Chapter 131

When the familiar opening song played again Li Xun was so moved that she almost shed tears, she waited for this episode of Shazou Chronicle for too long.

Li Xun had secretly told herself before that no matter what episode was like as long as the protagonist appeared she would a forever fan of Shazou Chronicle and would protect their Director Fu Zhen.

Because in the confession that Fu Jianchen posted on the internet some time ago, it could be seen Fu Zhen’s life has been difficult in the past two years.

He may not even able to provide his basic necessities, but he has never been on Weibo ranting nor did he asked for help as he spend his life in the dark silently.

And after he received the compensation from Chun Huashan, what they thought he would do was to be spend it on his personal enjoyment but was instead put to restart the Shazou Chronicle.

Based on this, Li Xun became an even more determined diehard fan of Shazou Chronicle.

Fu Zhen’s ability to produce the next episode of the Shazou Chronicle has been beyond their expectation, so most people say that they could forgive them for their poor performance on their early stage.

As long as there were not too many logical loopholes and then slowly return to the previous level.

After three and half minutes the opening song ended. Looking at the screen on the black background with white letters ‘Episode 13’, Li Xun’s heartbeat seems to have stopped at this moment.

After the black background dissipates, Ah Wan was wearing a dark blue dress and blue cloak. She walks slowly from the vast yellow sand, her face was wearing a shallow smile as her black eyes were shinning like stars just like when they parted with her two years ago.

The lines “Welcome home Miss” were painted on the screen which covered all the picture.

Li Xun always thought that the fans of Shazou Chronicle had been many for the past two years but now it seems that their fan team was bigger.

Although Li Xun was a solid custard bun fan, she couldn’t hold herself back when she saw the scene.

She followed the other fans and click on the phrase Welcome home Miss, then turned off the pop-ups and quietly watched the next episode.

Fu Zhen’s surprise for his fans, greatly surprised his fans as all of the voice actors of the previous Shazou Chronicle were still the same.

The animation style were still the same, nothing has change as if the past two years was just a dream they had, and now after waking up Shazou Chronicle’s update also came out.

In the last episode of Shazou Chronicle tells that An Wan left Huang’s house and went to the depths of Gobi Desert to find the legendary Wangyou Spring, only to find that the Wangyou Spring had already dried up.

She instead found a token with falcon totem at the bottom of the spring.

Li Xun stared at the screen intently, it was Zhu Naiyou who greeted An Wan here. He saw that smiled appeared on Ah Wan’s face.

“You are finally back.”

Zhu Naiyou then took Ah Wan to the Zhu’s house. There was a very important banquet tonight which An Wan need to attend. They also met Huang Lie along the way.

He stood in front of Zhu Naiyou but his gaze only glued to Ah Wan, as he asked her.

“Give me the answer, have you thought about it?”

Ah Wan lowered her eyes and answered in a low voice.

“I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“Then I’ll wait for you.”

Huan Lie said, as he slightly move his body to make way for Ah Wan and Zhu Naiyou. He watched the two of them disappear together into his line of sight.

Normal fans would only see Huang Lie’s heartbreak and persistence in this scene, but the Zhu Naiyou and Huang Lie CP fans sees otherwise.

What they saw was them together in the same frame and episode, this round was a piece of eye candy to them.

This segment of the subplot was drawn by Fu Zhen himself. It may be that during the period where he receive an order for the custard bun and draw a lot of this CP, he had some little strange feeling drawing the two men.

Though for other fans, it was just a harmless frame, and there was nothing hidden in it. Even if there was, it was a battle between rival lovers.

Ah Wan was wearing a red dancing skirt, while holding a double phoenix pipa in her hand. The end of the pipa was tied with red yarns.

When she raised the pipa high, the red string attached to the pipa would dance with the wind. And together with her, she would look like a dancing phoenix.

With her bare feet she stepped on the red silk and as she was wearing a circle of silver bells in her ankles, that would jingle on her every steps along the embroidered peony patterns she embroider.

Everyone’s eyes were gathered on Ah Wan as they held their breath not daring to make a half sound for fearing of disturbing the woman with the pipa.

As she plucked the pipa, the sound of the moon seemed to cross the wilderness dessert carrying the moon on this banquet.

Ah Wan’s body was dancing with the sound of music, she dance like she was flying and the pipa in her hands seems to have life as it follows her rotation.

As the intense music was coming to its ends Ah Wan jumps faster and faster like an elf jumping in the rain of the yellow sand.

Before the episode ended a fan whose heart was stolen with the episode automatically commented.

[Ah Wan is so beautiful, Ah Wan is so beautiful as she captivates all the guests in the banquet.]

As soon as the dance ended, An Wan stood on one of the drums and looked down at the guest around her, Zhu Naiyou was the first one who came back to his senses and lead the applause.



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  3. Isn’t there supposed to be a lot of death? Why is everyone a live in this episode?


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