GTKWF 28.1




Chapter 28 (1)

After two days in the cohabitation house, Sheng Qiao’s spirit was finally back. Her beauty was also finally back as it was before and her face garnered another wave of face value powder. It was said that the number of her Weibo followers rose exponentially every day and soon exceeded 8 million.

[Cha Cha sent a message to her: President, can you let Qiao Qiao send some benefits to the 8 million fans ah? Her career is rising, solid powder is very important!]

Sheng Qiao thought about it and agreed.

It didn’t take long for Sheng Qiao’s Weibo account to post an update.

[@ShengQiao: 8 million powder benefits, to perform a five company Jedi hug fist.]

Followed by a video of the King’s Glory Game. Shen Qiao’s character was Ake a demon who doesn’t leave anything alive with her red shadow, killing its every opponent. She was fierce as a tiger and could easily take five kills.

[Netizens: Crap cowhide!]

[Fans: Wu wu wu, other people would send their love benefits with selfies but we can only watch the cold killing game.]


Live variety shows were easy and fun so how could Gao Meiling let Sheng Qiao enjoy the relaxing show? So two days after, Fang Bai came to the cohabitation house with a heavy face.

“Star Games?”

Sheng Qiao felt that the variety shows nowadays was really getting fancier.

“What event did you sign me for?”

“Eight hundred meter run.”



She could see that Gao Meiling was not going to stop until she was dead.

Several people who heard them had angry expression on their faces, and even looked at Fang Bai in an unfriendly way. Fang Bai was also aggrieved that he could only say.

“This time we don’t need to go abroad, it’s at the local gymnasium and it’s still relatively easy except for the competition events.”

 Sheng Qiao waved her hand at the angry faces.

“With my physique, I will be definitely be eliminated in the preliminary round. I’ll just take it as like a trip and be back right away.”

After packing the things she needed, Sheng Qiao followed Fang Bai out.

While in the car, she logged on her official fan club account in Weibo and officially announced the schedule of “Star Games.” The fans who watched the live broadcast could of course not let themselves be the last one to comment. They immediately left comments below.

[We’re aiming for the bottom!]

[Fighting for the first elimination!]

[This official blog is not manage by the people from that garbage company right? Is it okay to curse here?”

[Friends and allies, don’t scold or curse. The official blog is under the senior fan of Qiao Qiao and has nothing to do with Xingyao.]

[In other words it’s time for us to get the best support for Qiao Qiao. All other fans have gone to cheer for their star, how sad it would be if Qiao Qiao didn’t see us.]

[Qiao powder is too scattered since some just recently joined the team, still never the less lets arrange some plans.]


Sheng Qiao brushed the comments under the official blog and was moved. But just like what her fans said, Qiao powder were too scattered and as of the moment they were not yet united since the most of them just joined the team. Nowadays, most of the fans were still passerby who were caught up with the situation however this passerby could be cultivated into loyal fans slowly after all she was not in a hurry.

The management group started discussing the itinerary and quickly set up a QQ group called “Sheng Qiao Star Games” and added Cha and Qiao Mai. The good thing was that they were from the same city so it was more convenient.

[I will announce the group activity on the official blog later, and you will be responsible in organizing the fans later. This trip was too sudden, so only local fans should be able to attend. Cha are the customize banner and transparent fans that I have asked you last time ready?]

[500 copies, all done!]

[Okay I’ll send you the itinerary later, tomorrow when everyone arrives you find a landmark then organize and distribute everything. In addition count the number of people who want to participate in the activities so that people would not need to buy their own tickets. I’ll contact the organizer for group tickets since it more convenient to have centralized seat for assistance.]

[Qiao Mai you make a road map of the airport and high speed rail station to the event gymnasium and help them plan the subway lines and bus routes in case there are fans from other place who can’t find their way.]

[Got it! I’m on my way!]

[By the way make a guide to local specialty snacks and scenic spots. Some fans will want to play after participating in the activity, it’s more convenient to have a guide.]


Shen Qiao thought about it and added.

[Recently the number of fans has soared, I have a little difficulty in dealing with the affairs of the official fan club. I’ll make a new plan sometime.]

The two have responded, with just the president’s plain words and surprisingly felt strength and power.

After dealing with the meeting, Sheng Qiao sends a messages to the station sister who took the picture of her on the red carpet last time, asking if she has time to follow on this trip.

The station sister readily agreed, thinking that the person who contacted her was the president of Sheng Qiao’s official fan club, so she said.

[You family’s idol is really nice, I’ve become a passerby fan.]

[Xiao Qiao has works hard to become stronger: Really? Then this time we’ll also trouble you to take beautiful picture of our family’s Qiao Qiao.]

[No worries!]

The official blog of Sheng Qiao announce their activity, and the official blog of Star Games also hurriedly released and official announcement to welcome them. The program team had been preparing for two months on this event and the proposed list of artist, Sheng Qiao was not included. It wasn’t until the day before that the program head added Sheng Qiao in.

The program was originally planned for the newcomers who just debuted, this newcomers were not famous and needed exposure as it was not easy to show their faces once. The director’s team could only withdraw a newcomer who was scheduled to participate in the 800 meter run.

When newcomer was informed and heard about this, he cried for an hour in the agent’s office.

Sheng Qiao doesn’t know these, and if she did she would also cry.

The recording would be tomorrow. When Sheng Qiao arrives the program team already arrange a room for her near the gymnasium. After a short rest in the evening she goes to rehearsal right away.



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