Chapter 32

Jiang Liangchan suspected that she had just been deaf for a while.

Otherwise why else would she felt she heard such a terrible phrase?

She couldn’t help but ask again.

“What did you say?”

“I said.”

Chen Feng slowly repeated the words without losing a word.

“Young Miss new handsome man, do you need me to help get it back?”

The tone of his voice was calm, and word for word was extremely clear.

Jiang Liangchan reasonably concluded that she was really deaf.


Jiang Liangchan then wondered.

“How did you say such nasty things so calmly?”

Chen Feng raised his eyebrows.

“Oh? I am nasty? Then what’s the purpose of saving those people? Is not because they are good looking, or is it because for the sake of righteousness?”

At this moment, Jiang Liangchan felt that she understood everything.

What was so evil and stupid was already known as she has the evil supporting role, this was the just like how to invert root and branch1.

The fact was probably he couldn’t accept how the vicious female supporting character hand not offended him.

After all, the male lead was too twisted inside.

As long as you are close to him for three meters, it would be like cheating neither old nor young2.

Otherwise, why would he making this statement?

Jiang Liangchan say up straight

She felt she had to uphold justice today or else if the male lead would be crooked, then the whole story would crooked.

Jiang Liangchan stretched out a finger, knocked on the table with a posture of a teacher and solemnly made a just speech.

“A gentleman’s duty is the foundation, and the foundation is the way of life. Do you know? The ancient said for a long time that people should not only be happy but also have principles and limits.”

Chen Feng lazily responded with a very perfunctory attitude.

In any case, I don’t dare to blame.

She really wanted to train eight hundred character on his attitude now.

Forget it, business is more important.

Jiang Liangchan swallowed her anger and continued to speak justly.

“That idea you just had, it was very inappropriate. People have to have a little kindness in their hearts to live life. Expand the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families, expand the love of the young ones in one’s family to that of the other families.”

“Those who are able to have enough food should help those who don’t have, those who are in high position are grateful to the people. If they see injustice they have to help each other, this is the reason and should be done. Your thoughts are too distorted, too dark. Luckily the one person who hear this is just me, but I’m afraid if it’s someone else, they’ll throw stone at you.”


Chen Feng lazily straightened his body, but his tone was dull and indifferent.

“I forgot to mention earlier that this was said when you saved me.”

“You said at that time, I Jiang Liangchan is idle and have nothing to do. If it weren’t because I looked good, what else could be the reason? Is it possible to do it for the sake of righteousness also?”

Jiang Linagchan: “……”

“I’m sorry, just now Miss interjected too quickly and the latter half of the sentence was interrupted Miss before she get to the point. But I didn’t expect that the young lady would be so forgetful.”

He seems to be smiling with his lazy posture and his calm tone but Jiang Liangchan could feel that even if he was blind he could see the clear mockery on his tone, what’s more in his eyes.

Excuse me, may I asked what evil things have I done in the end?

That I need to be in this body and face this kind of man?

There were so many gentle and considerate male lead in the books, why she should be in this kind of book instead and in this body?

Is this what is was called wheel of destiny?

Jiang Liangchan tried to maintain her calmness and tried to look as calm as possible.

“So that’s what you’re talking about, but you did misunderstood me.”

Chen Feng looked very interested.


Although his expression was brightly but the expression on his face was obviously saying ‘You can talk about it and I’ll listen to you casually for the being, and since the young lady has to act, he the servant naturally has to cooperate.’

Jiang Liangchan gritted her teeth and resolutely said.

“I said that, it was a divisionary tactic. But helping is helping people. The reason I sent you to this mansion was not because of your face but for a different purpose.”

Chen Feng did not expect her to say this so he asked.

“What is the purpose?”

Jiang Liangchan said the reason Chun Xin and Xia Yi had told her before, that she deliberately choose him in order to make Chu Qing jealous and she had to spread this rumors to stimulate Chu Qing and pay more attention to her.

In order to get out of the fire pit, on could only jump into another fire pit.

When she heard Chun Xin and Xia Yi say the reason she was collected handsome men because of this, she still felt that the original owner of the body was too stupid to accept.

And now—she did not expect that in order to save herself from the vicious character, she would have to take the initiative to put this stupid love fool character on her head.

After all, a stupid person who was fool of love in the eyes of the male lead was just a joke while if a real malicious heart that hurt his love would have to die.

Face was not as important as being alive.

Chen Feng really did not expect to hear such words.

He pondered for a moment, slowly organizing her thoughts.

“In other words, you only want to use me to stimulate you fiancé by take me into your house?”

Jiang Liangchan loosen up a little.


Chen Feng nodded as if understanding something.

“Oh, so my real role here for you is a tool for you and your fiancé to have fun.”

Jiang Liangchan: !!!!

You are deducting points for reading comprehension like that, you know?!!!

And, again what kind of human miser was she facing?

“….it’s almost like that, but if you speak like this, it’s a bit ugly and the use of words is not very accurate.”

Chen Feng thoughtfully said.

“It seems that the Young Miss is deeply in love with her fiancé. I just don’t know, using me a lure, has the young miss’s purpose been achieved?”


invert root and branch1– confusing cause and effect; to stress the incidental over the fundamental

cheating neither old nor young2– treating youngsters and old folk equally scrupulously;


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