GTKWF 26.3

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15




You can’t reason with those people (3)

The three teams needed to take a challenge in the park and look for clues for the next mission. Sheng Qiao guessed that the clues for the roller coaster should be on the ground instead of in the air.

Each team got their challenge through games. Sheng Qiao looked at her card: roller coaster, perfect. But she could not help but wonder if this program ever had new tricks.

Pei Yu got the haunted house and the female host had the Ferris wheel. But Pei Yu had also an exchange card she had received earlier that she could use to change with one of the other groups.

Because she had been screaming about her fear of heights just now, everyone thought she would be satisfied when she got the haunted house. Unexpectedly, she suddenly said: “I want to use my exchange card and change tasks with Sheng Qiao.”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

For fuck’s sake.

Sheng Qiao tried to reason with her: “Why? The haunted house is great, safe and warm! Roller coasters are terrible, aren’t you afraid of heights?”

Pei Yu: “Our show is called {Challenge around the world}. Because I fear it, I must challenge it.”

Sheng Qiao: “???”

Dammit! Those people only knew how to fight and were so unreasonable!

Sheng Qiao resisted the urge to hit her: “Why don’t you trade with the other group? To be honest, I also want to challenge myself.”

Pei Yu started acting shy: “I swore to myself I would only sit on a Ferris wheel with a boyfriend. Even if I am filming a show, I cannot go against my heart.”

Sheng Qiao could not refuse anymore and had to exchange cards with Pei Yu.

Long Leg was also afraid of heights and when they had drawn the roller coaster, he had tried to cheer himself up. After getting psychologically ready, he did not even need to go anymore and to say he was happy would have been an understatement.

He turned around to look at Sheng Qiao and said: “We are lucky.”

Sheng Qiao: “Haha.”

Now it was her turn to psychologically ready herself. She did not even know if she was even more terrified by foreign ghosts.

Her group reached the haunted house. The door was a skull with green lights in the two hollow eyes. The entrance was the mouth and the rows of teeth were dripping blood.

Sheng Qiao was strong in her bones and had always been reluctant to show any weakness in front of outsiders. Let alone her fear of ghosts, if it were to spread out, everybody would think she was naive… (TL: too late)

She gritted her teeth and took a deep breath before silently reciting the Vajra Guru Mantra in her heart and walking in.

Long Legs was a gentleman and took the lead. He was a little nervous but also very excited; he was imagining in his heart Sheng Qiao being frightened and jumping in his arms.

The cameras followed in tandem. Their speed was very slow and ghosts jumped out to scare them every few steps. Sheng Qiao was about to go crazy and urged: “Can we go faster?”

Long Legs: “It’s too dark, I am still trying to find our clues.”

Sheng Qiao lowered her head and looked at her feet. Never mind the mission, she just wanted to get out of here!

After turning around a corner, a corridor appeared. There were randomly placed shelves on the brick walls on both sides, with baby heads and bloody human organs on display. Long Legs felt it was quite terrifying but noticed a scroll among it and pointed at it: “Do you think this is our clue?”

Sheng Qiao raised her head instinctively and there was a sudden sound over her head. A red clothed ghost came down the ceiling and hung in the air in a scary posture until she reached Sheng Qiao’s height. The two were facing each other, only a few centimeters between them, and could have kissed each other. The female ghost stretched out her tongues and laughed at the beautiful girl in front of her.

Before her laughter had died, her body was violently slammed away. As Long Legs took the scroll, Sheng Qiao disappeared in a flash and ran away screaming:

“Prosperity! Democracy! Civility! Harmony! Freedom! Equality! Justice! Rule of law! Patriotism! Dedication! Integrity! Friendship!”1

Her political awareness seemed very high!

  1. The core socialist values: twelves values written in 24 characters, four national values, four social values, four individual values.

TL note: As someone that often did 24+ hours of non stop travel, I feel their pain very deep in my bones. And it should be even worse on the way back because you miss a whole day! Everytime I go back to France I am just sooooo exhausted for at least two weeks. I think people say it’s usually one day per hour of time difference? Well, I have a 12 hours difference with my family T^T


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