GTKWF 26.2

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15




You can’t reason with those people (2)

She had only been sleeping for two hours when she was awakened by the production team. It was 5:30 am local time, the sky was dark and the camera was already rolling. The cameraman was standing by the bed, trying to catch Sheng Qiao’s face.

A young woman with a ponytail turned the light on and said: “Xiao Qiao, get up, everyone is waiting for you.”

The room was quiet and everyone was waiting for her to lose her temper. Sheng Qiao’s guest appearance was added for the drama and any shot of her throwing tantrums were key materials. It helped that anyone that had been on the plane for more than ten hours and had slept only two would be outraged.

Unexpectedly, the girl on the bed just raised her hand to block the light and said with a hoarse voice: “Okay. Go wait outside, I will change my clothes.”

The young woman looked at the cameraman and walked out silently.

Fifteen minutes later, Sheng Qiao opened the door all dressed. She had a messy bun on her head and wore a white mid length jacket. Her small fair face shrunk into the collar and she was only wearing pale pink lipstick. When she looked at the camera, she gave a slight smile: “Are you already filming?”

The young woman was surprised by her beauty and took a few seconds to react: “Yes, the show has started. We are going to the VIP room to meet everyone.”

Fang Bai had also hurried out and was waiting for the elevator. He had not slept well, his eyes were blood shot and Sheng Qiao could see the anger in them from far away.

She blinked at him: “How did you sleep?”

Fang Bai knew she was teasing him but when he thought of a girl like Sheng Qiao sleeping less than him, he could only suppress his anger and ask with worry: “Are you going to be alright?”

Sheng Qiao gave him an OK gesture. She went on the elevator and they all descended to the VIP room on the first floor.

The other five guests were already there. The show was made of five permanent members and one invitee each issue, a total of six people.

Seeing Sheng Qiao walk in, the room suddenly quieted down.

Although it was winter, everyone was wearing thin clothes for the aesthetic and their styling was all done by a professional makeup artist. But when they saw the woman come in with a warm jacket, casual hair and barely any makeup on her flawless face, and all the meticulously dressed people could not help but compare themselves to her.

Internet celebrity Pei Yu, who had highly been praised in this season’s show, clenched her fists under the table. Although the ratings of the show were pretty low. It was still a precious exposure for Internet celebrities like her. She was tall with exquisite figure and plated a charming image. During the recording, she was labelled as a beauty and her face had been highly praised by her teammates. She was very satisfied with her position.

But Internet celebrities were still Internet celebrities and a celebrity with such stunning looks would just give too big of a contrast.

Sheng Qiao looked around and took the only empty seat before greeting them with a smile: “Why did you all stop talking as soon as I came in?”

In addition to Pei Yu, there was a female host, a male model and two 18-line male actors. This season of {Challenge around the world} had never invited a celebrity like Sheng Qiao.

The female host was a good speaker and took the lead: “We had not expected you would be the guest of this issue, we were very surprised!”

Pei Yu added: “Xiao Qiao, I liked watching your dramas the most when I was in school. I really like you.”

Sheng Qiao was smiling but the light in her eyes made her uncomfortable. She glanced at her and responded: “If you liked my dramas so much, your vision must be quite unique.”

Pei Yu suddenly could not say anything else. What was wrong with this person? Why was she even berating herself?

The male model was sitting the closest to Sheng Qiao and after suppressing his surprise, he smiled at her: “Xiao Qiao, our show is very scary. If you have a particular fear, do not expose it. Don’t show any weakness.”

“I will be careful, thank you for the reminder.”

She was not arrogant, she smiled amiably and was polite and sincere to everyone but if people were to try to get closer, they would find it difficult.

The group chatted for a while until the production team finally started the schedule of the day. First, they were divided into groups by lottery and Sheng Qiao ended up with the male model. Men and women were matched together, it was nothing new.

Sheng Qiao could not remember the name of the model and finally decided to call him “Long Legs”.

After being divided into groups, there was no time for breakfast and she only drank some hot milk Fang Bai brought her before rushing to the mission point with Long Legs.

The tasks and obstacles course set up by the program was like usual and it was no wonder the ratings were so low. Sheng Qiao felt like Super Mario, clearing one level after another and occasionally triggering a hidden reward, which would make her team’s next mission easier.

After finishing the prerequisite tasks, the three teams went to the amusement park and gathered under the roller coaster. Pei Yu and the female host started to scream.

“Oh my god, I am most afraid of roller coasters! I hate heights!”

“After watching {Final destination}, I vowed to never go on these things again!”

The director looked at Sheng Qiao who had stayed silent and asked: “Xiao Qiao, how about you?”

Sheng Qiao was tired and hungry. She looked at the camera and remembered what Long Legs had told her earlier this morning and cheered up.

“I’m so scared, it’s so scary.” (TL: raise your hand if you read this sentence with a very monotone voice)

Sister, it was over.



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