GTKWF 27.1

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15




Stop showing off your charm (1)

The first thing she did after rushing out of the haunted house was to take out her phone, open the photo album and hold a picture of Huo Xi close to her heart. She had been scared to death, she was almost crying! To hell this internet celebrity, she was going to hold this grudge forever!

Long Legs walked out after a while, holding the golden mission scroll in his hand and joking: “So, you are afraid of ghosts?”

Sheng Qiao: “Who is afraid of ghosts? Me? What a joke! I like ghosts the most!”

Cameraman: “…”

After getting the clue, they could continue their mission in the afternoon after lunch. Unfortunately, it did not mean that this inhuman show would let them stop to eat. Food cards were on a rock climbing wall, at three, five and ten meters.

Sheng Qiao had only drank milk since early this morning and was exhausted. Fang Bai was very angry but held back to go negotiate with the director.

But the director was unmovable: “This is the purpose of our show. Since your artist came to participate, she must follow the rules. Besides, the others don’t have anything to eat, how can she be treated differently?”

So the purpose of this show was to exhaust the stars? Curse on you!

Fang Bai wanted to say more but Sheng Qiao had already dressed up and called him: “Xiao Bai, forget it.” She waved at him: “I’m fine.”

And so the shooting continued.

Sheng Qiao’s objective was very clear: reach the lower level and eat whatever it was.

After the instructor did the basic teaching and demonstration, the six people started to climb. The whole group was very tired but they were working hard for the show. After Sheng Qiao had climbed a few steps, she realized Pei Yu had the same goal as her.

No way!

She took a deep breath, gritted her teeth and made her way up until she grabbed the food card as if in a death and life situation.

Pei Yu: “…”

Now she had to keep on climbing.

Sheng Qiao was the first one down and slumped to the ground. When she read her card, she saw it said buckwheat bread.

After the group was done, the production team gave them their food. Long Legs had climbed to the highest point and had gotten a complete meal. When the food arrived on the table, everybody looked at it with envy.

Sheng Qiao was lying on the table munching on her bread and Long Legs pushed his plate towards her: “The food should be shared among teammates.”

But before Sheng Qiao had even moved, the director said: “You can’t share, you can only eat what your card says.”

Annoyed and before they could react, Sheng Qiao took a few sip of the seafood porridge and smiled at the dumbfounded expression of the production team.

“Should I spit it out?”

She was too vicious.

The shooting in the afternoon was still exhausting, always jumping and running. It really seemed this program’s objective was to kill them, and Sheng Qiao cursed Gao Meiling on eighteen generations in her heart.

She probably had been hoping Sheng Qiao would be insufferable and had wanted her to be humiliated but Sheng Qiao had worked hard to not let that happen. So much that when the production team started editing, they could not find anything against her…

At the end of the shooting that day, Sheng Qiao’s whole body was shutting down. She was so tired she did not even have the strength to speak and Fang Bai just took her back to her room to rest.

But it was not over yet. Their flight back to China was at 1 am. She took a short nap, ate some food and they rushed to the airport for yet another long distance flight.

When they got home, it was 11 pm and the middle of the night. Fang Bai had notified the agency of the return so they would send a car to pick them up. But after waiting for thirty minutes, no vehicle was to be seen.

Fang Bai was so angry he shouted: “Sister Qiaoqiao. I will resign when you terminate, this garbage agency is disgusting.”

Sheng Qiao was sleepy and leaning against a pillar. She spoke in a low voice: “Let’s take a taxi to the cohabitation house directly so I don’t have to move again tomorrow.”

Fang Bai contained his anger and went to get a taxi. Sheng Qiao rubbed her temple and when she tilted her head, a few white lights flashes.

She did not know where the reporter was hiding but knowing what she must have looked like at the moment, she could imagine the headlines with her picture tomorrow. After thinking about it for a while, she took out her phone and logged on the official fan club.

—— Qiaoqiao returns home at 11:30 tonight after shooting all day long and flying back and forth for 28 hours. You worked hard, our baby. ——

The car Fang Bai called came quickly and the two of them got in and left. The paparazzi hiding in the dark looked at Sheng Qiao’s puffy, pale face covered with dark circles in the camera and could not wait to call the editor.

“Tomorrow’s news!”

An hour later, the car arrived at the variety show’s house. At this time of the night, everybody had gone back to their room  but the living room’s light was still on and Fang Bai brought Sheng Qiao’s luggage to her room.

Lu Yihan was sitting in front of the coffee table with his homework. When he saw her come back, he dropped his paper and rushed over to her: “Sister Xiao Qiao, you’re finally back!”

Sheng Qiao touched her head and said to Fang Bai: “You go back first.”

Fang Bai glanced at her with worry and then spoke to Lu Yihan: “Qiao Qiao hasn’t slept much these days. Let her rest tomorrow and if something is wrong, go to the hospital.”

The live broadcast was always one but as soon as Fang Bai and Sheng Qiao had come in, the netizens who had just been laughing at Lu Yihan’s winter homework, noticed something was wrong with her.

She looked very tired.

Her entire face was swollen and her eyes had dark circles. Her whole face was extremely pale and her body seemed to be shaking. Her beauty was severely reduced, only showing her exhaustion.

[Fuck, what did she do? She looks ten years older!]

[I saw the post on her fan club, she was 28 hours in the air.]

[I just calculated the flight and jet lag, she has basically been spinning around for the past few days and it is estimated she had only had five hours or resting time.]

[And she was shooting for the {Challenge around the world} show, I can only imagine how tired she is.]

[I am crying in distress!]


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