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Chapter 24

There was dead silence.

All were stunned by Xu Zhaixing’s arrogance.

Wu Zhiyun suddenly understood Xu Yan’s uneasy eyes before leaving.

Miss your range of mockery is too wide….

Zhongtian’s agent was also dumbfounded.

He saw that this person was brought by Wu Zhiyun, so tacitly thought that Xu Zhaixing must be a small newcomer who would be auditioning. After so many years in the industry, when did he meet such arrogant newcomer?

It’s like she never been taught to be a man by the society!

After reacting he immediately lectured politely.

“Small workshop is after all, just a small workshop. They only bring people who are not humble and uneducated! If you dare to be so arrogant as a newcomer, what more if you become a little famous in the future, aren’t you being delusional assuming you already hold the sky?”

Wu Zhiyun who could see that the little boss was being resented was about to get angry when Xu Zhaixing tapped his shoulder to calm him down.

She leaned back, slowly closing her legs and spoke unhurriedly.

“Old rascals are always old rascals, if the upper beam is not right, the lower beam would surely be crooked. The agent is repulsive and ugly, sure enough the artist he brought is also the same, ugly. Villains who collude together are lowly cheap.”

Wu Zhiyun: “……”

His previous impression of this Young Miss seemed to be a bit misunderstood.

The agent of Zhongtian really did not expect this little newcomer to actually dared to scold and mock him, her agent did not even stopped her but instead had a “Jiayou!” expression.

Was Cheng Xing’s way of leading their artists so barbarous?

He was so angry that he almost cursed at her for not scolding her properly.

“You….you are so unqualified and uneducated yet you wanted to be a star? You’re pulling down the standards of our circle!

What came out of Xu Zhaixing’s mouth as rebuttal was.

“I don’t want to be star, I just want to be you father.”1

Zhongtian’s agent almost forgot to breath and passed out.

Xie Ling was really angry and annoyed, unable to bare it any longer she scolded Xu Zhaixing with her sharp voice.

“Bitch! You shut up!”

She wasn’t able to control the volume of her voice, making the surrounding people who were still waiting for the audition looked over incredulously. Xu Zhaixing legs were already put down and he looked Wu Zhiyun weakly and helplessly.

“Wahhhhhhh uncle, she’s scolding me.”

Wu Zhiyun: “……….”

Xie Ling: “…….”

Since the Young Miss performance was over, it was his turn to take the stage. Wu Zhiyun immediately lovingly stroke Xu Zhaixing’s head and then justly reprimanded.

“At a young age you already have a dirty mouth! What kind of place do you think this is, to be so wild? Is this Zhongtian teaches people?”

The surrounding people started discussing, Xie Ling’s remark just now really shocked them. Which female star does dare to swear like that? Later, if she became famous any information she discloses would be a black material that could not be washed away out for a lifetime.

Xie Ling stared at the aggrieved Xu Zhaixing. She so angry that she wanted to collapse but her reason finally overcomes her emotions. She should not lose control next time lest other would look at her as a joke.

She gritted her teeth and sat back down, not saying another word.

Xu Zhaixing waited for a while but still no response, she could only regretfully said to Wu Zhiyun.

“She back down, before I could destroy her.”

Wu Zhiyun: “?”

Xu Zhaixing added.

“But her self-control is really good, let Zhao Jinjin learn a little. If it was her, I guess she would have rushed up to fight.”

Wu Zhiyun “…..”

You’re right.

Xu Zhaixing sat back then put her hand on her chin while looking back at the audition room and thought sadly.

Alas living like a villain is not that bad.

Not long after, Zhao Jinjin came out from the audition and as soon as she came over, she noticed that the atmosphere was not right so she asked blankly.

“What did I miss?”

“You miss my heroic moment.”

Wu Zhiyun: “….”

Silly girl, do you know how lucky you are that you didn’t get disliked this morning?

Xu family was the home of the devil, in the future he must be conscientious, sincere and work well.

Xu Zhaixing happily waved at Zhao Jinjin and waited for her to sit next to her before asking.

“How did you do? Can you take the role?”

Zhao Jinjin did not dare to boast in front of the Young Miss and said conservatively.

“I don’t know but I definitely perform super well just now.”

Xu Zhaixing did not mind.

“That’s okay, let’s wait for the result.”

Director Guo has always been the one who sets the results on the audition. After waiting for all the other artists to finish auditioning, they waited another 20 minutes before the cast executive walked out with the script.

Everyone knows that he came to announce the results, and were nervous. Xu Zhaixing also could not help but felt the thumping in her heart. They need to use the momentum and slap them again.

Zhao Jinjin you must work hard ah!

Zhao Jinjin suddenly grabbed her hand, her palm were sweaty and she shivered and whisper.

“Miss, if I don’t succeed, don’t blame me! Don’t let me take small role because of this!”

Xu Zhaixing was amused by her.

“Don’t worry, I ……”

“Zhao Jinjin, come and get the script.”

Had she not been pulled by Xu Zhaixing, Zhao Jinjin would almost jumped up.

The other artist were slightly regretful and said goodbye then left. Only the atmosphere at Zhongtian’s were stiff and everyone’s face was very ugly as they walked away in a hurry on their feet.

Cheng Xing was the only one left the in the lounge, Wu Zhiyun accompanied Zhao Jinjin to get the script. They then went in to see the director and discussed the next schedule.

When they came out, Zhao Jinjin looked at Xu Zhaixing with red eyes and choked up.

“Miss, thank you if it wasn’t for you motivating me I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this role today.”

She firmly said.

“I will definitely make money for the company properly in the future!”

