Chapter 11

At this moment, Ye Susu eyes were filled with the hot pot in front of her.

She lifted the lid of the pot and carefully looked at it first.

And saw inside a snow white like and plump grain of porridge it was soft with the slightly boiling bubbles.

The heat rolls in and a smell that only belongs in rice instantly filled her nose.

Ye Susu sniffed, stretched out her arms and took a small bowl serving a small spoonful.

She blow hard for a few breaths before casually sticking her tongue out and tasting it.

The soft and sticky white porridge directly went into her mouth as she gently sip melting directly but the fragrance remained in her mouth.

The porridge rice slide warmly into her throat along her breath, then fell into the esophagus and warms up the stomach.

This one bit made her stomach growl.

After lunch, she was busy for four to five hours.

Once they were back home, she sorted out the original body’s other books and things, she then tried them on for her live broadcast. She was long meow tired ah.


Not bad.

Ye Susu only tasted it lightly but she already like this porridge.

As she turned her head, she saw caught the sight of the refrigerator.

Hot porridge, if I add fish…..

Just thinking about it maker her mouth water.

Opening the refrigerator door, she took out the can of tuna and snapped it opened by roughly smashing it with a knife.

She held back the saliva that was already at the edge of her mouth and first gave a small bowl of porridge to her little cub, Ye Xun who had been watching her quietly and silently

Of course she gave him extra scoop of tuna meat.

She also added three to four boiled vegetables and place it neatly on his small bowl.

Ye Susu looked around and took another egg that was only two left in the fridge, took one out and put it into the boiling water.

“Ah, baby you first taste the white porridge with nothing added.”

Ye Susu thought then turned her back to get a new bowl and bent down to bring a small spoon to the little cub’s mouth.

“Ahhh, open your mouth.”

Ye Xun who was still holding his story book immediately and nervously pinched the corner of the book.

Hearing Ye Susu say “Ahh”, his little face was slightly red and step back a little before he carefully and timidly open his little mouth.

The spoon was suddenly stuffed into his little mouth.

Ye Xun ate it in one bite.

The hot porridge instantly filled his little cheeks.

Fragrant and soft.

He was little uncomfortable because of Ye Susu’s sudden approach but now he was surprised by the light sweetness in his mouth, his grape black eyes brightened.


Ye Susu also looked at him nervously.

The little cub’s taste may be different from hers.

Ye Xun did not hesitate to nod and there was a secret trace of worship in his black eyes.

Mommy makes it much better than he does.

“Wah1, then this are all yours now.”

Only then was Ye Susu felt relieved and pushed the tuna fish in front of him.

And she also started to eat her own dinner.

Boiled vegetable were bland and tasteless and were very hard to bite.

She took a mouthful and almost spit it out.

But the moment, she thought of the previous lesson she learned. If she don’t eat vegetables she would not look good and her face would wrinkle. She had no choice but eat it.

But after barely swallowing two bite, she frowned and went to the bathroom. Took <<Breakfast>> book out and looked at the table of contents and turned to the middle page.

As soon as she saw the bright, vibrant pictures her eyes lit up.

[Dried small fish fried in oil.]

[Do you want to redeem?]

Ye Susu rubbed her delicate fingers.

In the menu, all those vegetable were also boiled so taste should also be just the same right?


Ye Susu looked at the menu and the looked at the little cub who was drinking the porridge in front of her.

She only dwelled on it for a second.

Hmm.. still exchange for dried fish!

Cubs are smart if they eat fish.

Yes, it’s all for the task of raising the cub it was not kitty greed.

[Please read out loud.]

“Ahem, cub, I’ll teach you to read and write oh. This little dried fish is….”

Ye Xun’s hair wiggled confused reflecting representing his confused looked.

While Ye Susu quickly blushed as she read it.

[Fried dried fish: Proficient.]

Ye Susu’s body that was full of fatigue, all of sudden turned into excitement.

She rolled up her sleeves and tried to rush into the kitchen.

But the phone rang, unfortunately.

When Ye Susu turned around, she saw the word Ye Wan the urging ghost in the screen.

Headache was coming.

Every time Ye Wan speaks, it was a conducive to the cub’s mental health.

Ye Susu curled her lips before answering the phone and went to her room to plug in the headset.

“Susu, what are you up to!?”

Once connected, Ye Wan’s question came head-on.

“I can’t believe you’re selling clothes online! You’re an anchor, not a vendor and you’re even selling socks? You’re an anchor that belong to the company, not to you personally!”

“Also Little Li said that a child was seen in the camera? Is it Ye Xun you were talking to when you were on live? You, are you abandoning yourself?”

“I waited for you at the hotel but you did not come. What are you doing at home!?”

Ye Susu turned down the volume, took the fish she bought today out of the plastic bag and skillfully followed the steps in her head and handle them one by one.

“Ye Susu say something!”

“I demand you to pay for the rent so you are selling your things? You are too naïve, will someone even buy it?! And even if you sell two pieces, so what? Can you get 10, 000 to pay me back?”

Ye Susu paused and stretched out her fingers, frowning and calculating.

The expensive ones where the three coats, one was the padded jacket in addition was the diamond necklace and bracelet which was from the original owner’s ex-boyfriend.

And if those other things could be sold….

Thinking, she shifted her gaze to her phone screen and clicked on Taobao2 and checked her account.

But when she saw it, she was stunned.

[Your item has been sold successfully the amount of this is 1888.00 yuan.]

[Your item has been sold successfully the amount of this is 500.00 yuan.]


A series of notification sounded on her phone.

Looking at her items on sale—with just one afternoon all her products were sold out!

And were just waiting for her to ship the items!

The total amount was 20,132 yuan.

Ye Susu froze and reached out to wiper her eyes.

“Still there? Pretending to have a bad signal with me again?”

Ye Wan was so furious.

“You take a taxi and come over her now, I’ll wipe your ass one more time and that live broadcast I will help you clean it up! You don’t have a money to pay me back and I can cut you some slack for a while longer.”


Wah1- 呐 shout, rallying cry, cheering, to shout

Taobao2– online shopping where any could buy and sell things


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