GTKWF 26.1

Translator: Dorkzilla

Editor: Kyoun15




You can’t reason with those people (1)

The public itinerary of an artist usually meant that fans would come to pick them up or drop them off. The more people there were, the more popular the celebrity was. And although those public gatherings usually led to chaos in the terminal, it had been repeatedly prohibited but it was still the easiest way for fans to get close to their idol.

Sheng Qiao had not expected that one day, she would be the one fans were coming to see off. She was so familiar with their lights and the smiles on their faces, with the excitement they felt when their idol looked their way, walking around and taking pictures with their phone… She had been one of them.

Sheng Qiao took off her mask: “Why are you here?”

“We were all watching the broadcast! We heard your plane was at 7 so we are here to send you off!”

“Yes, yes, I hurried to the airport before eating!”

“Qiaoqiao, when will you terminate the contract? We are so worried about you.”

“This {Challenge around the world} show is so difficult to record! Qiaoqiao, you must take care of yourself!”

The group all said something to her and Sheng Qiao listened to them as she walked, her head slightly tilted and answering all of them. When Fang Bai came back with the boarding pass to check in, one fan handed her a small pink bag.

“Qiaoqiao, I checked the weather in Ireland. It will be colder in the morning and in the evening so I prepared warming pads for you. Take it with you. If it’s cold, use them and don’t get sick!”

Sheng Qiao looked at her and smiled: “Thank you, I will use it.”

The little fan blushed and stepped aside.

Fang Bai finished all the logistics fast and Sheng Qiao went through the security check. Fans could not follow her anymore and they stood outside to watch her. Sheng Qiao turned and waved at them: “Go back quickly and be careful on the way!”

“Qiaoqiao, good bye!”

“We will wait for your return!”

Her seat was in the economy class. Sheng Qiao was wearing a hat and mask and no one recognized her. She sat by the window, Fang Bai next to her and whispering: “It will take fourteen hours to fly and there is a transfer halfway. It’s so shameful to put you in economy with such an exhausting schedule!”

After complaining for a long time, he did not receive any response and turned around. Sheng Qiao was smiling silly looking at her warming pads.

When the flight took off right on time, Sheng Qiao asked the flight attendant for a blanket. She adjusted her posture and got ready to sleep. Fang Bai stared at her and sighed before asking: “Sister Qiaoqiao, are you really not upset?”

“Why should I be upset about something I expected? If they put you in the first class, would you dare to fly?”

Fang Bai: “…”

Sheng Qiao patted him on the shoulder: “Go to bed early. I guess I will have to record right when I get there and we won’t have the time to rest.”

Looking at the narrow place, Fang Bai could not stretch his legs. He sighed again but finally stayed silent.

While the plane was flying smoothly, the indoor variety show on the other side had just welcomed Meng Xingshen. And quickly, the netizens realized that without Sheng Qiao, the group was a mess.

When Meng Xingshen offered to take a look at the room he would stay in, Le Xiao slapped her forehead: “The room had not been cleaned after Xuan Xuan left.”

The group hurried upstairs to tidy up but opened the door to a new bed sheet and new quilt, floor so clean it was shining and fresh roses placed by the bed. What kind of magical fairy was Sheng Qiao?

The netizens were crying and they went on Weibo to look for Sheng Qiao and found a video of her at the airport posted this evening. She was walking slowly next to her few fans with a gentle expression and patiently responding to everyone. The fans that had gathered to see her off were all screaming with happiness.

[She is so gentle! She will look into your eyes and smile at you when she speaks. Ooooh I love her so much!]

[It’s too cold today and I did not want to go out but I am happy to see she is okay!]

[She accepted my warm pads and thanked me. Her tone was so sincere and gentle, I’m going to die!]

[Why did nobody tell me when she was leaving! Aaaaaah when is Qiaoqiao coming back, I have to go pick her up!]

After fourteen hours in the air and a layover in the middle, it was 2 am local time when Sheng Qiao and Fang Bai finally got off the plane. Fang Bai was so tired and felt dizzy, his head was heavy and his legs had lost strength. Sheng Qiao was not much better. Her calves were swollen and her temples were hurting.

The production team of {Challenge around the world} had sent them a car that was already waiting outside. The person that came to pick them up was a bald middle aged man and stood on the side, hands in his pocket, when Fang Bai brought their luggage over. He then smirked at Sheng Qiao and said: “You have worked hard.”

Sheng Qiao smiled in cooperation: “It wasn’t hard. What is the program?”

“We are sending you to the hotel first. This is the script, take a look.”

After getting in the car, the two slumped in the back seat. Sheng Qiao rubbed her legs while looking at the file and after getting the gist of it, she looked out the window. Dublin, capital of Ireland. She had always dreamed of coming there when she was in school but had not expected it would be realized this way.

When they arrived at the hotel one hour later, Fang Bai was fast asleep on the back seat. Sheng Qiao woke him up and followed the bald man to her room on the 19th flood. Fang Bai had been arranged to share a double room with the other assistants so he left after bringing Sheng Qiao’s luggage. The room was very simple and after a quick shower, Sheng Qiao collapsed on the bed.



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