Xu Zhaixing felt that this girl was quite genuine, and all her emotions were real. The cry, the laugh, the anger—everything was not a bit fake. Xu Yan’s vision of people was really very powerful.

After she finished her promise, she asked with an expectant face.

“That fashion resource you said you would give, when will it be?”

Xu Zhaixing: “….”

On the way back, Xu Zhaixing said in the car that she was going to participate in the Paris Fashion Design Competition.

“After the dress is made, the model needs to wear it to the runway show. The scale of this competition is international, the world’s fashion media and magazines will gather, although the focus in on the design, but the exposure of the model is also very high.”

Zhao Jinjin’s mouth opened an O shapes as she listened.

Wu Zhiyun also thinks it’s inconceivable.

“Xu Zhaixing you work made it to the finals? You designed it yourself?’

Only after asking did he feel that his words were ambiguous and hurriedly found a complement.

“At a young age, it’s really amazing.”

Zhao Jinjin was excited for a long time, then thought of something and said nervously.

“But I don’t know how to walk on a runway.”

Xu Zhaixing reassured her.

“There are still three months left, just practice more and make sure it’s not Victoria secret walk. By the way, you really can’t drink coke anymore. Later when we go back I need to measure your proportion. You have to keep your figure well.”

Zhao Jinjin nodded her head repeatedly.

When Xu Yan returned to the company after meeting the producer, Xu Zhaixing was already honestly writing her homework in his office.

She didn’t know that Wu Zhiyun had already repeated what happened today in the theater with Xu Yan in a very affectionate manner so she still looked calm and obedient like nothing happened.

“Brother, you’re back? How did the talk with the producer go?”

Xu Yan took off his suit jacket, pinched the bridged of his nose with the coming headache. After a while he went over and poked her head with his finger.

“You never stop even for a day.”

Xu Zhaixing knew what he was talking about, and smiled.

“I play the role of the hero and you play the role of the villain. I will definitely cooperate with them if we have a collaboration, but we have to let them know that someone in Cheng Xing has a hard bone so that they won’t bully you.”

“With that said, I have to thank you?”

“No trouble, it’s all for the sake of the company. If you say thank you, it’s like you regarding me as an outsider.”

With this encounter, Xu Zhaixing was considered famous in the company, the internal group were circulating her heroic deed. Everyone felt satisfaction, after all every time they met Zhongtian’s people at work they would mocked them. On the other hand, they couldn’t help but worry that their Young Miss was already tough at such young age, would she enslave them when she inherits the company in the future?

At this time, Zhao Jinjin as a die-hard fan of the Young Miss comes out to defend her master.

“Our Miss is super nice, and forgiving to her own people okay! She turns her hardness on outsider and leaves the softness to us!”

Cheng Xing staff: “……”

In order to please their future boss this was necessary.

Zhao Jinjin: “You guys don’t understand!!! Wuwuwu Young Miss is really special, she’s extra nice wuwuwu….”

In the next few days, Xu Zhaixing has been hanging out in the major fabric markets looking for suitable material for the designing her dress and started to do her business.

When the snow stopped in B City, Father Xu and Mother Xu called and asked when Xu Zhaixing would be coming home.

The material she needed were almost bought, and also soon the school was about to start. After packing her things, Xu Yan booked her a ticket for noon the next day ready to send her away.

Although the snow had stopped the weather was still cold and looked gloomy. She took advantage of Xu Yan going to the company to sign some papers and sneak out with a glass jar full of candy she had bought few days ago.

It was in the late in dark outside, although the weather was not good people still come and go at the night market, especially to eat dinner making the place livelier.

When Xu Zhaixing walked to the place where Cen Feng usually sang while holding the candy jar, but he was not there.

She stood straight at the empty triangle for a long time, sighed a little ruefully and then pushed open the glass door of the small store next to her.

The grocery store was mainly selling some girls stuff from the East and West like hair clip, bracelet, chocolate candy and many more. The decoration was also very fresh, the shopkeeper was a young girl, when she heard the wind bell she smiled and said.


Xu Zhaixing walked straight towards her and said politely.

“Hello, I’d like to ask a favor.”

Ten minutes later, she came out of the store empty-handed. She took another deep look at the triangle area, cupped her hand over her mouth and exhaled then tucked it back to her padded jacket and turned to walk away.

She didn’t notice that behind the green belt on the opposite sidewalk, a young man stood sideways with his guitar on his back hidden in the shadows of the winter night watching her back motionlessly.

Until she disappeared into the crowd.

A few moments later, Cen Feng walked across the sidewalk to the store and pushed the door open.

The shopkeeper looked up.


Seeing the visitor, she was startled and said with a smile.

“It’s you.”

Cen Feng had been playing guitar outside her store for years, and had long been familiar with his face. Although she did not know his name and felt that he was cold and unapproachable, it did not stop her from admiring his handsomeness.

Cen Feng approached and asked in a light voice.

“What did the girl in the red padded jacket say to you just now?”

The shopkeeper was stunned and was a little hesitant, but Cen Feng’s aura was so oppressive that she eventually recanted. Helplessly, she took out a glass of candy jar from under the cabinet and a five hundred yuan.

“That little girl gave me this candy jar and told me to bring you one candy every night, and this five hundred yuan is my labor fee. Here, give it all to you, I’m too lazy to bother.”

Cen Feng looked at the glass candy jar.

The jar was beautifully made, and inside were flowery and green with variety of flavors of candy.


“I don’t want to be star, I just want to be you father.”1- MC is being sarcastic, since father should respected, especially in Asian countries they put too much emphasis in respecting your elders


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