Chapter 132

Previously Li Xun didn’t like the heroine of Shazou Chronicle very much, thinking that she was a little bit of a green tea1, circling between several men and playing them within the palm on her hand.

If not for the good looking drawings, there must be many people who would scold her for commenting on the heroine. But after watching Ah Wan dance just now, Li Xun’s view shifted and completely understand Zhu Naiyou, Huang Lei and other men’s thoughts were.

Ah Wan was a rare beauty in the world, if she were a man she would also like Ah Wan. Li Xun sighed. If only Shazou Chronicle could produce a live figure of Ah Wan’s dancing, how good would that be.

After Li Xun finished her love struck fantasy she continued to turn her gaze to the screen.

After leaving the banquet, Ah Wan came to the small sand dune behind Zhu’s house. A solitary moon was hanging in the sky, and the silver moonlight made Ah Wan as bright as day.

Zhu Naiyou came forward and put on a cloak for Ah Wan and asked her.

“Have you found the Wangyou Spring?”

She smiled and looked up at the sky over her head. After a long time she slowly opened her mouth to answer Zhou Naiyou’s question.

“There is no such things as Wangyou Spring in this world. As long as people live they are bound to encounter all kinds of troubles.”

After a period of silence, Ah Wan said to Zhu Naiyou.

“It’s too late, I have to go back.”

“I’ll send you then..”

Ah Wan shook her head.

“No need.”

After the banquet, Ah Wan came back to Huang’s home but what she saw was corpses all over the ground and red blood flowing like a stream.

The blood flowed down to her feet and almost blended with her red clothes she wore when she was dancing earlier.

She stood still for a long time like an old tree rooted there as if the blood has coiled roots.

After a long time, Ah Wan finally looks up and finds that the body of the owner of the Huang Family was hanging on the wall of the main hall.

While Madam Huang was lying on the yard, Ah Wan crazily runs around the Huang family but never finds a living.

Huang Lie also did not escape this brutal killing.

Perhaps to let the fans know that he really died, the garbage director also specially left a close up of Huang Lie’s body. The 13th episode of Shazou Chronicle Season 2 ended in a night’s tears.

Li Xun let out a wail, the huge blow made her constantly hammed the table with her head making the hotel attendants knocked on her door and ask what happened.

What happened?

Her custard cp, Huang Lie died!

Fans never thought that Shazou Chronicle would play such a big game with them as soon as it’s back. Directly killing an important character.

Who the hell could stand it?!

After watching, fans could not help but ask three questions.

Who am I? Where am I? What did I just see?

In the past, they did not know the name of the producers and writers of Shazou Chronicle. They also don’t know how to praise this people but now they know that the person behind all of this was Fu Zhen.

Fans flocked to the exclusive forum of the Shazou Chronicle to vent their anger.

[Even if I die and am nailed in a coffin, I will still shout out in a decaying voice: I will kill the old traitorous Fu Zhen–]

Once again, it turns out that humans were indeed repeaters by nature, with the same words being repeated over a thousand times without a single disruption to the formation.

Wang Tong saw the miserable scene in the forum today and sneered. He then made “Haha” comment and topped the post he made days ago in the forum.

The fans finally understand Wang Tong’s pain at that time. In view of Wang Tong calling Fu Zhen a traitor, they speculated that Wang Tong was working under Fu Zhen so they called him “the great prophet.”

Because the new episode of Shazou Chronicle was so abusive that some fans couldn’t bear it and directly slander to Fu Zhen on the forum saying he maybe was not the real writer of Shazou Chronicle.

However at the end fans found that their argument was plausible. Fans sadly found that there had been a lot of hints about the destruction of the Huang family, and Huang Lie’s death was no accident.

The fans were so sad that they simply had to cry out. After waiting for more than two years, the patience was finally paid and was able to see their favorite character.

But instead—

Brother Huang Lie we are sorry for you ah.

Although this episode of the Shazou Chronicle was heart breaking, Fu Zhen gave Huang Lie a song for his death and proves to the fans that even after more than two years their original intention was still unchanged.

The Shazou Chronicle appears with a better face to be reviewed by the fans.

After accepting Huang Lie had died, the die-hard fans of the Shazou Chronicle began to look for other hints from the previous episodes and speculate on what would happen next.

In the forum, all kinds of deity emerge endlessly, one after another and various speculated plots.

Fu Zhen looked at the online discussion with a faint smile. The next episode has long been sort out by him to ensure that they would amazed.

The Shazou Chronicle had not entered the real climax until now.


green tea1– An internet slang used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent


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  3. As someone who in the recent past read my fave main character straight up die in the lar chaps of a book duology, I feel their pain. I knew exactly what they went through 😢

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  4. To the fans of shanzou chronicle: save up some tears for the next episodes HAHAHAHA

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