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Chapter 29 (1)

The next day, the show started recording at 1:00 p.m.

First was the opening ceremony, followed by the singing and dancing performance of each contestant. Sheng Qiao wore a down jacket1 and was holding a thermos cup like a healthy aunt watching the performances.

Fang Bai had already contacted Cha Cha in the morning and sent the tickets to her. At this time, more than 100 fans of Sheng Qiao were sitting on the top left with silver banner light sign showing their momentum and presence, looking like a silver sea.

Sheng Qiao immediately found them, she raised her hand and waved over making the Qiao powder excitedly scream.

Yue Shuyan looked at his side of fans, which was incomparable to Sheng Qiao making his expression uglier. Originally in this program, compared to all newcomers his popularity was the highest but he never thought that he would be robbed of the limelight by Sheng Qiao.

Sheng Qiao in his impression was still the second-line, small celebrity who has no fans and was hot only because of bad gossip. After she started her lawsuit with her company all resources were gone, and being thrown to the new variety shows was also a crushing was by the company.

So where did she get so many fans? Did she lure this people in?

The newcomer next to him, Su Shanshan, who was in the same agency as him for singing and dancing. Took out a small notebook in her pocket saying.

“Excuse can I go over there?”

Yue Shuyan asked.

“What are you doing over there? Sheng Qiao is over there.”

Out of his good intentions and as a newcomer with the same agency, he wanted to remind Su Shanshan not to get entangled with that crazy woman.

But as a result, Su Shanshan said.

“I’m going to get Xiao Qiao’s autograph!”

Yue Shuyan: ??

What the hell is going on?

Yue Shuyan pulled her.

“No, why do you want her signature ah? You like her huh?”

When Su Shanshan saw that Sheng Qiao was about to get up and prepare to enter, she was anxious.

“Get out of the way! My beloved bean is leaving! I didn’t dare to go last night, I can’t miss it again today!”

After hearing that Yue Shuyan couldn’t react. Su Shanshan on the other hand lifted her legs forward and crossed over, trotting to Sheng Qiao’s side.

Yue Shuyan felt so angry that his ribs hurt.

Soon it was Sheng Qiao’s turn to take the stage.

This was the first round of preliminaries. There were a total of five players, and Sheng Qiao was in the second runway, the four other players were all newcomers and wasn’t familiar with them. She didn’t plan to take part in the next round of semi-finals so she stretched slowly and waved to her fans in the stand.

Qiao powder was once again excited and shouted.

As soon as the whistle sounded, the four players rushed out. Sheng Qiao kept her pace and ran at the end, several fans of other artist began to cheer for their star and the atmosphere was instantly explosive.

Seeing this, Sheng Qiao’s fans felt they also couldn’t lose the momentum even if they’re going to lose!

So the Qiao’s fans led by Cha Cha started shouting.

“Xiao Qiao! Go for it! Xiao Qiao! Go Xiao Qiao! Xiao Qiao! Go!”

One waved over waved another, overshadowed the other and quickly overpowering the other supports. The whole venue echoed with the shout of “Go Qiao Qiao.”

Sheng Qiao who was originally running unhurriedly heard them shouting so hard, felt she failed to live up to their expectation since in the beginning she didn’t take this game to heart.

She thought about it and started to speed up, saying she couldn’t let them down and at least not taking the bottom.

When they say Sheng Qiao’s running speed slowly increased, gradually overtaking the first two people.

Cha Cha seeing this, thought.

This is not right ah! If you keep running like this, if Qiao Qiao takes the top three, won’t you have to enter the semi-finals and run another race?!

Their original intention was to get her eliminated early!

Cha Cha waved a big hand and change Qiao fans shout slogan to.

“Qiao Qiao! No Jiayou!1 Qiao Qiao! No Jiayou! Qiao Qiao! No Jiayou!”

Sheng Qiao who was running wildly: ???

Damn you guys are screwing me over.

In the end, Sheng Qio came second from the bottom which was just right, neither losing face and also still get eliminated. Although she ran slowly her physical strength was not good and was still very tired after running 800 meters. So as soon as she passed the finish line, she immediately lay on the ground regardless of her image.

Fang Bai rushed over to help her up, put on a jacket and handed hot water. Sheng Qiao then asked.

“I’m not gonna run again right?”

Fang Bai nodded, Sheng Qiao sighed with relief she then sat back in her seat after changing clothes. When today’s recording was over, she could leave.

