Chapter 10

Ye Xun was afraid that if he was slow to answer, she would regret her decision of keeping him so he hurriedly blurted out.

“I’m okay with getting up early!”

He could just go to bed earlier so he could get up earlier.

“Breakfast can be made night before dinner, then just put it in the refrigerator and take with you the next day!”

In just one breathed, he even had his future plans in place.

If it weren’t for the little tiger tooth1 protruding a bit he would undoubtedly be a little man who could run the house.

Ye Susu gladly showed an old mother’s smile.

“Good boy.”

“Then let’s go next door and check it out then go home and make money!”

The little man was working so hard and could wait to drag his feet.

Gritting her teeth as she felt that the little catnip smells good once again, she firmly reached towards the cub.

“Let’s go.”

She really had many things to do; buy rice, go to the agency and other things.

And at the moment, using all her strength she forced not to turn around and smell her catnip. So she didn’t see the jacketed man behind her catnip almost red-eyed watching the mother and son leave.

“This kid really know his sensible…..”

Liu Zhen couldn’t help but speak.

He wanted to help the kid!

While the cold man beside him was silent the whole time.

Even after the child turned the corner and disappeared from his sight, he still did not move his gaze.

After a while he raised his hand as he covered with his slender fingers his dark phoenix eyes which were covered by his slightly messy hair that was similar to the child.

“Tidy up the Begonia Garden.”

Liu Zhen’s eyes lit up.

The Begonia Garden was a small two-story duplex house, an ordinary residence could reserve the house through a real estate company.

The house was not big but it was only a twenty-minute walk from Ye Xun’s current kindergarten!


Ye Susu’s survival ability was very strong.

On the way back, she had an emergency plan for survival already planned in her head.

  1. Raise enough money to repay the loan.
  2. Raise money to ensure the capital.
  3. Raise money to rent a new house.

In general summary what she needed to have was the word money.

So, her solution was very rough.


In addition to the necessary supplies for her and her child, all other valuable and fancy things in the house were sold for money.

Three months of rents plus expenses, plus all kinds of expenses of the new lease at least ten or twenty thousand yuan was enough.

Unless she won the lottery or borrowed money again, how could such huge amount of money fall from the sky to her?

Thinking about it, Ye Susu very action-oriented.

She first took her cub to the cheapest store in the original owner’s memory then bought the best rice but cheapest, she even ask the stall owner aunt to give her a five yuan discount along with the onion, ginger and garlic.

Then they went to the supermarket and searched for milk and on sale canned tuna that would support them for a while as well as yellowtail that no one wanted at the fish stall and finally picked up some wilted greens.

They then went to the real estate agent, hastily left her phone number as she said her requirements ‘less than one thousand rent, one hour away from the city and good just one room’. She then went home with her son.

And from beginning to end, there has been a low key business black car silently following behind the mother and son.

Not too far and not too close as they go in and out of the store, sometimes stopping at the roadside and sometimes when they were walking slowly.

Finally, when they entered the old neighborhood the car could only found an empty space in small area and stop.

 Inside the car, Liu Zhen has been confirming that the phone was not muted.

One hour, two hours…..passed.

They left the rental information of Begonia Garden with the real estate agent Ye Susu contacted and asked the agent to contact her.

But the other side never responded back.

Could it be that Ye Susu was not satisfied with the house so she did not ask to see it?

Liu Zhen waited anxiously.

He glanced sideways at the solemn man sitting tamely beside him who had been working on his tablet computer.

And from time to time he would see his fingers flicking across the screen while his handsome brows were slightly frowning.

Never the less boss was still boss, he was not anxious at all.

Liu Zhen corrected his sitting posture thinking about taking his phone to deal with his work.

Yet the next second—

Suddenly a delicately soft voice of a girl sounded from the tablet. The girl’s voice was crisp which made people think of a soft marshmallow melting sweetly in their mouth.

“Hi your little cutie is now online. This is Susu, your elegant anchor oh~”

Liu Zhen’s hand shook.

The boss is actually watching live!

Susu…..Ye Susu?

Did the agent not respond because she was live on air and did not receive the call with rental information?

Liu Zhen thought, and could not help but stretch his neck wanting to peek at the screen. And as soon as he saw what was on the screen, he was stunned.

What he saw in the tablet was a woman thick beauty filter on, he also heard another cup hitting each other making a clang sound.

“Isn’t Susu beautiful today? Yes, because Susu is wearing Q’ fishnet diamond dangle earring today! The earrings could make your face smaller and make you look cute like a Pomeranian dog, OHmygod! How good is that! The original price is five hundred and six but today Susu will just give to you for a hundred oh.”

“And look, yes you see that right! This is the legendary haze color that make humans tremble! Cold and luxurious to look, any woman would look good on this haze blue halter dress. Susu is 165 this dress only reach just the calf ankle. With its softness even your cat can’t help but jump!”

“Original price is 1600, it was only worn three times so I’ll give it for 888!”

“And not to be overtaken this little pair of heels on my feet, what do you call the cat walking with this? For just 399 only worn for three years, but this is forever classic and even let your waist look small when walking!”

Liu Zhen: “…”

The atmosphere in the car has become very weird.

The sunlight gradually goes down to the west at three to four o’clock and all the cats and dogs in the community were all out with their tails swinging and strolling happily.

The live broadcast lasted for almost an hour accumulating nearly a hundred items before it came to an abrupt end.

The ‘delicate’ girl in the tablet suddenly said.

“My porridge seems to be ready eh. The smell makes all the kittens and old cats in the next room cry. I’m really a genius, a hundred years recipe made through generation to generations was finally recreated and completed by me.”

“Everyone, in ten minutes all items will be delivered!”

“No shipping included.”

“Quick hands can only get the best deal oh, bye bye. I’m going to have some porridge~”

With that, she stood up hastily in front of the camera.

“Baby don’t eat yet, wait for me!”

“Meow oh, how do I turn off the camera?”

The man with the table was motionless as a mountain.

While the corner of Liu Zhen’s mouth twitched.

And the next second a clear instruction came to his ears.

“Find her account.”

“In one hour buy all the rest.”

Said the clear, cold voice with unquestionable command.

Liu Zhen immediately straightened his back.

Sending the money, plan B!


On the hand, at this moment in Ye Susu’s room she has finally found a way to stop the live broadcast.

Smelling the fragrance smell, she happily ran to the kitchen with an expectant face begging for praise as she looked at Ye Xun who was standing obediently at the kitchen door.

“Baby, I seem to have cook the most delicious porridge in the world.”

This was the special meal she made for her cub through redeeming the cub value.

If it doesn’t taste good she’ll blow up all her hair!


The Author has something to say: It’s hard to give money away.

tiger tooth1– the maxillary canine is the tooth located laterally (away from the midline of the face) from both maxillary lateral incisors of the mouth but mesial (toward the midline of the face) from both maxillary first premolars.


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