GTKWF 29.3




Chapter 29 (3)

On the other hand the director was checking the shoot just now, the assistant director looked at Sheng Qiao who was drinking water. He leaned over and whispered.

“Director Yang just as elder sister Gao said should we asked Sheng Qiao to reshoot the scene several times?”

At this time on the screen was frame of Sheng Qiao’s face smiling suddenly.

The entire crew from the up and down has received more or less hints from Xingyao.

For big capital companies, there were people who would just look at people like Sheng Qiao get bullied, especially with those no background in exchange for favor. For them getting the favor was already an oppurtunity.

Including the male lead, You Chang was also reminded that the scenes could be NG many time to toss Sheng Qiao. He himself has his own set of arrogant attitude, and doesn’t like these small methods. This was the reason why he has not been popular for so many years.

He did not intend to deliberately torment Sheng Qiao not to mention her performance was also beyond his expectations. At this time looking at the corner where the girl was frozen blue, he opened his mouth and called out to her.

“Sheng Qiao, come to my side to get some heat.”

Sheng Qiao raised her head and met his clear sight, a smile quickly bloomed in her face.

“Yes, thank you!”

She sat next to You Chang, the little electric heater spared no effort to emit warmth and finally dispelling the chill on her bones.

You Chang picked up the script.

“On our few scenes together, let’s strive for the one take.”

Sheng Qiao nodded her head and sighed in her heart, thinking there were still many good people.

The morning passed quickly, fortunately in the afternoon the scene were indoors. The crew had their meal first before they moved to the palace for their shoot.

In the morning was just a snow, this time it was now sleet making it colder. The crew distributed the lunch boxes, while Sheng Qiao was squatting by the stove and lifted the lid to take a look, and was flabbergasted.

Fish flavored eggplant in garlic sauce, roast pork with eggplant, even the soup was eggplant with egg.

Sheng Qiao pulled one of the staff.

“All eggplant? Nothing else?”

The staff replied with impatient tone.

“Just this.”

You Chang said.

“Yintong loves to eat eggplant and yesterday specifically told the staff she wanted a full course of eggplant feast.

Sheng Qiao: ???

Does she want to transform into a fucking eggplant?

You Chang looked at her expression and asked with concern.

“You don’t like eggplant?”

Fang Bai in the side has long been unable to bear, tug one of the staff and said.

“Our Qiao Qiao is allergic to eggplant, if she eat this she will die, you know?”

The staff retorted.

“It’s impossible for me to ask every person in here who is allergic to every food we served. This is all we have prepared today, so if she can’t eat it, you can order take-out.”

The attention of the surroundings was drawn to this commotion and Lin Yintong who was holding a lunch box said with a smile.

“Aiyo, Xiao Qiao is so delicate ah, you can’t even eat eggplant.”

Sheng Qiao curled the corner of her lips.

“I was born with delicate life, to mock you.”

Turning her head, she instructed Fang Bai.

“Order a take-out.”

Fang Bai looked around with his mobile phone and said.

“The weather is bad, all the restaurants around are close and the nearest one will be delivered in an hour or so.”

Sheng Qiao lowered her eyes and when she looked up again she smiled lightly. She gave all the dishes to Fang Bai and took the rice herself.

“I can eat the rice, I’m not that hungry either.”

She turned her head to look at Lin Yintong, the corners of her mouth were still curled and her tone was smiling, but her gaze was like an ice knife.

“Senior, since you love eggplant so much I wish you a lifetime of eating.”

The surrounding fell into silence, even the rain and snow dripping on the eaves of could be heard clearly.

Lin Yintong was so angry that she almost jumper over and choked her. Sheng Qiao gave a friendly smile around and buried her head to eat.

Before the afternoon scene started shooting, Sheng Qiao searched with her phone and found that the original owner had previously been rumored eating boxed meals in the crew alone and vomited everything, it could said that this was of Lin Yintong scheme before.

It seems that at that time, Lin Yintong knew she was allergic to eggplant and probably use the same trick to make things difficult on purpose.

Sheng Qiao put away her phone and looked at Lin Yintong who was sitting in front of the fireplace playing with her phone.

It’s good to add this grudge on her little notebook.

In the afternoon, Sheng Qiao continued shooting with cable wires. This time she was more in tone with the role, her expression was angry and colder. She was getting more suitable with the role that she basically make the scene that take two days shoot in one day shoot.

Director Yang waited outside the door for Sheng Qiao to change her clothes and handed her a business card.

