipline you, still not convince right?”

As he said this, he hit Chen Feng with his fist.

But a hand tightly held his fist in places.

The fist was obviously very heavy but when it came to Chen Feng it was as light as Jiang Yunting’s arm was as light as the feather and he was easily stopped.

Chen Feng’s other hand was even holding the model steadily.

Jiang Yunting was a little shocked by this, and could not react for a while.

His martial arts were indeed average although he doesn’t like to admit it.

But at least he was born with good strength only but brute force he was able to win a lot of people.

He knows his own idea, if goes and use this kind of strength on his fist most people would be seriously injured.

But Chen Feng caught it without dodging and caught it instead.

Not only did he caught it, but he also caught so easily.

The thing on his other hands was even steady that it didn’t move as if the punch he had just thrown was like a child letting out a kite string.

How was it possible?

Chen Feng was a skinny chicken boy that his sister dragged in from outside. How could he have this kind of king fu.


Your Father1– arrogant way of I it should ‘Lao Zi’ but I use I Your Father, since I think its more appropriate and childish


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