GTKWF 29.2




Chapter 29 (2)

At the beginning, they really wanted to get close to Xingyao for the sake of instant heat from terminating her contract and the previous rumors with Huo Xi, so when Xingyao offered a condition that they could pull Sheng Qiao whenever there was a show, they immediately agreed.

Sheng Qiao patted Zhong Shen, signaling him to stop. Zhong Shen look disappointedly.

“You’re just too Buddhist to be bullied by them casually!”

Sheng Qiao smiled a little, that smile was not gently but look like a rose with thorns making her look more beautiful and compelling.

“The clever ones work and the wise ones worry, the incompetent ones asks nothing2 I should thank them for looking up to me.”

Those audience that were also angry for her suddenly calm down by her transcendence words.

The contract was in place and resistance was ineffective. It would be better to turn everything into an opportunity.

Two hours later, the car that came to pick up Sheng Qiap arrived. Several people sent Sheng Qiao to the door and raised their fists like a threat when they saw Fang Bai.

Fang Bai: “…….”

Bai Bai is wronged, it’s not Bai Bai’s fault.

After getting into the car, Fang Bai handed the script to Sheng Qiao. She flipped through it and suddenly felt that he plot was a little familiar and after thinking about it for a while, it dawned on her. When the delayed drama was finished, Gao Meiling had given her two historical drama to choose from, one which was the historical immortal drama {Chang’an Drunken Dream} that she now guesting.

At that time her role was female number 1, after the termination of the contract and was suspended from work the drama was pushed. She didn’t expect the roundabout as it still finally returned to her hands.

Her cameo role was the male protagonist master, which the script used to describe on series of words; “peerless beauty”, “immortal beauty”, “unrivaled beauty of a thousand years” and so on. All in all she was describe as beautiful in all corners of the world.

It was a pity that such beautiful character only appears in the memories of the male protagonist. Sheng Qiao only have four scenes were the male protagonist’s reminisce about his master, and it only has few lines. It’s just that in order to see the beauty of the master, every scene she has was to fly around.

A beautiful and immortal master, shouldn’t be seen flying around with padded jacket in a cold weather and by just thinking about it, Sheng Qiao shivered. Of course not to mention she would be wearing a loose and thin fabric dress with cable on her body flying around on every scene.

This time her itinerary was not announced, so no fans came to send her off the place except passerby who recognized her and followed her all the way with their phones causing quite a commotion.

The seat were still in economy class, and the short flight took just over two hours. Sheng Qiao who slept with her sunglasses on soon arrived.

After getting of the plane it was already dark, the crew sent a car to pick her up from the airport to her assigned hotel which was also an hour ride. Outside the car window, she didn’t notice when light snow slowly falling from the sky, and melt down once landed on the ground making everywhere wet.

The car took her to the hotel arranged by the crew. Her shooting schedule was two days, the first scene would be shot early tomorrow morning. After arriving at her room, she let Fang Bai order a takeaway and started reading the scrip to memorize her lines.

This was her second time shooting, the first time there was Fu Ziqing helping her with the script and her acting. If she wanted to develop in the film and television industry in the future, she needs to make a good plan for the future after the termination of the contract.

The good thing was that this time the persona of the master was an ice beauty, there were not many lines. And face paralysis was the only thing she need to perform best.

The next morning Sheng Qiao came to the set on time, the drama has been in production for more than half a month. The male lead and female lead were second-tier artist of similar caliber of Sheng Qiao.

The female lead was called Lin Yintong, was a graduate of Chinese Opera. She had good acting skills, and was beautiful but her career has been lukewarm for a long time now. The male lead was called You Chang, belongs to the typical unpopular man with favorable luck.

Sheng Qiao greeted them one by one, automatically blocking out those colored probing eyes.

Lin Yintong wore a black padded jacket, wrapped around her neck to her feet. She was seating on the chair holding a warm water bag next to a small electric heater when she saw Sheng Qiao, she did not hide the sneer in her eyes.