The other newcomer were not like her, and it would be too bad if they were eliminated since they only had one shot. So everyone turns into an athlete and fight for the first place.

Yue Shuyan participated in two events; men’s high jump and 50-meter dash. And since he was a trainee who would undergo body exercises as part of their daily routine he was confident with his strength. And his goal was to take the first place.

But he don’t know if his anger towards Sheng Qiao affected his game, even though he safely pass the preliminaries he wasn’t able to get the first place and was stolen by another rookie instead.

Yu Shuyan was so angry that he turned his head and saw Sheng Qiao holding her head and smiling while watching the show. Seeing this, he really wanted to go over and kicked her twice.

By the time the recording was over, it was already evening. The fans left the gymnasium and artist through the security panel. Sheng Qiao looked towards the gradually dispersing silvered fans, she raised her hands on top of her head and slightly lean towards her fans and made a heart shape.

The station sister happened to capture this scene. And inside the car she couldn’t help but send a message to what she thought was the president.

[Capture Qiao Qiao making a heart, she looked super cute. The best picture tonight, I will send it to you when I return later!]

Sheng Qiao whose whole body was stuck on the back seat of the bus saw this message deeply thought that this station sister would soon become a true fan from a passerby fan.

When she returned to the cohabitation house, several people were playing chess in the living room, but Huo Xi was nowhere to be seen and only after asking did she realize he was busy with his tour. There was still half a month before the next tour, Sheng Qiao was secretly happy when she remembered the ticket she had pressed into the bottom of the box.

She could go to the concert of his baby and get high again!

Soon after receiving the photos from the station sister, Sheng Qiao paid with money and went back to her room, she then covered the camera and turn on the computer to edit the pictures.

There were many pictures, including the one of her running during the race, and as station sister had said the one where she made a heart shape was indeed the best in those pictures. She tilted her head slightly and the heart shape above her head was beautiful and cute at the same time, her eyes coincidentally was looking at camera with a gentle look.

Sheng Qiao sighed with appreciation of her beauty now. She logged into the [Sheng Qiao Star Station] and uploaded two sets of pictures, one was during the competition with her moving picture and the other one was when she was posing. The picture of her with the heart shaped was place in the middle, which perfectly describe the saying quiet as a maiden and move like a rabbit1.

Qiao fans were so surprise by the beauty that they could only say.

[Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.]

{Sheng Qiao’s heart} soon became a hot search. Since the termination of the contract, she seems to be more and more linked to hot searched.

Of course soon afterwards her black powder quickly emerged saying that she was on hot search to cover her non ability to act and only has a pretty face, relying on it to buy the hot search and wash her image.

Qiao fan’s immediately replied with: Check how much it costs to buy hot search before you brainlessly slander someone. With Sheng Qiao’s salary can she afford to buy hot search, did you see that all her skin care products are cheap?

Black Powder: ……

Let’s hide, poor ghost can’t afford to provoke!

Before going to bed, Sheng Qiao logged into her Weibo account and posted a picture of the Silver Fans taken with her phone at the gymnasium today.

—@ShengQiao: The Silver Sea is beautiful, you guys are great. Good night.

 Qiao Mai and Cha Cha who was in the middle of something stop what they were doing and immediately @ their President: President Qiao Qiao really is so good, she has been interacting with us, on the next event you must find time to come with us ah!

Xiao Qiao has works hard to become stronger: Uh-huh, next time I will definitely go.


After peaceful and quiet two days in the cohabitation house, Sheng Qiao thought that Gao Meiling finally stopped acting like a demon. What she didn’t expect was that whenever she think of her she would magically appeared knocking on her door.

Fang Bai said helplessly on the phone.

“I’ve got an historical drama for you as a guest role, shooting will take two days.”

So this time, she did not let someone come unannounced but call her instead and let her pack her things before heading out.

Sheng Qiao handed the game console to Le Xiao, got up and patted the corner of her coat.

“Are you coming to pick me up now?”

“Yes, we’ll fly at 4 in the afternoon.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhong Shen gritted his teeth.

“Did the shameless Xingyao arrange another job for you?”

Sheng Qiao nodded.

“En, it is a guest role in an historical drama. I should be back after two to three days.”

Zhong Shen wanted to swear but was worried about the live broadcast, so he could only endure and turned his head to the director and said.

“Aren’t you being swindled? You hired Sheng Qiao but she could only appear every two days these days but you’re paying the company worth a week?”

The director and staff could only laugh awkwardly.

Jiayou!1– fighting or to make an extra effort; fig. to cheer sb on



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