GTKWF 27.2

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15




Stop showing off your charm (2)

After Fang Bai said a few more words, he left and Sheng Qiao collapsed on the sofa.

Lu Yihan poured her a hot cup of water and after asking her if she wanted to eat something, he went back to his homework. He had played too much and had not done any at all and had been scolded by Mother Lu today.

Sheng Qiao was about to go upstairs to wash and sleep but seeing him bite his pen with a frown, she picked up a paper and looked at it. It was a math paper and Lu Yihan had only answered the multiple choice questions and the big ones were all empty.

She glanced at him and knocked on his head: “The second and sixth multiple choice questions are wrong. Recalculate.”

Lu Yihan took a look at the test paper and said: “I don’t know these two questions, I picked at random.”

Sheng Qiao did not know whether to laugh or cry. She took his pen and started writing on the paper: “In this function, we set f(x)=xa, and √2=2/4√2a, then a=1 and f(x)=1/4x. There are two subtractive intervals in the fixed field, so the answer is an odd function. If you don’t know how to do this, what have you been doing in math class?”

Lu Yihan stared at her with wide eyes for a while and rushed to hug her: “Sister Xiao Qiao! I will rely on you for math homework from now on! Math is too difficult!”

Sheng Qiao: “… Let me go get some sleep first and we will look at it tomorrow.”

Netizens that had just been distressed were immediately speechless. What had happened? Hadn’t Sheng Qiao only graduated from Junior high? How was she so familiar with high school mathematics?

While netizens were getting all confused, Sheng Qiao dragged her tired body upstairs.

She slept through the night and had countless dreams. When she woke up the next day, her muscles ached and she could not even lift her arms.

She took out her phone and checked the time; it was five pm. She then looked at the headlines on her homepage.

—— Sheng Qiao reveals the aftermath of plastic surgery and scares passersby at the airport in the middle of the night. ——

There was a sneak shot of her added to it and it was compared to her red carpet photo. But unexpectedly, the comments were all scolding the media.

The most popular comments listed her schedule:

[She flew to Ireland at 8 pm on the 13th. The flight time was 14 hours and she arrived at 2 am local time. According to a Weibo posted by Shen Feiyang, a resident guest for {Challenge around the world}, the recording started at 5:30 am the same morning. In other words, Sheng Qiao slept less than three hours before the show began and I believe everyone knows how hard this show is. Yesterday, she returned to China at 11:30 pm. It can be estimated that the plane left at 1 am local time from Ireland on the 15th. Because of the time difference, she basically did not rest and had been tossed around for the last three days. If it were you, how would you look?]

[This is the photo of her at the departure hall. Was the plastic surgeon blind? Img.jpg]

[According to passersby on the same flight, Xiao Qiao’s seat was in the economy class. She has been sitting there for more than twenty hours. Xingyao Media is really disgusting.]

Sheng Qiao yawned and turned off the phone before getting up.

After a brief shower, she changed her clothes and went downstairs. The living room was quiet; Lu Yihan was doing his homeworks, Zhong Shen was playing on his phone and the other three were in the kitchen, quietly discussing.

Noticing her come down, Zhong Shen suddenly shouted: “Qiao Qiao! You’re awake! Let me see! My goodness, how did you get so thin in just a few days? Are you still tired?”

Le Xiao and Feng Wei hurried over when they heard him talk and they looked both happy and distressed when they saw her. They had seen the news earlier this morning and added to Lu Yihan’s description, they knew Sheng Qiao had suffered a lot during this trip. In order to let her rest, they had not dared to speak loud all day.

“Qiao Qiao, we made some soup for you and everyone cooked something!” Le Xiao took her to the kitchen and Sheng Qiao noticed Huo Xi.

He was wearing a thin black sweater and standing by the sink, washing the dishes. He was beautiful, enveloped by the kitchen light and even his hair looked like it was glowing.

Oh, baby, stop showing off your charm, I am already such a goner, I have no intention of getting out of it.

Huo Xi looked up and saw her. He had his usual indifferent expression but his voice was softer: “Eat.”

Sheng Qiao gave a happy hum.

During her meal, Sheng Qiao remembered Meng Xingchen. After she had sent a message to tell him she was going abroad, he had only replied with a “OK” and she had not known how everything had gone.

When Le Xiao heard her question, she suddenly got all excited: “Senior Meng is fine! Although our hospitality was a little poor at first, he did not take it seriously. Later, he even helped us and he gave us a five star rating when he left!”

It sounded like nothing out of the ordinary had happened. But the “moonlight” name in her contact made her overthink.

After dinner, Sheng Qiao distributed all the gifts she had gotten from Ireland. She did not have the time to buy them and had asked Fang Bai to choose for her. It was nothing much, mostly just local gadgets and the last one handed was Huo Xi’s, {Selected Works of Oscar Wilde}.

He flipped the book and looked up at her with a smile: “I like him very much, thank you.”

Sheng Qiao almost fainted.

The audience had not expected Sheng Qiao would remember to bring gifts back to everyone after her intensive two days trip. What about the previous rumors that her EQ was low? They then saw Lu Yihan holding his math paper and hugging Sheng Qiao’s arm: “Sister Xiao Qiao, help! Mathematics is trying to kill me!”

Sheng Qiao did not know what to feel and she checked his answers one by one. She realized that almost all of those that were wrong were related to functions and she took a paper and pen to help him analyze them.

Netizens: ???

Who had said that both her EQ and IQ were low? Curse them!

Le Xiao walked over with a bowl of fruit and took a look.

“Qiao Qiao, are you a schoolmaster? After so many years, I do not remember how to do all of those questions!”

Sheng Qiao panicked a little bit: “I have been studying in my free time. I would like to take a college entrance examination one day.”

Only then did Le Xiao remember Sheng Qiao had only graduated from junior high. She raised her clenched fist and said: “Fighting! You are so good, you can totally enter Beijing University or Tsinghua University!”

Sheng Qiao: “… I dare not.”

  1. Oh boy. I’m like Lu Yihan, my math level is terrible and I am crying translating this part. I hope I did not make too many mistakes. Which I probably did. I DON’T UNDERSTAND PLEASE HELP.


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