Chapter 28

It didn’t take long for Chen Feng to leave, Jiang Liangchan just looked around for a while before he came back.

He came back alone which was similar to what Jiang Liangchan guessed, although Chen Feng was good at kung fu but the Silver Eagle were trained spy masters.

Hiding and dodging skills were first-class, Chen Feng may not really possible not able to catch them.

She didn’t really plan Chen Feng to catch him.

If Chen Feng at this point in time has collected enough information of the Silver Eagle then he would probably be able to recognize the Silver Eagle logo.

If it was as she remembered, Chen Feng still has a few years to find the Silver Eagle. Then today as long as it could make Chen Feng noticed he person, it was enough.

Still Jiang Liangchan asked in a pretentious manner after his return.

“Did you catch the man?”

Chen Feng shook his head.

“No, when I went after him he was already gone.”

He asked again.

“What are you doing chasing that guy?”

Jiang Liangchan has long thought of how to explain so she immediately said.

“I saw that person seems to reach out to steal something, did not think much and just chased over.”

Chen Feng really didn’t think Jiang Liangchan was such a righteous person but still said.

“In that case, let’s go report to the official.”

Jiang Liangchan looked like she was afraid of trouble and waved her hand.

“I didn’t see his face clearly, even if we report it to the officials we won’t be able to tell. Just forget, I won’t report it.”

This was in line with Jiang Liangchan’s style.

Cheng Feng gave a “hmm” and drove the carriage back.

Jiang Liangchan turned her body sideways pretending to be watching the people on the street, but in fact she was quietly watching his expression.

His expression was so normal that nothing could be seen.

Jiang Liangchan was still a little unsure, not knowing whether Chen Feng recognizes it or not.

No, this favor has to be done to the end.

She had to enlighten him.

Jiang Liangchen pretended to be casual like she was just gossiping.

“Oh by the way it’s so strange just now, the person I was chasing I originally looked at his clothes were embroidered with daylilies but when he raised his hand that daylilies appeared to be a silver eagle? I thought it was just my eyesight but as I took another look it was really a silver eagle that appeared out of thin air.”

She tried to emphasize the word Silver Eagle and stole a glance at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng did not move.

Jiang Liangchan didn’t know if he had understand or not nor if he already know the name of the group he was searching. He may not now yet that they were called Silver Eagle?

Or were he just pretending?

She decided to take another shot.

Jiang Liangchan looked at every subtle expression on his face more carefully and said.

“I think I have to let my father change the embroiderer who make the clothes for the mansion when I go back. But what just what kind of embroidery was that? At first glance there it was a daylily but there is a silver eagle entrenched in it, how strange….”

Chen Feng suddenly turned around and met her gaze.

Half sentence fell out of Jiang Liangchan’s mouth fell out vaguely.


His eyes were calm, his tone was also very calm as he calmly said.

“If you seat askew, the carriage will also crook along.”

Suddenly meeting his eyes, his eyes even though calm but did not dodge nor hide and just looked straight at her.

Jiang Liangchan followed his gaze and found that in order to observe him, unknowingly she had sat on the edge of the carriage and was about to skew outside.

Chen Feng withdrew his gaze and turned his head to continue driving.

Jiang Liancghan finally closed her mouth and moved to the middle sitting peacefully without any words all the way.

When she got off the carriage, Chen Feng suddenly asked her.

“Why did you have to paint this wall yellow?”

Jiang Liangchan looked at the pale yellow crenelated parapet wall in front of her. She didn’t understand why he asked and let out a bewildered “ah?”

A certain emotion fell from Chen Feng’s eyes, he lowered his eyes and said.

“Since we already arrived, I will go back first.”

Jiang Liangchan did not pay attention to him and was still just staring at the crenelated parapet wall.

He thought Chen Feng’s question seemed reasonable.

This yellow wall was too ugly.

The color was supposed to be fresh and supple when it was first painted but because of the strong heat, wind and rain it has now turned from yellow to grayish, then black looking dirty and ugly.

Jiang Liangchan said to herself.

“Sure enough, red bricks looked better it is also dirty resistance and imposing. Yellow is not lively at all.”

Chen Feng who has already walked out, paused in his footsteps as his ears twitched.

As soon as Chen Feng returned to his quarter, he called Shen Xi.

“Check all people with embroidered patterns on their bodies. The patters are different in appearance and position but under a specific angle and light there will be a Silver Eagle. If you see any people with that report to me.”


Chen Feng narrowed his eyes and recalled that he only had time to look at the man a few time but it was not enough for him to get some useful information.

“Focus on a person who is seven feet three of medium height, has wound on his left wrist, has a scar on his left ear and face may be wearing a □ □ but the jaw must be wide and short. This person should still be in the capital.”


Chen Feng nodded.

“Go. This is very important you go and see it personally.”

Waiting for Shen Xi to leave, Chen Feng took out a pen and paper. And according to the description of Jiang Liangchan in his memory and speculated the embroidered logo of Silver Eagle would look like.

The more he draw the clearer that thought becomes in his mind.

This kind of information, how did Jiang Liangchan know about it?

He once suspected today that this Jiang Liangchan was different, not the same Jiang Liangchan before.

So he deliberately asked why she painted it yellow.

If it was not the real Jiang Liangchan, no matter what the reason explained or reveal a blank look it means that she was not the real Jiang Liangchan.

Because the wall was originally painted red by Jiang Liangchan but later then Jiang Yunting had to make a fuss about how yellow looks good and changed it to yellow.

Today Jiang Liangchan revealed a bewildered look, he had almost determined what was in his mind.

Only later, she added that sentence.

The pen was filled for so long that a drop of ink dripped onto the paper and ruined the painting.

Chen Feng pursed his lips, raised his hand to rub it off and re-rolled a piece of paper.



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