Chapter 31

Jiang Lianghan intuitively suspected that these two teeangers were being watched because they were afraid that there was something on their bodies.

And this two teenagers knew about it, so after the incident last night they had to leave in a hurry today making Xiu Er anxious.

If it was because they were waiting for her that they missed their opportunity to leave and were taken away instead, then she was guilty of a serious crime.

Thinking about it now, Duan Rong refued to enter the Jiang mansion at that time. Maybe it was related to it, for fear of dragging her into it.

It seems that it was not safe to stay in the inn right now. Jiang Liangchan also did not open the box in the inn, with Chun Xin and Xia Yi they went back.

Only when they returned to the Jiang mansion did Jiang Liangchan open the box and carefully take out what’s inside.

It was an extremely delicate three-dimensional handcrafted work. The last time she went to the inn to visit Duan Rong, he was spreading the piece on the table.

It was about an arm high, he vividly made the alley where Jiang Liangchan saver him. A young man fighting with a group of people and a beautiful girl was helping them up.

This should be when the time Jiang Liangchan saved Duan Rong.

The movement of all the people’s body was extremely vivid, but the face was vague. Including the man who save him, Cen Feng and the man being saved, Duan Rong.

Jiang Liangchan was the only one whose face perfect made.

She look clear and beautiful, even if she only glances at it she could clearly and accurately see the flamboyant and bright girl from the crowd.

The whole scene was gray, the dilapidated and gloomy alley walls and ground. A group of ugly and gloomy gangsters, Duan Ron who fell to the ground were also in grey and even the gray-clad teenager who fought them alone.

Only the young girl with a bright smile, the white fox cloak that made her skin brighter, her black hair and temples. All the colors on the scene were given to her, and every fold on the corner of her flying skirt was vivid.

It was like a blinding light that shone into the darkness.

This should be the gift the teenager said he would give her that day.

Jiang Liangchan was a little touched but one she thought that the teenager was nowhere to be found, whether he escape or was captured, her heart sank again.

She needs to find someone and ask them to track a person down.

But first she carefully carried the box and prepared to go to Chen Feng, the person who rescued the two people. This new gift should be shared by two people.

What she did not expect was that Chen Feng would be taking a cold bath in the evening in the middle of winter!

She even made sure that the floor was warm and her bed was firmly surrounded by screen and hot water, but this Chen Feng was actually bathing in the courtyard which don’t have warm floor.

And only had a fire pit with the well water in the courtyard.

When she came, Chen Feng had just finished taking a shower and hearing that someone was coming he hurriedly put on a middle coat and by hand draped an outside cover clothes.

His hair was still dripping with water, his clothes was not yet tied properly revealing his lapel between the firm and slender chest lines.

Obviously he was still a 17 years old but he already had full strong hormones.

Jiang Liangchan could not hold back and stole a glance inside the lapel area.

Once she looked up, she was caught by Chen Feng stealing a glance.

Jiang Liangchan: …….

Chen Feng: ………

The two people remembered at the same time, before Jiang Liangchen came her to find Chen Feng and asked him to be her attendant.

Chen Feng did not agree, when the two of them were arguing about what happened that day Chen Feng said.

“Maybe that day, I should have allowed Young Miss to touch it.”

Jiang Liangchan could not allow the time she stayed in his courtyard to be a shameful moment. She turned around and said with integrity.

“How can you be so careless in front of a woman?”

Chen Feng who was beaten backwards, did not retort but tied his clothes first and raised his eyebrows.

“What happened to have Young Miss trouble herself personally to his one’s despicable room?”

Jiang Liangchan turned her head and saw that his clothes were pulled tightly afraid of a thief, after a moment of speechlessness, she put the things in her hand on his table and said.

“This gift is from Duan Rong for the time when we saved him. It should be for the both of us.”

Chen Feng glance at it.

A group of young man set off a bright and beautiful girl inside.

As a real life saver, he was one of the grayed man although he was more manly and righteous than other gray men.

This was not a girt for both of them.

This was the teenager had in mind when he sent her this one right?

Chen Feng sighed, he doesn’t know whether it’s for the teenager’s mind or for Jiang Liangchan who was carefully protecting the box.

He changed the topic and said.

“Is that what you came to show me?”

Jiang Liangchan looked gloomy.

“Today Duan Rong and his servant disappeared.”

She told Chen Feng one by one about today’s events and told him her worries.

“When I went there, it was chaotic and I didn’t know whether they has escaped or been taken captive.”

Chen Feng frowned and said.

“This is a good judgment. I say the events, you recall what happened.”


Chen Feng asked.

“You said there are a lot of paper on the ground, are those papers flat or are they crumpled and messy?”

Jiangn Liangchan thought about it, seems to be just thrown on the ground haphazardly but.

“It’s flat there are just some footprints on it.”

“Are the tables and chairs placed normally in their original positions, or are they lying down sideways?”

Jiang Liangchan recalled.

“It seems to be put normally as well.”

“On that mantle bed, is there any tear mark or is it smooth?”

“The bed looks like it was turned over, as if there looking for something but the mantle is neat.”

Chen Feng nodded, already had come to a conclusion.

“Then they just left on their own. They came only after they left and turned the room over like that. These people sensed danger and left first, now they should still be safe and their identity I  guess is not that simple.”

Jiang Liangchan breathed a sigh of relief.

Immediately afterwards, she hear Chen Feng ask.

“Young Miss new handsome man, do you need me to help get it back?”



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