“Xiao Qiao, long time no see ah.”

Sheng Qiao was getting her make up done in a rush and was too lazy to count her malice, she just smiled sweetly at her.

“It’s been a long time, senior is still the same as before, hasn’t changed at all.”

Lin Yintong instantly turned pale, thinking she was being sarcastic about her popularity. She wanted to say something else when Sheng Qiao was already on her way to the dressing room.

The historical costume has always been a lot trouble. Sheng Qiao sat in front of a mirror and was tossed by the makeup artist, she first wore a hair cover to make an historical hairstyle finally the costume artist took a red dress and asked her to change.

Since her looks and temperament were on the innocent and sweet side, the makeup artist deepened her eye makeup and dotted a tear mole under her left eye pulling the overall temperament towards the mature and charming one.

Fang Bai in the side was looking dumbfounded, this was the first time he witnessed Sheng Qiao’s historical look, thinking that her appearance was a disaster to the country and the people.

Sheng Qiao on the other hand was so cold that her teeth chattered.

“Xiao Bai, are you stupid? Quickly take a picture of me.”

Fang Bai reacted and hurriedly took out his phone. As she only has cameo role, the crew would not specifically give her a photo-shoot, the publicity could only be done by themselves. After the shoot, Sheng Qiao immediately wrapped herself with her jacket before she could enjoy the heat the director had already called someone to urge her and hurry up.

It was still snowing.

The director called Sheng Qiao and the male lead, You Chang, with their script and talk about the scene which was filmed with male lead being besieged by the enemies and Sheng Qiap coming down from the sky to save him.

Sheng Qiao’s scene was mainly her being suspended while playing a fighting scene.

As soon as she took off her jacket, she felt her internal organ were frozen and stiff, her limbs won’t listen to her and the whole person was shaking a lot. Putting on the cable wires, the director said to her.

“Don’t shake, you character doesn’t feel cold.”

Damn, you try to wear a thin dress and see if you don’t shake.

Sheng Qiao took a deep breath and tried her best to maintain her composure as the wire were being pulled and the first scene started shooting.

She held her breath and said to herself she needed to play well so she won’t need shoot it again and suffer, surprisingly she had played her part well. When she came down from the sky in red, it was as if the cold beauty in the script had come to life.

The snow was falling heavier and heavier, falling on her long, ink-like hair like a scattered bead pearls.

The young man with wound all over his body lay at her feet, hugging her ankles and lifting up his face covered in blood and dirt.

“Please…. Take me as a disciple…”

The woman frowned, looking at him from above, her gaze was cold as if measuring a lifeless artifact, after a long time she suddenly smiled at him. The smile extended from the mouth to the corner of her eyes like climbing the ice edge to draw out a bloody demon.

“You want to acknowledge me as a master? Do you know what price you have to pay to be my disciple?”

A few seconds later, the director called out the card.

One second later, the beautiful and cold lady turned into a shaking sieve3.

“Xiao…Xiao Bai…cold….hot water..”

Fang Bai rushed over with the padded jacket in his arms. Sheng Qiao felt that her whole body was frozen and stiff, only after a few cups of hot water did she finally ease over. She shivered and said to Fang Bai.

“Go get a small electric heater from the staff, I need to roast myself.”

Fang Bai gritted his teeth and said.

“I just went to ask for it, and they said no.”

Sheng Qiao froze, she lowered her head and drank two mouthful of hot water.

“Forget it, it’s not that cold anyway.”


quiet as a maiden and move like a rabbit1– An analogy is that when the army is not moving, it is as quiet as an unmarried woman, and it acts as agile as an escaped rabbit.

The clever ones work and the wise ones worry, the incompetent ones asks nothing2– Smart people are more tired and smart people are more troubled. Those who are not able have no pursuits. They can fill their stomachs and roam freely, like a boat floating in the water without a cable.

sieve3– when using this item,  it look like it was trembling since your shaking it(hahah that’s basically the gist of it)


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