Chapter 12

Ye Susu reached out and pinched her cheek again.

It’s painful..

She was not dreaming!

All the items were successfully sold out!

“Cousin, that….. I seem to have money.”

The night breeze outside was fluttering the window curtain as the wind blows.

Ye Wan’s voice on the other end of the line stuck for three seconds and only her stunned breathing could be heard.

It her a moment longer before the sound of total disbelief rang out.

“What did you say?”

Ye Susu touched her cheeks that was already smiling.

“I have money, and in three day at the latest I will give you the rent.”

Taobao wanted the other party to confirm the receipt in order to receive the money.

“Granted that you really can pay me, what about the live broadcast accident, the company will investigate….”

“Isn’t my contract was about to expire? I’ll be out of contract tomorrow.”

Ye Susu smiled.

In addition to the amount owed, there was an extra 10,000 enough to rent a new house.

Her work as an anchor, the company has 28% share while the original body only take 20%.

And those clothes and other item she were selling on live were all purchase by her.

After two years of hard work, the original body did leave much savings.

In past, she wanted to be anchor in order to find the father of the child but now she does not care about this matter.

And even if she wanted to continue anchoring, she don’t want to follow Ye Wan and remain in the company for her to exploit.

“Ye Susu!”

Ye Wan’s voice was half a degree higher.

“What do you mean? You want to go it alone? Without the company, how can you get tens of thousands of followers? If the company didn’t giving you traffic, do you think you can have this number of view?”

Ye Susu removed the headset.

Before Ye Wan kept saying that since her performance was too poor she would be kicked from the company.

Now she wanted to leave the company she couldn’t because the company has done so much for her?

“Cousin, in order not to make things difficult for you I accept the company’s decision to eliminate me ah.”

Ye Susu beamed.

The house rent and the money she owed this was probably the biggest problem Ye Wan had been using the original body with to be coerced.

As she was thinking about it, a text message popped in.

[Miss Ye, I’m Zheng from Chain Home. I’ve called you several time but no one answered, I have a house with 20 minutes’ walk to your son’s kindergarten and the monthly rent is only 1000!]

[You can see the photos of the house today and move in tomorrow with no deposit.]

Ye Susu’s chest jumped as she was busy flipping the photos on her phone, then sucked back a breath.

The photo shows a three-bedroom, one-bathroom duplex with a two story structure.

The first photo was a large European-style black and white open kitchen, it was twice the size of her current bedroom.

And the second one has a dark blue bedroom, looks like it was renovated recently. In addition to a large bed and dressing table, there was a whole new oversized closet.

The empty space left in the room was enough for her to lie down and roll up.

This house is only a thousand?

Ye Susu stretched out her finger and gently pressed the corner of her mouth.

Was this of luck could possibly happed to her?

“Cousin, you keep this house for yourself I’ll probably be moving out tomorrow.”

Once again, there was a terrible silence on the other end of the line and it took longer for a gasp to ring out.

“You……you found a man……to charter you?”

Ye Susu’s appearance was unquestionably exquisite.

Apart from that, Ye Wan could not think of any possibility that would make her rich and have a house in one day.

“I do not.”

On the phone, however Ye Susu’s denial came out clearly and distinctly.

“By the blessing of Elvis Presley’s ancestors.”


Ye Wan couldn’t understand what Ye Susu was trying to say.

But Ye Susu does not expect her to understand. After saying that, she said she was busy and hurriedly hang up the phone.

She washer her hands and only then did she dry to type and send a message back to the rent agent.



She exclaimed, and because of her lack of skill the message was sent out by mistake before she finished typing.

The good thing was that the other side seems to be very smart.

Immediately after a response arrived.

[Miss Ye, the owner is here tonight. Let me know when you can set the time, I will wait for you in front of the chain house and bring you there.]


Ye Susu poked the phone clumsily.

After a deep sniff of the small dried fish, she turned back.

“Baby, what time are you going to bed tonight? Will you go with me to see the new house?”

Little Ye Xun was sitting on a high stool next to a small table with both legs hanging in the air, not touching the floor.

And when he heard this, he very manly and did not hesitate to nod his little head.

The teacher had said that one should not go out after dark.

It’s dangerous outside.

“Let’s eat a small dried fish before we go?”

Ye Susu and looked back.

Ye Xun looked up the clock on the wall and outside, it was already dark. He reached out his small hand and tore off the small half of the paper on the table and wiped his small mouth.

“Eat after coming back tonight.”



Ye Susu pouted.

And put up with it.

Wind on winter night was especially biting, it was cold and painful on the skin.

Walking down the road at seven o’clock already makes you want to crash and hide under the covers.

With just two steps, Ye Susu found the little one already shaking badly.

Although he had just eaten, the clothes on him were still thin.

She reached out and grabbed the little one’s two leaky little sleeves and firmly held them to keep the wind from entering.

Mortals have no hair, only long hair on their head and could only wear clothes.

Really weak ah.

Ye Xun’s body stiffened, two small hands suddenly fell into the warm sleeves and all of the sudden he couldn’t even walk.

When he looked up, he looked at Ye Susu with confused expression.

Obviously she was never used to do this.

But his little expression like soon like he was seeing a stranger put away and looked the ground with clear mind.

A middle age brother had been waiting in front of the Chain Home, and as soon as he them he immediately opened the car door with a smile.

“Get in the car, and for about half an hour we’ll arrive at the destination.”

Ye Susu tugged the corner of her mouth and followed the examples of mortals, showing a grateful smile.

Seeing her delicate and sweet smile in the rearview mirror, the middle age brother blushed.

“If you take this house, I can get money too.”

He didn’t say how much commission he could get but there was an obvious glow on his face.

Ye Susu continued to tugged the corner of her mouth, smiling.

This mortal wanted to talk with this cat, hahaha.

This noble cat will not.

However the middle aged brother red face were more noticeable as she smiled and even enthusiastically introduced the nearby houses.

As they arrived in the intersection, there was a constant traffic on both sides.

Soon they pulled into a quiet and very upscale looking neighborhood.

From the long distance they could already saw the words Begonia Garden.

The area was full of street lights brightly lit up on the night illuminating the flowers and plans making them look lush and vivid.

The environment outside alone was very different her old house.

“Here it is, it’s this building, number 18, a small duplex.”

The middle aged man stopped his car with a glint of yearning in his eyes.

Begonia Garden was said to be a small duplex but it’s actually not far from the definition of a small villa.

The house was small but it was exquisite inside and out.

Ye Susu followed the cub’s example, nodded, grabbed the little man’s sleeve and got out of the car.

But before the agent could lead the way, she moved her nose distantly and sniffed in the night’s north wind.

“The smell, I’ve smelled it before.”

Her small face reflected a hint of warm orange in the dim light while her watery eyes were growing brighter.


The middle aged agency man had a curious look on his face.

Just now all the way, she wasn’t speaking.

Ye Susu, however closed her eyes and took a big breath of air from each side seriously.

“It’s the catnip that lures meow to commit crime…”

The agency middle aged man froze and laughed out loud for a while.

“Do you mean someone has a cat? Normally that could be since there are many residents here.”


Ye Susu took a small step forward.

Her watery eyes couldn’t contain the excitement reflecting a bit of starlight.


“This is the catnip smell that only the best ‘shi guan’1 have.”


shi guan’1– Poop shoveling officer , a buzzword on the Internet, refers to humans who shovel poop for cats and dogs. Most of them are used to refer to those who raise cats and dogs to express a humorous atmosphere


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