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Chapter 27

It was like when you want to go the underwear store but accidentally meet a male classmate, while the male classmate thought that you’re going out to buy a tutorial book so he greets you warmly.

Of course, Jiang Liangchan came out for one more purpose, and that was to see if she could have a chance to encounter the old master of arrow.

There was no specific time, and how he appeared written in the plot, only that he met a strange encounter in the capital.

Jiang Liangchan originally wanted to wander around and try her luck, but this would mean taking Cheng Feng with her, which she doesn’t want to.

After all, Cheng Feng would certainly also want to pull him, she still want to have the old master of arrow to her brother, and doesn’t want Chen Feng to take him instead.

Jiang Liangchan hastily selected a few pieces, and directly roll them with a paper before coming out.

Chen Feng and the carriage were waiting for her near the door.

Chen Feng was folding his arms, he was perhaps too bored while waiting for someone as he was leaning against the side of the carriage while closing his eyes.

He was just simply standing but he was emitting a noble and cold aura, not to mention his face.

Jiang Liangchan walked three or five steps towards him when she saw three girls whispering at each other and was hesitantly trying to strike up a conversation.

Hey girls, give it up!

The hero belong to the heroine alone.

We were just mob roles and cannon fodder who was destined to just support the main characters.

Small flies, was away from the male lead.

Jiang Liangchan shook her head and lifted her feet to continue walking forward. A dozen steps away from the carriage there was a person walking across the street.

Coincidentally when Jiang Liangchan randomly scanned the opposite side she happened to see this person.

And just so happen that this person had taken something from the bamboo basket on his side causing the movement of his arm lifting the cloak.

The winter sun was not strong but it was enough, there was an eagle embroidered with silver silk on his left shoulder clothe faintly flashing in the sunlight.

Jiang Liangchan pulled her legs and ran over.

There was a street in between and although it was not exactly crowded there were carriages or people passing from time to time, so when Jiang Liangchan ran it attracted the attention of many people.

Chen Feng who was still resting his eyes heard the movement also discovered that it was Jiang Liangchan.

When Chen Feng rushes over to Jiang Liangchan, Jiang Liangchan was on the verge of losing the sight of the person she was chasing.

Chen Feng called her out from behind, while Jiang Liangchan stamped her feet as the person disappeared without a trace.

Jiang Liangchan was so angry that she stamped her foot again.

Chen Feng frowned and gave her a quick glance before asking hastily asking.

“What are you doing? Who are you chasing?”

Jiang Liangchan had ran too fast making her throat dry and hoarse. Unable to speak due to the pain Jiang Liangchan just pointed the direction of the man where it disappeared and pushed him hard.

Chen Feng immediately understood and started to chase after.

When both, Chen Feng and the silver silk embroidered eagle disappeared down the road, Jiang Liangchan’s panting slowly calm downed and immediately headed to the carriage.

Although there was no pictures or illustration on the novel and without knowing the name first Jiang Liangchan had no way to recognized everyone.

But there was still a few exceptions.

This one with a silver silk thread embroidered with eagle spreading its wings was an identity she could easily recognized.

They were called Silver Eagle.

Silver Eagle was a very mysterious force, she don’t know which dynasty they were from but there spying and assignation ability were great.

Only fee knew the existence of the Silver Eagle, how to contact them or where there base was, no one knew.

The only thing to identify them was embroidered silver threads of eagle wings flying high.

And the appearance of the eagle differ from each individual.

So even if someone knows the sign and used it to find them there would still be a great chance of not finding the right Silver Eagle.

Because this eagle was specially embroidery work invented in their organization, the whole pattern embroidered could be any form.

So it maybe an eagle, a deer, a cat or even what appears to be a flower, or an unusual leaf and the embroiderer of this organization who was an expert embroiderer that could even embroiderer a cloud pattern.

All of them were unusual embroidery patterns.

Even the embroidery could be changed according to the material of the clothes. If the material was loose the embroidery would look likes clumsily done, but if the material was good the embroidery would be delicate and exquisite.

No matter who you were, you couldn’t see the difference hidden in the embroidery work on the clothes.

Only the Silver Eagle themselves would know that under a specific angle, and as long as there was appropriate light and corresponding body movement the place that originally looked like deer, cat, leaf, flower or cloud pattern would bend the light and appear a lifelike eagle.

Just now as soon as Jiang Liangchan looked up, what she saw was an eagle of the Silver Eagle on the man’s left shoulder under the sun.

A specific angle, a specific action and with the right light.

Plus someone who just happens to recognized the Silver Eagle.

A perfect match.

Jiang Liangchan who was sitting in the carriage was anxiously peering out to see if Chen Feng had returned.

The reason she went after the Silver Eagle was because in that moment she thought of the plot.

In the plot, Chen Feng has been looking for the Silver Eagle, he know that they existed but the details about them, even his people doesn’t know much about them.

He has been looking for them for a full eight years but found no trace of the Silver Eagle, or any clue of knowing its members.

It was not until eight years later that Chen Feng met a man who told him the real way to find the Silver Eagle.

After finding the Silver Eagle Chen, Chen Feng had undertaking a great change like a tiger who has grown its wings1. Chen Feng also didn’t forget the person who helped him and gave him his promise.

A promise similar to a death-free card. If he encounters a life and death crisis he just need to ask for help and Chen Feng himself or all the organization under his rule could immediately come and save his life.

If he commits any capital crime, Chen Feng would also promise to give him a chance to avoid death.

Jiang Liangchan wanted to get this immunity card.

If she really couldn’t turn around her family’s end, she’ll would give this get-out-of-jail-free card to her mother.

She just don’t know if Chen Feng has caught up or not.


tiger who has grown its wings1– power has redoubled


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