Chapter 13

Ye Susu’s words too much for the middle aged agency man to understand.

“Miss Ye is humorous.”

Though he was able to comprehend what she was saying, this middle age agency man was good at talking with his years of experience so he just smiled and went up to rang the doorbell.

Begonia Garden was worthy of its name.

In the front of the entrance of the single family house there was a carved wooden plate with a pattern of blooming Yanli Begonia and the number was engraved on the seal.

The dim street lights around and manhole covers on the ground were all hollow out or carved in the style of the four seasons begonias.

The first few rows of the residential building were tall buildings with more than ten stories.

Only the last row was a duplex detached house.

No 18, near the man-made river dug in the community was located in the southeast corner. The noise of the outer road seems to be far away to be heard.

Ye Susus grabbed Ye Xun’s little sleeve and surveyed the surroundings, satisfied.

“Baby, the environment seems to be good oh, it’s prettier than all the houses I’ve lived before ah.”


Ye Xun was also tilting his small face, looking left and right. His black eyes flashed in awe but soon surface a trace of curiosity and doubts.

This place was better looking than even his kindergarten and it was surprisingly cheaper than the house they live in now?

Maybe because he was too young and doesn’t quite understand how things work?

But when they thought of those they saw those rent posters with price tag figures were more expensive than this. His dark eyes were a little confused.

While thinking about it, the electric lock on the door opened with a beep.

The middle age agency man was very professional and smiled as he pulled out his things from his bag.

“I brought a disposable shoe covers, you all take a pair to wear.”

Ye Susu was searching in her memory how and where to wear it but seeing the middle age agency man skillfully wearing it, she immediately learn from him and put in on.

After wearing hers, she bent down and put it the shoe cover for her little cub.

But just as soon as she reached out, the corner of clothes was gently tugged.

She looked down and saw the little one stretching out his little white fingers gently hooking on her sleeves with some unease in those grape like phoenix eyes.

“What’s wrong? Let’s go in for a minute and come out.”

Ye Susu thought he was afraid of the new place with a stranger.

Thinking of the future Ye Susu was determined to let this little cub get used to humans. She gritted her teeth and decided to exercise in curing his unsocial personality in advance.

This pretty cat was not even afraid of people.

“If you’re scared just grab my tail….ahem grab my hand, okay?”

Ye Xun was going to say that the price of the house was somewhat suspicious, maybe this was one of what his teacher said about bad guys—

But he couldn’t react, after hearing Ye Susu’s natural soft voice.

The logical thought inside his little head immediately melted.

His worried eyes fell on Ye Susu’s slender hand and at once, the layers of suspiciousness and worriedness crumbled.

Mommy has let him grabbed her hand…?

He couldn’t help but be stunned.

All the way just now, Ye Susu tugged on his sleeve and didn’t hold his hand.

He thought that maybe she did not was to hold him in front of many people and did not want to show to them that they were close, lest the strange uncle would gossip asking how their family did not have a father.


When Ye Susu saw that he didn’t say anything, she assumed he agreed.

And right then his small body was awkwardly lifted up on her lap as she squats down while holding his arms, and reached out to clumsily put on the shoe cover on his small feet.

“Well, it seems a little big.”

This shoe cover size was for adults and not suitable for kids. The rubber band of the shoe cover was so loose on his feet and she had no hair tie to put on his shoe as a temporary rubber.

Once he walked it definitely fall.

Ye Susu blinked and had to roughly grab the ends of his shoe covers and tie an ugly knot at his ankle.

“This should do.”

Humans were really troublesome.

She secretly breathed a sigh of relief and wiped her slightly sweaty forehead before putting the little cub back on the ground and holding his little hand so he could stand firmly.

Ye Xun on the other hand was in trance.

When his two little feet landed again it was like stepping on soft cotton as if he was floating.

His grape black dumbfounded eyes fell on the small hand that she was holding.

“This is the landlord, Mr. Li.”

As soon as they enter the house, the middle age agency man introduced them competently.

But Ye Susu couldn’t hear him.

As soon they entered the house, a strong smell of catnip that was strong enough to make her roll three hundred times on the spot, it was floating all over the place.

Her nose twitched as she cast her gaze at the irresistible smell.

In a second it dawned to her.

It really was him.

The very familiar and handsome jaw that she just met this afternoon.

Her eyes moved up and only then did she finally get a good look at the man.

Under the brightly lit up wall lamp that was bright as day, he was wearing a light gray sweater with thick thread, he was also tall with cold white skin.

On his cold handsome face was a high nose bridge, his eyes were calm and indifferent that were slightly upturned and was actually somewhat similar to Ye Xun, adding the coldness emitting in his body.

Ye Susu pursed her lips and tried to move her burning gaze away from the collar of his sweater below his throat knot.

“Miss Ye.”

The nodded gently towards her, his voice was elegant and magnetic.

Ye Susu’s right hand firmly grasped the small hand of Ye Xun.

And took a deep breath.

Let’s be calm.

She couldn’t just grab the sweater and smell him, she has to be calm.

“For some reasons, I’m in a hurry to rent out the guest room.”

The man lowered his eyes and spoke out to explain.

Originally the rent couldn’t be that cheap.


Ye Susu couldn’t help but nod her head.

She was meeting this man twice now.

He wanted to rent the house in a hurry, she wanted a new home.

This was probably fate of this this world.

If she was still on her cat body, this man was destined…to shovel shit for her.

“Go upstairs and take a look at the room.”

The man put his hands around his chest, lowered his eyes that there was a clear distinct as he tried to keep his calmness in his eyes as it fell on the little boy beside her.

“The living room and kitchen are on the first floor, you can use them as you like.”

“There’s a sun deck upstairs and a back yard where you can grow flowers and plants if you like.”

According to the childcare teacher he needed to give his child more space to move around which relieved his mood and beneficial for enlightenment.

Ye Susu was busy hmming.

When the man in front of her said that, he turned to lead the way and showed his broad back and narrow waist.

Suddenly her eyes lit up.

This man’s backbone was the kind that was born to make cats lay on their stomach—comfortably rolling.

Meow that will be extremely good.

“Baby, I kind of like it here.”

“What do you think?”

Ye Susu finally retained her senses and thought of Ye Xun who had been silent since they came in the house.



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