“Little girl has potential, there is a lot room of improvement. There are opportunities to work together in the future.”

Sheng Qiao did not know much about the director’s circle and did not look down on the small directors without fame, so she politely took the business card and thanked him. Director Yang smiled.

“Good things come in tedious ways and when they’re over it will be a different world.”

Sheng Qiao nodded.

“I know, thank you for your reminder director.”

Although she only stayed for one day, she still greeted the people one by one and said goodbye. Several people came to her behind the scene for autographs and group photos, rumors were just rumors at least this today, Sheng Qiao was very friendly with them.

The car was waiting outside, after getting into the car and going to back to the hotel. Sheng Qiao half lying in the back row, whispered.

“Go to the hospital.”

Fang Bai was startled.

“Sister Qiao Qiao what’s wrong with you?”


In the afternoon, she began to feel feverish and just carried it with her all the time, but now she wanted to faint. This time the trip was too intensive, her body was too weak and one after another heavy pressure she could no longer carry on.

Fang Bai immediately let the driver change the road to the hospital when Sheng Qiao fell asleep in daze.

Finally she was carried down from the car by stretcher, Fang Bai was so worried and since he was just an assistant who had been employed for less than half a year so he didn’t care much about the artist’s image. Sheng Qiao was photographed by many people along the way from the door of the hospital to the emergency room.

The new of “Sheng Qiao’s coma and medical treatment” soon hit the news.

Fans know that she went to shoot a drama but did not expect to end up like this, also the photos of her from the car to the emergency room could not be faked.

Cha Cha couldn’t wait for a response after she send a message to the president. She used to be a member of the mixed Korean circle and her organizational ability was no problem, based on the hot search she immediately organized the Qiao fans to denounce Xingyao, listing Sheng Qiao’s ‘murderous” schedule and demanding the Xingyao to stop squeezing Sheng Qiao and terminate the contract immediately.

Huo Xi had just come out of the recording studio when he saw the news.

In this concert, he had a new song to sing and just recorded the harmony for the new song. When he sat in his car, he saw the news of Sheng Qiao’s coma popped up on the page.

He dialed her phone and it was answered by Fang Bai, he then knew that Sheng Qiao had come to shoot a drama in Hengdian.

He asked the driver.

“How long does it take to get to Hengdian?”

They were now in Hangzhou, where the studio of the composer of the new song was located.

The driver said.

“Two hours if there is no traffic.”

Huo Xi put away his phone.

“Go to Hengdian, drive faster.”

Xiao Dan wanted to say something, but seeing his cold face he could only swallow the words. The car sped along, raising snowflakes in the air.

By the time they arrived at Hengdian hospital, it was already dark. There were few people around the hospital and the inpatient building was cold and eerie at night. Xiao Dan pulled Huo Xi who was about to get out of the car.

“What are you doing here? Are you really going to see her?”

Huo Xi gave him a look, Xiao Dan retracted his hand and heard him said faintly.

“You wait for me in the car.”

With these words, he put on his hat and mask then went into the inpatient building with his head down.

Sheng Qiao was on the 13th floor, a single room. Fang Bai was sitting beside the hospital bed dejected. When he saw him come in, he was so shocked that the phone fell on the ground.

Huo Xi removed the mask.

“How is she?”

“She woke a minute ago and slept again. The fever has gone down.”

He nodded his head and whispered.

“I haven’t eaten yet, please buy some midnight snack.”

Fang Bai answered and pushed the door to leave.

The air condition in the room was whirring, but the air was still cold. He looked at the flushed girl in the hospital bed, walked to the door, fished out his phone and dialed Brother Bao’s number.

“What does Xingyao want to happen? To force people to death?”

Although his contract was already terminated, he still has a cooperative relationship with Brother Bao. Not everyone was the same with Gao Meiling, where if you terminate the contract, it was either you die or me.

Brother Bao was cooking mutton with his friends, and ask in a lowered voice.

“What do you mean?”

“About Sheng Qiao.”

“….as for the termination of the contract, the company suffered such a big loss that it was impossible for her to ask for a favor. Now it’s all small things, you can leave it alone.”

“Help me tell Xingyao, don’t go too far and end up lifting a stone to your own feet.”

Brother Bao looked at the phone screen, took a deep breath and walked to the door.

“What’s wrong with you? Why are you still protection Sheng Qiao?”

After a long time, a cold voice came over the phone.

“My fans, who do I protect if not them.”



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