Chapter 30

As the three talked, they arrived at the inn where Duan Rong stayed to recuperate.

She previously arranged someone to protect the master and servant in the inn and when they saw Jiang Liangchan coming over, they rushed up and welcome her.

The government soldier presented a large box to Jiang Liangchan.

“This is what Young Master Duan gave me at noon today, asking me to wait for you downstairs and give it to you when you come.”

Chun Xin came from her behind took the box, the thing was quite heavy.

Jiang Liangchan was bit puzzled.

“Isn’t he waiting to say goodbye to me? He can just give it to me himself, why should he give it to you?”

The government officer also did not understand.

“It seems that he wanted to hand it to you in the morning, but could not wait for you to come and gave it to me at noon saying that I must protect it.”

All right.

Jiang Liangchan took the lead inside the inn.

“Let’s go up first.”

The room was a mess.

It looked like it had suffered a lot of havoc, everywhere was turned over in a mess and layer of paper scattered on the floor with a lot of messy footprint stepped on it.

The room was empty, Duan Rong and Xiu Er were gone.

Jiang Liangchan turner her head in shock and asked the government officer.

“What’s going on?”

The government officer also had his mouth wide open, before he went downstairs at noon this place was not like this, at that time Duan Rong and his servant was also still in.

He hurriedly explained what he knew.

“Last night, it seems that in the middle of the night someone came in. The two of us hears the commotion and rushed over to this side of the room to see.”

Jiang Liangchan frowned.

“Who is it? Is it the gangsters’ accomplices or was there a leaky fish that escaped and touched the door to retaliate?”

The reason she arrange for two government officer to love next door to protect them was because she was worried about that.

Who knows if they still have any accomplices who were not there at that time and when they heard about it, they would come back for revenge.

The government officer: “When we came in, it seems that visitor seems to unsuccessful and had already left. We didn’t see who it was, but that Young Master Duan said it was not the gangster, it was someone else.”

“Someone else?”

Jiang Liangchan looked at the messy room that had been turned over.

“Was it a thief?”

Seeing that there are only two children here they come and steal?

Steal what?

The government shook his head.

“Yesterday was a little messy but definitely not like this. This morning when we came over the room was already clean.”

When this happened last night, these officer should have reported it to Jiang Liangchan early in the morning.

To their surprise, Duan Rong and Xiu Er were already neatly dressed when they woke up early in the morning and was holding their baggage.

As soon as the officer came in, Duan Rong said that he was going to visit Jiang Liangchan and bid her goodbye in person.

Since Jiang Liangchan didn’t bring the two children into the mansion so the soldiers of the mansion didn’t know them.

No matter what Duan Rong said, they would not take them to the Jiang Mansion on their own initiative and just a soldier back to ask the young lady for instruction.

But when the soldier came back, he was told that after the young lady ate her breakfast she went outside in a carriage and no one knows where she went.

The two children waited for the whole morning, Xiu Er was anxious like ants on a hot pot and keep walking around the room, saying that he wanted the master to leave as soon as possible.

Duan Rong insisted on waiting until Jiang Liancgan returned to say thank you and goodbye to her in person.

Until noon, the officer went back to Jiang Liangchan and found that she did not returned yet.

After hearing the news, Duan Rong’s eyes were gloomy and his lips were pursed. He took out this box from a big bag beside him saying that it was not safe to be by his side.

And let the officers hold on it, then wait for Jiang Liangchan to come. When he gave it the box, he himself continued to wait in the room.

Then it was what Jiang Liangchan knew, she came and the officer gave her the box then came up and found that the teenager was no longer in the room.

Jiang Liangchan took the maids to search the place thoroughly under the bed and closet, then other places that could hide people.

The two teenagers were really not here.

The two teenagers disappeared, but didn’t know whether they run in danger or were taken away.

Jiang Liangchan made a decisive decision and sent an officer back, asking them to send additional personnel to find Duan Rong.

She also send another officer to report the missing person at the Yamen1 to help for investigation.

For a long time, she tried to recollect the plot and the people’s role in the story. She had thought that they could be the two poor dragon children or other extra events that exist in this world.

Just because they had nothing to do with Chen Feng, their name were not mentioned in the plot.

This world was packed in the book, with few words suitable for a short story but after throwing it on the ground, it become a real existing world.

There were endless characters that were written in the book and although they were not written to revolve around the main characters, they were still alive.

They have life, feel anger, sorrow and pain.

Even if they were not the protagonists, they were equally struggling to live and have the right to live.

No matter what happened to these two teenagers, she would try her best to find them.


Yamen1– government office in feudal China; yamen


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