Chapter 14

She glance in front of her and saw the man going to the second floor. She bent down and secretly lowered her voice, she get closer to the little cub as she whispered and asked.

“This uncle, do you like him?”

“Do you like to live with him?”

She herself was okay living with him.

Since each cat has it’s own preferences.

And her little cub’s happiness was more important than her, who was already a big cat.

When she asked this, Li Yun who walked a few steps ahead, stopped.

He turned slightly, gazing at them while holding his breath.

Other houses were too far from the kindergarten or the rent was too expensive and not justifiable at all.

This was the only place where it fits her budget and the distance.

But does the kid like it?

Li Yun pricked up his ears but the expected voice never sounded behind him.

Ye Xun didn’t like to talk much, now he was more cautious in a strange place. He looked at the house and the uncle in front of him but he didn’t make a sound so he only nodded to Ye Susu.

His family does not have extra money to rent a more expensive house.

He knows.


Ye Susu breathed a sigh of relief.

Her cubs and her aesthetics were similar.

Li Yun turned around and saw mother and son as they had discussed it and followed him hand in hand.

The two seems to be harmonious but when you look closely the child always lowered his head and his eyes were always on the ground not looking straight ahead and not meeting anyone’s eyes.

The boy’s situation was worse than he knew.

It should be right to listen to the expert’s advice, instead of appearing directly as his father he would let the child adopts first for three months and then try to take him away from his biological mother to live in a familiar environment.

With this thought, Li Yun couldn’t help but narrow his eyes at the woman beside the child.

This child resembles her, with pure white face and pink lips and when she smiled there was stars reflected in her eyes.

But when he thought of the unpleasant information about this woman in the investigation report, he wrinkled his brows in displeasure.

Ye Susu on the other hand finally figured out the general layout of the house.

The entrance on the first floor was the open living room.

A while glass sliding door with floor-to-ceiling windows on the left of the living room leads to a small garden of about 20 square meters.

On the right side of the living room was a bathroom, a utility room, study room and a gym.

Further into the living room was the kitchen, bar, and small dining table with seating good for six people.

There were the public areas.

The activity area on the first floor alone was more than 100 square meters.

And there were not many room on the second floor, only three bedroom. The left one was where the owner lives, the middle one was rented to her and the little cub while the remaining on the right was still vacant.

Next to the stairs, there was a small living room where the bookshelves and blankest were put. It looked very warm and nice to scratch…

Ye Susu was more than willing to rent this place!

This 1000 rent really makes not even want to leave.

“I’ve brought the rental agreement so you two can each sign it.”

Ye Susu who wished to move right away, signed it readily.

Li Yun took the contract and saw her name that looked like a dog’s penmanship making the corner of his eyes twitched.

After a long time, he twister the silver signature pen and sign next to her name.

Ye Susu has no sense of the word ugly and the word beautiful.

After calmly watching him finished signing, and sniffing the house she got up and took the little cub with her ready to say goodbye.

“Miss Ye are moving in tomorrow, do you need me to find someone to help you?”

The middle aged agency man spoke unexpectedly.

“You have a lot of services.”

Ye Susu was a little surprise that the human world was really convenient, but she waved her quickly.

“No need, I don’t have much stuff.”

All the valuables ones were sold by her already.

Speaking of which, she patted her head.

“Brother, will it be hard for you to send us back again?”

She has to go back early to ship the items.

If she could ship it early she could be done early and get the money early.

“No problem.”

The middle age agency man glance at the tall cold man at his side and agreed with a quick smile.

“I will send you here tomorrow too.”

“You’re really good.”

Ye Susu was greatly moved, pulling the little cub beside her she said.

“Baby, quickly thank uncle.”

Li Yun’s cold eyes suddenly looked over.

From earlier to now, the boy has not spoken a single word.

The middle age agency man laughed out loud and said.

“No need.”

However Ye Susu was serious.

“No, it’s important. Baby say goodbye to this tall uncle and say thank you to his uncle. We are polite humans.”

In her world before, mother cats also teach their cubs the rule of survival from an early age.

And it’s the same in the human world too.

Human cubs have to learn the rules of human, and needs to speak politely.

“En, uncle…. Goodbye…”

The little man then blushed.

“Thank you… uncle.”

Dropping his little face down, he looked at his toes.

The child’s voice was soft and inaudible.

But it still sounded like a crisp jade when it fell on Li Yun’s ears and for the first time he felt somewhere in his chest collapsed and instantly his heart muddled and completely collapse.


His thin lips raised in an arc and waved at the little one.

Even if the little one has his head down and couldn’t see him.

Checking the house did not take long but when Ye Susu wanted to leave it was already eight o’clock.

It was already pitch dark outside but fortunately the street lights were bright and there was someone driving them back.

“Then we’re leaving big brother.”

Ye Susu waived at him with a smile as well.

Today was another day to hold back sucking the catnip.

The corner of Li Yun’s mouth twitched, but his face warmed a lot as he nodded towards her.

“Be careful on the road.”

“Okay~ See you tomorrow.”

Ye Susu quickly put Ye Xun into the back seat of the card and got herself inside also.

Li Yun watched the vehicle drive out of the neighborhood and disappear in the night before turning around and entering the house.

And as soon as he entered the house, he couldn’t help but touched the side of his face.

Was there something on his face?

The woman looked at him as if she had seen some kind of food.

Li Yun shook his head and quickly took the documents on the table and looked at them.

On the way back, Ye Susu listened to Ye Wan’s phone call again questioning her, she couldn’t not help but laughed lightly.

“You want me to move tomorrow? Auntie’s luggage is going to be put in first?”

“Okay! It happened that I need someone to help me clean tomorrow so I’ll leave it to you. There some garbage which I don’t know where to put them, to recyclable, non-recyclable … dry or wet… well, it’s up to you! Goodbye.”

Ye Susu hung up the phone and just grunted twice.

She smiled when she saw the worried gaze of the little cub who was looking at her.

“We’ll just take the clothes and the quilt and nothing else.”

“I just saw it at that uncle’s house, wool blanket, wool carpet, wool toilet seat and wool curtains—everything wool.”

Ye Xun nodded.

He saw it too, and so many storybook on the shelves.

“Oh that’s right, I need to share this.”

To black-hearted Ye Wan angrier!

Ye Susu thought about it and smiled, she took her phone and sent the pictures of the Begonia Garden that was sent by the middle age agency man, putting in grid.

The original body often does this, she was time although slow but was able to edit and post it very smoothly.

[Susu: Thanks to the blessing of the Persian ancestors, I can live in such beautiful house in this life (hand heart) (hand heart)]

That bitch should be full of anger and was so piss of right now.




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  2. At first I worried that this story would take place in the entertainment world, thank god it don’t seem like it ! Also glad we don’t need to wait the nth chapter for the appearance of the ML !

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  4. Ugh…i honestly really don’t like this kind of development, i get that she’s a cat, but she’s not wary at all about the fact that the rent was so cheap…i really dislike the ML and his thoughts rn, maybe because he never showed up in the original timeline and just conveniently showed up in this one.


    1. After reading a bunch of transmigrated in the book novels I have come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t judge why the ML never showed up in the original time line because the pov is always from the perspective of the Fl and only provides info regarding what she read its usually at the end when you realize that the ML did show up however, for one reason or another he was a little too late.

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