GTKWF 28.2




Chapter 28 (2)

Although it was said to be a show for newcomers, but some of these newbies already had a circle of fans. When Sheng Qiao came out of the hotel a group of fans were waiting at the hotel entrance, each holding their own support banner of which the most in blue. Sheng Qiao took a look and the name on the banner was Yue Shuyan.

She had an impression of the name, a member of an idol group with little popularity. The team disbanded some time ago and Yue Shuyan went solo, signing up with a new company.

The large blue lighted sign at the entrance overwhelmed the other fans with their support colors.

As soon as Sheng Qiao went out, some couldn’t wait and asked her.

“Xiao Qiao, have you seen out family Shuyan? Did she leave yet?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t see him.”

Sheng Qiao paused her steps and stopped to tell them.

“It’s already late and cold outside, you guys better go back.”

Winter season’s wind were stinging and biting to everyone’s skin, she could also see that everyone were shivering with cold. But the fans shook their heads.

“We have to wait for him to come out.”

That stubborn and expectant eyes, Sheng Qiao more than anyone understands them so she no longer persuade them and just said.

“I’m going to the venue, I’ll help you see if his there.”

Hearing her say this, the fans thanked her.

Sheng Qiao seldom come to gymnasium so when she enters the venue she felt quite refresh. The lights were brightly lit up, she looked around saw other artist were already inside. Sheng Qaio saw Yue Shuyan who was chatting with others on the opposite side, she turned her head and says to Fang Bai.

“Go back to the hotel and tell Yue Shuyan’s fans that he has left.”

Fang Bai got up and answered, Sheng Qiao sat alone on the seat as no one came over and talk to her. Everyone in the venue were all newcomers, she was the old oil looking a little out of place.

Fortunately the rehearsal soon began, Sheng Qiao carefully listened to the director’s arrangement and completed her part without any mistakes. At the end of the program, the program team arrange a bus to drive them back to the hotel. After Sheng Qiao got on the bus, he found Yue Shuyan got on another car.

At the hotel, the fans were still waiting as the blue light flickered quietly in the night. Until the last person in the bus came down there was no Yue Shuyan who came down making their eyes that was full of expectations turned into loss.

Sheng Qiao walked over to them and said.

“Yue Shuyan got into another car.”

One of the fans asked.

“So is he coming back?”

“I don’t know.”

It was already past 10 ten o’clock at night and Sheng Qiao really felt sorry and empathized for them.

“Quickly go back, you can still seem him at the gymnasium tomorrow.”

“We agreed to pick him up and take him to and from work. That’s what we deal with him.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I missed my work today so I can’t miss it again.”

In the fan community, fans tend to understand their artist even if they were late sometimes especially when meeting their fans as they have shows, recordings and other things that they must need to do first.

“He should be delayed by something and will definitely be back in a while.”

“Yes let’s wait.”

Sheng Qiao couldn’t say anything else so after entering the hotel she asked the personnel at the front desk.

“Can you send some hot water to the fans outside?”

The manager nodded and said yes.

When she got on the elevator, Fang Bai sent her back to her room and left. After Sheng Qiao finished showering and she opened her QQ to find that the activity of the group chat she created this morning, and it already has more than one hundred people.

The guests of this show were newcomers and their fan base were small so there was no need to reserve nor fight for the tickets. Cha Cha has confirmed the number of people who wanted to come for tomorrow’s activity, they also have collected the ticket money and transferred it to Sheng Qiao. Sheng Qiao then sends it directly to Fang Bai and asked him to buy the tickets tonight.

After doing this, she logged in to the official blog of her fan club and send a present. Seeing her fans actively commenting below, she thought of the shivering fans outside the hotel.

Sheng Qiao looked at the time, it was already more than 11 o’clock. She pushed open the window to look down and could still see the blue light flickering faintly. Sheng Qiao sighed, got up and put on her jacket then pulled open the door in her room.

As soon as she went outside her room, she saw Yue Shuyan coming out from the corridor.

The two looked at each other and were both stunned, of course Yue Shuyan knows Sheng Qiao. The termination incident was a big issue, only few people did not now about that incident, since they themselves discussed it privately.

They were especially curious and excited about the rumors on her naked photos, after all they were young healthy boys. And with all the issue circulating around her, they all looked down on Sheng Qiao.

However he still respectfully followed the rules in the circle and politely greeted Sheng Qiao.

“Senior Sheng Qiao hello.”

Sheng Qiao however frowned and asked him.

“Where did you come in from?”

Yu Shuyan said.

“Fire exit.”

Careless fellow contrary to what he was seen outside.

Sheng Qiao sneered.

“Do you know that you fans are still waiting for you outside right now?”

Yue Shuyan’s face flashed with embarrassment, but then was annoyed by her sneer. No matter what his fans were doing or where they were it was none of her business, so he said faintly.

“I did not know, I’ll go back to my room first if there is nothing else.”

He raised his legs and was ready to walk when Sheng Qiao grabbed his arm, the force was so great that it hurt him when he tried to shake it off.

Yue Shuyan turned his head back angrily and was about to curse when he meet a pair of cold eyes. She wasn’t wearing any makeup, her hair looked so soft after washing it and was slightly scattered in her chest. Her face was white and plain but her eyes were icy cold making him shiver.

The words he wanted cursed on her were stuck in his throat.

Instead he heard Sheng Qiao said word for word.

“Now, go down and say hello to your fans. Tell them to go home early and be safe.”

Yue Shuyan struggled out her commanding tone and shook off her hand.

“You’re fucking sick! My fans are none of your business, they can wait they like it’s not like I made them wait.”

Sheng Qiao looked at him and suddenly laughed.

“Yue Shuyan, do you believe that I can have you on the hot search tomorrow? So that your fans can take a good look at your face?”

Yue Shuyan’s face went white. He just went out to have some fun and drank some wine, he wasn’t able to control his anger and was stimulated by Sheng Qiao and said something he shouldn’t have said.

If Sheng Qiao reported what he said just now, regardless if his fans believe her or not the public relations were going to be troublesome.

He was full of anger and felt very unlucky to meet this crazy woman tonight but there was nothing he could do. He could only gave her fierce glare and squeezed out from his teeth.

“I know, I’ll go now.”

He turned around and got on the elevator with hurried steps.

Sheng Qiao dusted her fingers and went back inside her room then closed the door. She then directly went to the window and looked down, there was no much cheers could be heard but the blue light dimmed and gradually dispersed.

She laid down on the bed at ease, turned off the light and the darkness descended.

Laying on her bed with the darkness surrounding her, Sheng Qiao remembered her old self.

Those times in the cold wind and running in the blazing sun.

Fortunately, the one she loves was gently and kind in the simplest way responded to all their likes and feelings.



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